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A Lit Candle in a Can Will Burn in Water @jdclarkejr /

A Lit Candle in a Can Will Burn in Water @jdclarkejr /

A candle that stays lit in a container filled with water

What it consists of: A candle that remains lit on contact with water in a container.
Materials needed: A candle and a container.
Does it work? No.

The most skeptical among us will reject this idea out of hand and seek to understand the trick, because it is impossible for a candle to burn in water. It is simply impossible from a scientific point of view. For those of us who fall for the miracles featured on Tik Tok, they may be more willing to believe them.

This is actually a sleight of hand because the candle is actually behind the container. As the container fills up, the water seems to surround the candle until it reaches the flame, which amazes the viewer who has the impression that the candle remains lit in contact with the water. . Just move the container to the side to realize that the candle is behind the container. The arguments of logic and science remain relentless.