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Here's the good news!  202i looks like a good time  to experiment with hair and we have seen countless statement-making style looks among celebrities , who have used Instagram to post their good hair day photos.

One common thing we've seen this past year is people resorting to cutting their own hair at home aka the DIY trend. Several haircut trends poured into 2021 like mullets and wolf cut.

Mullets are all the rage right now.

Mullets have been all over the place lately as the hottest hairstyle of 2021 for women ready to try a new look . Short haircuts for women all ages  are chic and timeless, from flattering bobs to stylish pixie cuts however, the modern-day version of the iconic '80s cut is a touch more laid-back. Miley Cyrus has been at the cutting edge of the mullet resurgence of the 2020s, making it the hair cut for younger women in 2021 . The singer performed live and showed her updated haircut, which has been a hot topic among fans. Messy mullet hairstyles are now considered super chic, convenient, trendy and easy to style however you choose to wear it. From fashionable shags to bangs,short hair, curly hair All you need is to get a flattering bob haircut and select the right hair product for your hair​.

While Doja Cat slayed on Grammys with soft-serve mullet. Mash-up of a mullet and 70S SHAG, wolf haircut still speaks by itself and is currently taking TikTok by storm due to the level of ease of the DIY the trend at home.

It highlights a long mullet fashion with voluminous wispy layers. To provide some more shape to the front, it's usually complemented by curtain bangs or a heavy fringe.

Soft-serve mullet uses the classic mullet's "business in the front, party in the back" principle is balanced with a lot of texture and soft layers to achieve a Youthful Hairstyle. Doja Cat’s new hairstyle had long, shag-like layers that tapered toward the bottom, fullness at the top, and the prettiest little baby bangs we'd ever seen.

You can see examples on celebrities like Billie Eilish’s latest bleached blonde hair and FKA twigs wolf haircut, Rihanna’s mullet, TikTokers handle, on the street, and on all of the Instagram cool girls and with many more; Nailing mullet and wolf hairstyles, demonstrating that these two are timeless and here to stay time and time again. Fashion repeats itself not only in clothes but in hair.

For those looking to promote the long-in-the-back, short-in-the-front look, we say attempt blending it with child blasts or offbeat streaks.

The wolf cut, which is popular among both men and women, is claimed to have originated in South Korean salons and got trendy throughout the Internet soon. The non-binary cut embraces androgyny and gives anyone who tries it an edgier look and gives a person some vibe.

Try season’s hottest hair trends. Now is an excellent moment to consider changing your appearance and also:

Why are we so obsessed with them?

The wolf cut can be effortlessly duplicated at home, but you'll be able continuously have a professional hairstylist cut it for you on the off chance that you want to nail it at the first try.

That is exactly what wolf haircut appealing: The choppy layers are easy to do at home because they're purposely uneven; You can wear it short or long and with different textures. It's also popular since it's a gender-neutral style. Same goes for mullet, it is non-binary look of resurgence of '80s and '90s style.

While celebrities played a huge role in the current mullet renaissance, the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines created a mullet-friendly environment, and becoming a symbol for this post-apocalyptic era.

According to Vogue, “People want to stand out in a crowd, and there’s no better haircut than a mullet to do that.” If you're going the DIY route, this tutorial on TikTok is the foremost seen video after you look #WolfCut on the stage - has 108
million sees on the app and is up on Pinterest by 75%


had a breakdown so i got a wolf cut #wolfcut #mullet #haircut

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