#Coronavirus Rises Demand For Private Jet, Experts Say

By Evangelis Vourlakis

Global Sales & Marketing Director
Yatch Experts

If you thought a deadly pandemic was bad, wait until you hear about the real disaster Coronavirus is responsible for: Huge demand and shortage of private jets..? Oh, yes..!!

The epidemic of Coronavirus, called Covid-19 by scientists, has been developing for more than two months, continues to spread and it is now all the continents that must face cases of infection..Moreover, several European countries have announced their first coronavirus cases, all apparently linked to the recent growing outbreak in Italy..Countries like Austria, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland said the cases involved people who had been to Italy, as did Algeria in Africa..

In the meantime, the first positive virus test has been recorded also in Latin America - a Brazilian resident just returned from Italy since Italy has in recent days became Europe's worst-affected country..On the face of it, this seems like bad news..More people are being affected in even more countries and clusters of deaths in Iran and South Korea are concerning as well..But there are positives too..

China appears to be getting on top of the virus with the number of new cases each day reducing..This suggests that efforts to contain the virus by telling people to stay at home, stopping large public gatherings and preventing travel are working..The message from officials at the World Health Organization is that containment is still possible and a global pandemic is not inevitable..

Business aviation therefore seems at first suffering as much as regular aviation from the consequences of this global pandemic..Since the outbreak, many travelers have been understandably anxious about airplanes, but now, according to global reports, more and more fliers are turning to private jet companies to facilitate their air travel - mostly to get in and out of mainland China, where airlines have been limiting service..

The outcome, Operators across the world received an influx of interest as airlines cut flights to China, but charter companies were unable to help due to travel restrictions..

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