Post- covid Tourism: Things To Do In Berlin

Post- covid Tourism: Things To Do In Berlin

Updated 0658 GMT (1458 HKT) May 20, 2021

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By Loic Henry

What should you visit in Berlin?  

Small selection of places to visit that come off the usual tourist trail:

Peacock Island

I don't say anything so as not to spoil the fun. Just be aware that access is a bit complicated. Besides, it's far from the center, so plan at least half a day.

Access: Berlin-Wannsee stop, take bus 218 then the boat.

You can also visit Wannsee the rest of the day. On the program: the Wannsee Conference House (the final solution was decided there) and the Villa Libermann, an impressionist painter.


The former spy station has become a hotbed of Urbex. However, "legal" access is not always possible. You have to find out beforehand, because the situation is changing.

Access: Berlin-Grünwald or Heerstrasse stop. Parking at the entrance to the site if you don't want to go up on foot.

The olympic stadium

Yes, it is indeed the stadium of the 1936 Olympics. It has remained largely intact. The photos do absolutely not do justice to the site and we only realize the perspective effect of the famous opening on site. Completely underestimated. Allow 2 hours.

Access: Olympiastadion U-Bahn station. The S-Bahn station takes you further to reach the site.

Berliner Unterwelten

Are you interested in guided tours of underground Berlin in French? It seems to me that there are only 3 possible visits in French, however. The others (the old brewery for example) must be done in German or English.

The main site is next to Gesundbrunnen station, but there are several throughout the city. Visits take place at a fixed time, inquire beforehand.

Natural History Museum

For the skeletons of Brachiosaur and T-Rex mainly, but also for many small well-hidden treasures, such as "Pride" the purest stone in the world, of inestimable scientific value.


The "cultural brewery" is not really open to visitors, it is more for strolling and especially getting there to attend one of the many cultural activities of the place which still has a disco, two bars, a free museum on the site. RDA (dispensable) and a cinema, among others. Nothing is produced on site, however.

I recommend going there on Sunday for the street food!

Recommended stop: Eberwalderstrasse. Lots of good restaurants in the area and two cool Sunday flea markets not too far away at Mauerpark and Arkonaplatz.

Small gastronomic digression: for a wide choice of restaurants, I also recommend Boxhagenerplatz, in addition there is the Hops and Barley micro brewery nearby which serves good beer.

Garten der Welt

Everything is in the title. You have access to gardens from all over the world, developed by landscapers and materials from the country. In the Balinese garden, the temple is consecrated precisely!


The main entrance is at Blumberger Damm, bus stop N96 or X69. The Kienberg metro exit (Garten der Welt) is very far.

Tempelhof Airport

The perfect place for a barbecue, the atmosphere is very special and there are guided tours in the old buildings. In German only, however. Platz der Luftbrücke stop, yes, the Berlin airlift, it was here!

Not far away, you also have the Viktoriapark , one of the most beautiful in Berlin.

Barely further, in Mehringdamm, you have the Mustapha Kebab, the most famous in the city and the Curry 36 to enjoy a good Currywurst.

For gourmets, head to Markthalle Neun on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Kottbusser Tor stop. A temple of street food.

In Hakeschermarkt it is very easy to miss the two most interesting places right next to the Hakescher Höfe.

The first is just north of the entrance to the courses on Rosenthalerstr. The Otto Weidt Museum and the Anne Frank Center are at the entrance. Then browse.

The second is the Rosenhöfe still a little to the north, it is a narrow passage. The perfect place for a date, which I discovered completely by chance.

No photos to keep you surprised.

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