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Live like Rajasthani royalty at this 475-year-old palace hotel.
Live like Rajasthani royalty at this 475-year-old palace hotel.

Lovers who kiss on public benches, it is not so well seen in India: When flirting or or if you're prone to innocent flirtation, you better hide. This is due to very invasive families and when things get serious , it is the parents who get to decide and choose the future son-in-law or the future wife ..

Dating in western countries is pretty chill and absolutely normal so much so that a guy or a girl can meet their girlfriend or boyfriend at their place. The couples can also move in and stay together. We surely have seen all this in International films. To imagine a dating scene in India, something like this is a far distant dream.

A guy or a girl has to meet their boyfriend or girlfriend when they are home alone, even phone calls have a specific timing. Late nights are the perfect timing as both the guy and girl are supposed to whisper while talking so that nobody overhears them.

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Just like partners abroad call their partner Babe, Honey. The terms of endearment that Indian girlfriends and boyfriends are gender-neutral such as Jaan and Shona. Young couples have to play hide and seek with their family, nosy relatives, and neighbours so that nobody spots a guy and girl together.

Dating in small towns comes with its own set of disadvantages as couples in these places have privacy issues from families. If the couple wants to go on a bike ride the girl has to cover her face so one catches her red-handed with her

lover. The couple needs to a lot of planning and strategies before meeting, at places such as parks, garden, or historical places.

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Young Indian Adults have to keep their love and dating life a secret and they also undergo breakups without their families even having a hint. The concept of dating in India is that not everyone is open and accepting towards it. Indian culture believes in marriage and then falling in love.

Indian Parents and relatives are also slowly accepting relationships and have allowed their children to choose their life partners.

The dating concept in India is definitely changing for good as single guys and girls are finding partners through dating apps, college romance, work romance, or through travel bidding goodbye to the concept of Indian matchmaking which is The Arranged Marriage.

In India today, it is estimated that 90% of marriages arranged by parents despite modernization of lifestyles and Western influence.
However, more and more young Indians want to flirt before their marriage.

The Real Man Academy

Seeing this economic potential, Shiva, a computer engineer, had the idea of ​​creating a school to teach men the art of seduction, the Real Man Academy .

This school now has 500 enrolled aged 22 to 32.
The teaching is done in the form of workshops including the workshops "art of seducing", "art of kissing", "art of making love". The tools used to facilitate this learning are in particular anatomical models, interactive role plays, and women (subject of experimentation in flesh and blood).

Each workshop costs Rs 88OO (the average monthly salary in 2009 was Rs 3,173).


Indian reality TV is also seizing on this new demand. She broadcasts a program "Superstud" translate Superétalon. Using several exercises 13 candidates must seduce a woman. A famous Indian actor, Ashmit Patel, offers them 3 finalists "the superstud blackbook" (the black book of the super stallion).

Here is what the winner of the last edition said about his technique of seduction:

"I now know that it is necessary to treat women with gentleness and respect. The best way to get their attention is to use the technique" shock and stupor. ". I say to a girl:" I am arresting you because you killed someone ". Stunned she waits for the continuation. I continue:"

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