Fighting travel bans with innovation: UK tour operator brings back holidays for travellers this summer

British travellers can rejoice, as European tour operator Euroventure Travel claps back at Coronavirus-related cancellations and international travel bans with the launch of their new UK business venture GOAT Roadtrip.

Specialising in road trip-style package holidays, GOAT trips are highly customisable and work on a similar basis as trusted Euroventure routes. Travellers can pick a set trip from a number of itineraries all around the UK or create a custom route, choose their mode of transport (car or campervan), pick a date and accommodation type and let the GOAT team do the work.

Euroventure was founded in 2012 by brothers Kevin and Philip Cabra Netherton, and has since grown to serve a worldwide audience who want to travel Europe. With eight years of industry experience, the company’s success relies on its award-winning 24-hour customer service with an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, tried-and-tested accommodation options and a team of experienced travel experts on hand.

"Rather than bury our heads in the sand, we took a coronavirus loan and set up GOAT Roadtrip in a matter of weeks"

Managing Director Philip said: “When the pandemic hit, we immediately started brainstorming what the new normal might look like and how we could keep providing holidays to our customers. Rather than bury our heads in the sand, we took a coronavirus loan and set up GOAT Roadtrip in a matter of weeks. Now we can offer a fantastic new alternative which ticks all the boxes for a safe summer trip around the UK. We are currently applying for a World Travel and Tourism Council Safe Travel stamp, which provides travellers with assurance that we have adopted health and hygiene global standardised protocols”.

Closed borders and countless cancellations since the beginning of lockdown have threatened the British travel industry like hardly any other sector, leaving travellers stranded and travel agents nationwide struggling to sustain their businesses.

With campsites and hotels reopening in the UK on 4 July, Euroventure’s decision to shift focus to the UK market was strategic and came just in time. Philip said: “We have treated the current situation as a challenge for us to really rethink our concept. Our main goal is always to offer our customers the best possible experience they can have, so we want to take this as an opportunity to grow and improve. Unfortunately, like every travel business, we had to make redundancies early on, but we are now in a position where we may even have to hire new staff to help run the campervan business. We are very proud of the routes we have put together and we believe that holiday destinations in the UK will only become increasingly popular.”

While it is still unclear when international borders will reopen for British tourism, GOAT Roadtrip is taking online bookings now for trips starting from 4 July.

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