What is the best way to invest in real estate?

Some of the best ways to invest in real estate have nothing to do with being a landlord. “What a relief!” you might be thinking. The fact is, not all of us are landlord material. But that doesn’t need to stop you from cashing in on real estate as an important part of your financial plan.

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The reality is that the best ways to invest in real estate vary from person to person depending on your:

Specific interests in real estate

Risk tolerance

Skills (business, math, construction)

Financial situation

Ready to buy your own digs with a built-in mortgage helper? Great idea! Want to invest in real estate online? No problem. Eager to try your hand on a fix and flip? Why not? Only have a couple hundred bucks and want to invest in real estate? You bet.

How Do I Start Investing in Real Estate?

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Check out the different types of real estate investments below to see what your options are to do all this and more.

1. Real Estate Investment Groups/Clubs

Because real estate investing can be intimidating with lots to learn, real estate investment groups are a great place for beginners to start.

The National Real Estate Investors Association offers members many benefits with their free membership including:




special discounts with participating businesses

tools and resources (rental contracts for example)

Another site for investing in real estate online is BiggerPockets. BiggerPockets offers an extensive collection of free resources for beginners wanting to learn more about real estate investing.

If you decide you’re ready to jump in and actually start real estate investing, BiggerPockets offers different memberships starting with a basic Plus Membership at $19/month right up to the Premium Membership for $99/month. Paid membership comes with various perks (depending on the level of membership purchased).

Member benefits include:

Landlord forms

8 different real estate investment calculators

Weekly webinars (with access to replays)

A site to list properties for sale