Artistic patterns with coffee foam

By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 1408 GMT (2208 HKT) September 29, 2021

Coffee Foam Art Hack @ latteart0093 /

Coffee Foam Art Hack @ latteart0093 /

What it consists of: Draw artistic patterns with the coffee foam and a stencil.
Materials needed: Frothy coffee and a stencil.
Does it work? No.

It takes skill and practice to make coffee that is delicious and beautiful at the same time. Mastering the art of frothing elevates your cappuccino to a drinking masterpiece. So it's no surprise that some are looking for quick and easy ways to play baristas in order to elevate their coffee drinking experience.

In theory, it might seem logical that if you take a stencil and sprinkle some cinnamon or chocolate powder over the mousse, it will give a really nice result. But in reality, it is not that simple. The powder very often spreads under the stencil to form a messy mass, far from the delicacy obtained by a qualified barista.