The Benefits Of Traveling: How Travel Help Generating Ideas and Learning.

By Aditi Maheshwari

The Benefits Of Traveling: How Travel Help Generating Ideas and Learning.

By Aditi Maheshwari    |  YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0432 GMT (1232 HKT) May 26 2021

Travelling is known as a source of rejuvenation and refreshment. Some people travel with the intention of spending quality time with their family and friends, some with the purpose of celebrating special events of their life like destination weddings, honeymoon, etc.

Some travel with a simple view to explore new places, some in search of peace, some to reveal their status and rich lifestyle, some travel to learn about various cultures and backgrounds, some to learn peculiar skills, some to learn cuisines of different locations of the world. Everyone choose to travel for their personal reasons which continue to vary from time to time.

When we feel we need a break to attain peace and to rejuvenate ourselves, what we are actually seeking is change for the good that penetrates an extra doze of excitement for life within us.

We are basically seeking resurgence of optimism that we may have not felt lately, an opportunity to sing the happy song and expect miracles in the world around us. We seek the ability to view new horizons.

Our mindset expands when we free ourselves to notice in detail the various aspects of the world which inturn ignites passion and creativity and will to experiment things.

Travel and creativity are magically interlinked. Multi-cultural engagements naturally give birth to creative ideas. When we involve and adapt something new, even if for a short time, it increases our understanding and broadens our perspective which makes us modest.

Also it caters the moment of curiosity. The first inklings of new growth happen in an atmosphere of freedom uninfluenced by any limited perception.

Creativity is an experimental learning where you understand what works and what does not. It flies on the wings of imagination. Travelling gives us the opportunity to talk to the locals and learn about their practices, their thoughts and their heritage in all. Great wisdom lies hidden in the most ordinary things and places.

Our unfulfilling existence gets replaced by one rich adventure, mystery and excitement. We become vibrant again. Doing something with a mindset that we have to, makes us lose our spark of excitement and curiosity. However, if we choose the attitude that we want to do something, that we want to do because it’s the right thing to do we get a bounce in our steps naturally, liberating us from our short comings and winning over ourselves.

We enable our restricted vision to become wide open, leading to innovation and new ways of doing things. Be a perpetual learner for life as life has amazing gifts and insights to offer us and travel provides great teachings. Remain spirited, joyful and curious. Stop majoring in minor things.

Enjoy and relish the beauty of diversity. Celebrate different ethnicities. Let passion rule the game of life for you. Every experience no matter how small offers lessons, if we keep ourselves open to acknowledge.

Reclaim the joy of waking up every morning full of energy and unbridled exhilaration as if you are on vacation to your favorite place in the world. To absorb the ageless philosophy we need to develop our exploration skills and not get limited to our self-serving ruminations.

Our society is conditioned to label the ignorant as weak and submissive, but the truth is that the one who has the courage to express their lack of knowledge and seek instructions find the path to enlightenment before anyone else, we have examples of great scholars, who travelled across the globe in search of knowledge and enlightenment. Their

honest questions reveal they are open to learn, experiment and grow indeed, letting the fresh ideas to bloom and take space.

Learning how to learn is the first step to limitless success. Travel makes us realize why change is constant. The wise embrace the fact that change is the only thing that is permanent, so instead of fighting it they welcome it, which allows them to expand and broaden their mind allowing them to learn and update their skills and mindset with the changing times.

Zen tradition speaks of a beginners mind: those who are open to new concepts, those who are willing to learn, will always move to higher levels of achievement and fulfillment. Questions are the most effective method of eliciting knowledge.

The biggest mistake is when we assume we have no time to work on ourselves. Self improvement and personal expansion are the best thing you can do for yourself and in turn the society at large because true learning means to improve yourself first and help others next.

When you take time to build a strong character full of discipline, energy, power and optimism, you can have anything and do anything you want in life. Travel highlights the importance of taking the time to master your mind, to care for your body because you will not get another and to nourish your soul as it will put you in a position to develop more vitality in living.

As wisely said by Epictetus- “No man is free who is not a master of himself.” Remember, freedom gives birth to innovation, imagination and creativity, so gift yourself a tour to unleash the freedom to live fully.

Balanced lifestyle is the foundation of achieving inner peace. Reckless living will never let you learn the deep truths of purposeful life. When we travel to far off places and see the struggle of people living in those

lands yet smiling and striving to live completely and enhancing their skills and contributing to the society, we become modest and humble.

Courage allows you to run your own race. The degree of courage you live with determines the amount of fulfillment you receive. It allows you to truly realize all the exquisite wonders of life. All those who master themselves have abundance of courage.

Travelling to certain places is an act of courage, but having said that being open to the wide diversity of cultures and traditions and learning from everyone who you come across without being entitled to feel superior or inferior in any regard requires immense inner strength and courage to be transparent and vulnerable to the realities of life.

All the new aged theories have the roots of tradition and cultures previously practiced and upgraded with time. Nothing is a coincidence or happened on its own. Everything is connected and so to learn the new, you cannot ignore the old. Experimentation leads to upgradation, but we need to be flexible in our approach and not rigid in our patterns of thinking and living.

Practical illustrations that happen locally cannot be replaced. There are hundreds of people who go unacknowledged for their remarkable skills simply because of living in far off humble places.

Travelling is always a fascinating experience that helps us step towards self mastery. When we learn to tap into our internal resources we equip ourselves to experiment, learn and expand our creative skills. We give ourselves permission to travel both into our inner world and the external world at large. We become open to receive the richness that the universe offers.

Practicing the art of “Kaizen” prepares us to live a soaring, fully alive life. Simple acts of being high atop the mountains gazing at the starry

and gloriously beautiful night makes us see things we could never have seen in the routine course of mundane activities.

Watch the sun rise, dance in the shower, experience life to the fullest, be the person you always dreamed of being. Do the things you have always wanted to do but didn’t because you tricked yourself into believing that you were too young, too old, too rich or too poor.

Travel makes you young at heart again, igniting the spirit of a child who gets excited for anything new.

Example, if you fear travelling alone, by all might do that and the fear disappears. If you fear starting a new business or getting out of a toxic relationship, muster every ounce of your inner resolve and do it, solo traveling brings the opportunity to feel independent and see the world through a new perspective.

This might be the first taste of real freedom that you may have experienced over the years. Fear is simply a negative stream of consciousness that has crept into your mind over the time. Methodically search for and destroy every fear that has secretly slid into the fortress of your mind.

This alone will give you enormous confidence, happiness, peace of mind and zest for life. Fear is the greatest obstacle in the road of experimental learning. The fears we don’t face becomes our limits. Our natural state is of indomitable strength and unlimited potential and travelling makes us realize this fact. Our self-neglect and unbalanced thinking never lets us enter into our powerful natural state. Self-love is the foundation of anything healthy and beautiful.

Dipping into the zone of the unknown alerts our senses naturally leading to differential thinking, leading to sharper creative skills. Now it’s up to us to decide whether we are willing to accept the call on our life and say yes to greatness.

However, travel during Covid times is not recommended. But soon when all will be well and thereafter we can restart our growth pursuits.

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