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iPhone Fix @Ladybug Adventures /

iPhone Fix @Ladybug Adventures /

Repair a broken phone screen with toothpaste

What it consists of: Toothpaste to repair the screen of a phone.
Materials needed: Toothpaste.
Does it work? No.

You sometimes wonder where some of these ideas come from, like the idea that you could fix a broken phone screen with toothpaste, and yet there is a whole lot of stuff about it on the Net. Admit that it is hard to imagine Apple technicians repairing screens in their workshop, equipped with a tube of toothpaste!

No surprise, it doesn't work. In fact, it can even damage your phone more as toothpaste can damage a layer of your touchscreen. The lesson to be learned is this: let the professionals do it. Keep toiletries away from your phone - it's usually not a good idea to put any cosmetic product on an electronic device.