Celery soup Seared steak with celery & pepper caponata  Feta frittatas with carrot & celery salad  One-pot beef brisket & braised celery Marinated mackerel with green olive & celery dressing  Celery juice Lemon & elderflower celebration cake  Herby celery & bulgur salad Cheesy celeriac, leek & rosemary gratin  Gochujang-glazed celeriac with black beans & green salsa Celery sticks with blue cheese dip  Roasted celeriac & carrots with kale & hazelnuts Potato & celeriac kugel Celeriac, hazelnut & truffle soup  Partridge in cider with apples & celery Winter slaw with warm celery seed dressing Creamy celery gratin Exclusive Chipotle celeriac tacos  Hidden veg ragu  Spring celebration salad Cod & smashed celeriac Sweet potato jackets with pomegranate & celeriac slaw Celeriac ribbons tossed with chard, garlic & pumpkin seeds Celeriac remoulade Crispy honey buffalo wings with blue cheese & celery slaw

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Article updated on March 21, 2022 18:22

28 Recipes

While it's also used as a crudité for dipping, celery is versatile vegetable that is  eaten  braised, or used to add flavour to sauces or enhance salads. Get inspired by our simple serving suggestions.

Recipes with celery, despite the a priori, are tasty and gourmet. Celeriac, sometimes celery stalk, sometimes ball celery: its shape differs just like its cooking methods. So, will you be tempted by a recipe for celeriac cooked and hot in the oven or a recipe for celery branch braised in a pan and served with leeks and bacon bits?


Rave, when it is in a ball or branch, celery can be cooked in many recipes, hot or cold. Celeriac is usually prepared as a salad with mayonnaise, the famous celery remoulade. Cooked and braised au gratin, combined with potatoes and leeks , it is also delicious mashed and velvety. The celery branch is eaten in sticks, which are dipped as an aperitif in the dip of your choice. It also decorates the Bloody Mary, a cocktail made from tomato juice and vodka. Cut into small cubes, it adds crunch to salads and verrines. Branch celery is also essential in the pot-au-feu recipe, where it is part of the main flavoring of the cooking broth. How to use celery stick? Are celery leaves eaten? Answers and more here.

Celery: root, branch, remoulade, baked

How to cook celery, store it, in which seasons to eat it for optimal flavor... discover all the secrets of this delicious vegetable.

For toddlers, make a puree of celery and goat cheese or even potato and celeriac pancakes. If you want to stick to the classics of French cuisine , go for a veal blanquette , a pot-au-feu or even marinière mussels. For preparations that are out of the ordinary, simmer a velouté of celery and foie gras as an aperitif and an Algerian chorba, to awaken the taste buds.