What Are The Most Strange Headphones? Dyson Zone Cyberpunk Air Purifier Headphones Arrive In March For $949

What Are The Most Strange Headphones?  Dyson Zone  Cyberpunk Air Purifier Headphones Arrive In March For $949

What just happened? Do you remember the cyberpunk-style noise-cancelling headphones that are coupled with an air purification device that Dyson unveiled earlier this year? The company has now confirmed more details about the Dyson area, including a starting price that could take your breath away: $949. They are perfect wireless headphones for smart tv

Dyson Zone air purifying headphones give Razer's Zephyr face mask a positive appearance, but the first also includes built-in noise-cancelling headphones. We now know that it will arrive in the United States next March and start at $949. Now, these might actually be the best wireless headphones for smart tv. and a good investment compared to most Headphones that bluetooth to tv.

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Dyson claims that the headphones' 2,600 mAh battery offers up to 50 hours of ultra-low-distortion audio, advanced noise suppression and full-spectrum faithful audio reproduction on a single charge. They are what you would consider a new generation of headphones that don't leak sound. Totally different from headphones that look like earplugs.

It also provides 38 decibels of noise cancellation, 40-millimeter neodymium speakers and can reproduce frequencies from 6 Hz to 21 kHz. In addition, the Dyson Zone will support SBC, AAC and LHDC audio codecs and Bluetooth 5.0 at launch.

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The other aspect of the headphones is the air purifier, which can capture 99% of pollution from particles as small as 0.1 microns, much larger than viruses such as the coronavirus - the Zone is designed primarily to protect from city pollutants.

Double-layer carbon filters, enriched with potassium to target acidic gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone, will last about 12 months before they need to be replaced.

The Dyson area has three levels of purification. When combined with audio listening, each has a significant impact on battery life: the Low setting reduces it to four hours, Mid offers 2.5 hours and High offers only 1.5 hours. Dyson says it takes three hours to charge the headphones from zero to 100% using USB-C.

Dyson had previously stated that the area has been in development for six years rather than being created in response to the pandemic, as was the case with other air purifying masks, even if they do not really protect from the virus.

The Dyson Zone will be available in Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue in March. There is also a blue version of Prussia / shiny copper only available directly from the company that comes with a second electrostatic carbon filter, a soft pouch and a flight adapter kit.