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Anti-Aging Tips: How to Stay Young and Beautiful.

Anti-Aging Tips: How to Stay Young and Beautiful.

What are the best ways to retain a youthful appearance?

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What are the best tips to stay young looking?

So I went through an insane skin-care craze last year because I was really frustrated with my skin complexion and blemishes. I looked all over for products and treatments.

Long story short, I found a routine that has my skin looking a billion times better. I’m sharing in hopes of saving you the time and money I wasted on useless products and fads!

Here’s to YOU getting that Kendall glow :)

Here’s the deal - what I learned about skin care remains true for health in general (and well, life) - I’ve sorted my findings into a 3-step formula:

Official Skincare Formula:

+ Good Skin Habits

+ Skincare “Hacks”

- Bad Skin Habits


= Glorious Skin

I know it’s super-complex ;) - so here’s a comprehensive list. The steps are numbered by priority - so make sure you address them as such!

Step 1 - Stop Hurting Yourself, Sis

Simply put, if you want clear skin, act accordingly. No more doing things that contradict your goal - kick the bad habits! Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Easy on the Tanning - you may want that beautiful bronzed look, but UV rays damage your collagen, cause wrinkles and premature aging in the skin. We’ve all seen people who tan too much and shrivel up like a raisin. Overexposure to the sun is extremely harmful. Think about it - Westerners love to tan and Eastern Asian people practically hide from the sun… and who is known for their clear, healthy skin?? Checkmate.
  2. Cut Down on Hot Showers and Face Washing - Long, hot showers are sooooo relaxing BUT the longer and hotter your shower is, the more you dry out your skin. Set a timer or turn that temperature down! And too much face washing strips away the natural oils your skin produces. Stick to once per day, okurrrr?
  3. “Makeup” not “Cake-up” - Sorry for the cheap pun, but it’s 100% true. Using heavy amounts of makeup can suffocate your skin. Many of us like wearing makeup - and that’s ok. Just apply minimally and avoid caking it on.

Step 2 - Start Helping Yourself

Now that you know what you need to stop doing, here are some basic things you should start doing:

  1. Listen to Mom - that’s right, all the things your mother told you were important still are - especially for your skin. Eat right, sleep right, HYDRATE!!, get your exercise and cut excess baddies (alcohol, tobacco, sugars, processed foods). I mean, just look in the mirror after a super late night of fast food and drinking...
  2. Exfoliate - left unattended, dead skin cells pile up and make your skin appear grey, dry or even cause blemishes like acne. There are many ways to exfoliate - try scrubs, brushes, or topicals and find your preference.
  3. Diet - If you can see your reflection in that pizza slice - DON’T DO IT! Pack your diet with nutrient-rich foods that bless your skin with what it wants! Fatty fish provide omega-3s, avocados are packed with Vitamin C and E. There are plenty of options - just make sure you are aware of what you’re consuming.

Step 3 - Find the Hacks

Last but not least, if you’re looking to get your skin in the best shape possible, you gotta look for the extra little things that go a long way. Here’s some of my favorite NATURAL skin care hacks:

  1. SPF Everything - with many topicals, you can often find an option that contains some level of SPF. Think chapstick, moisturizer, foundation, etc. This way, you’re always prepared to protect against some sun even if you didn’t plan on getting any!
  2. Massaging/Circulation - it’s no secret that massaging and working your skin creates circulation to keep your skin looking great. I’d love do this daily but who can afford a daily massage?? Not me!But my favorite hack is using a jade roller. It's a cooling stone that feels great on your face and skin and helps apply serums, lymphatic drainage, and general massaging. I really love mine and I got it on for under 20 bucks! Well worth it!
  3. Aloe Vera Every Day - Aloe vera is more than just for sunburns - it’s a skincare juggernaut! (Egyptians called it the “Plant of Immortality”). It’s a natural moisturizer, fights acne, and even prevents against aging! I use an aloe gel or spray almost every day!

Remember - you can try all the newest fads and trends, but they’ll never do a thing if you aren’t taking care of your skin from the start.

It’s all about creating a routine and lifestyle that supports skincare first - then you can start applying all the fun tricks. Trust me - I wasted a lot of time looking for shortcuts. There aren’t any.