The irreverent drawings by David Shrigley.


An artwork in the age of technical reproduction, someone once said, has lost that sacred halo that it once had in the past, when the original piece of art was one and only one. But surely it has not lost its intrinsic value, the significance that lays behind the object itself, in the idea and the thought that created it and that distinguish it from any other common or artisanal object.

Actually, the uniqueness of the artwork is multiplied and, if each single piece created in a series isn’t considered a copy, but an original in its own right, then it is possible to surround oneself with ones own artistic taste and appreciation of irreverence without sacrificing quality and originality.

This is the case for the collection by David Shrigley

A famous and versatile artist, but above all an extraordinary graphomaniac that disseminates his drawings everywhere. They feature a sarcastic quality that leans towards the cynical, but always maintain a layer of existential melancholy.

Replicated with a Pop spirit on everyday objects like mugs, shoppers, vases and place mats, the efficient and ironic drawings by Shrigley easily shift from their decorative function to their artistic essence, making the objects on which they are reproduced both useful and beautiful. Therefore a place mat will protect a table from coffee stains, but also, when hung on a wall, will leave its own aesthetic mark and be appreciated for what it really is: an artwork!