Michael Jackson’s oxygen chambers found, according to the Telegraph.

A photo of Michael Jackson with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep in a hyperbaric chamber spread around the world in September 1986.

It was reported that Michael slept every night in his personal chamber to prolong youth in order that he could live 150 years to see world peace.

The image of Michael in the chamber was in fact taken after he donated $1.5 million to the Brotman Memorial Hospital to finance reconstructive surgery and provide entertainment for burn victims.

In the picture he was testing out a hyperbaric chamber financed by his generous donation - chambers are used to treat victims of serious burns, embolisms and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Michael had been treated at the Brotman Memorial Hospital after he suffered life-altering deep burning to his scalp during the filming of a pyrotechnic-laden commercial for Pepsi-Cola Co on January 27, 1984.

Unfortunately, MJ was left with long term pain/frequent migraines, a bald area he would have to cover with hats or hair piece, and an on/off addiction to the extremely powerful painkillers he was introduced to/prescribed during treatment... :(