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How can you find all of your Gmail accounts?

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What is "Inbox by Gmail"?

Swapnil Borkar

Swapnil Borkar, Product Design at BookMyShow (2018-present)Answered Oct 31, 2014Originally Answered:

What is "Inbox by Gmail"?

How does it work?Inbox by Gmail is an initiative taken by Google to simplify email in people's life.

I'm going to narrow it down to how it basically works.

As you might have known, Google Now is smart enough to detect almost up to anything in your Gmail inbox. From your order tracking to Airplane delay.

Google basically just integrated all of that in a new service called Inbox.
Now, what Inbox does is, it scans through your email, and brings up the important bits with the help of an algorithm that helps identify: Images, Videos, Documents, Important Information which is different for every category.

So, this is my assumption that Inbox has a different algorithm all together for Finance, Travel, Forums, Updates, etc.

Also, it bundles all of these together to make it simpler. You can turn it off or on whenever you want.

Currently it's based on Invites. Two main reasons for this.

  1. The hype it creates.
  2. Slow and steady user acquisition.
    So think of it as an invisible assistant just getting you the important bits at a glance. This happens to also follow the principles of Human Computer Interaction, Glance, Time and Change.

    Also, implementing Material Design makes it smoother and a good change to have.

    Personally, I don't find it as revolutionary for the Smartphone. But for the Desktop it's a big deal.4.1k views · View UpvotersUpvote· 3435Share4 comments from Varun Sudarshan and more

How do I get my Gmail password?Follow· 380What is the best Gmail alternative?

Laura Rebecca, former Teacher at Garden City High School (1994-2012)Answered Jan 12, 2017Originally Answered: What is the best email alternative to Gmail (2016)?

After all the security breaches Yahoo has been subject to, I can’t believe ANYONE still uses their email service. It’s hard to leave Gmail, but the amount of data Google collects from us is terrifying.

I would recommend Fastmail: Professional email hosting

Neat interface, no ads, secure. Been using them over 2 years now and I’m not looking back.12.6k views · View UpvotersUpvote· 67Share

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What are the best CRM tools for Gmail (not Google Apps)?54 Answers · View AllLieven Janssen, CTO Salesflare —

If you’re looking for a CRM that works well with Gmail, the following things might be important to you:

  • Rapportive like sidebar that shows all info about your customers
  • Synch... (more)

How can I delete thousands of unread emails from Gmail at once?Follow· 450How do you create a Gmail account?Follow· 169How do I recover my Gmail account?Follow· 232How can I change my Gmail password?Follow· 162What is your review of Inbox by Gmail?

Giordon Stark

Giordon Stark, Gmail GuruAnswered Oct 24, 2014 · Featured on ForbesOriginally Answered: Reviews of: Inbox by Gmail

★★★★I'm one of the first few who was able to snag an invite from a friend who works at Google. Disclaimer: I love Google and I need Google Fiber in my life.

What is Inbox?

It's reminiscent of a Facebook-style newsfeed which changes the way that I look at email. Before, I used to generally have things "unread" as things I've finished with and let Google automatically label things for later. Then they switched to Categories which was just another fancier label and allowed me to move more important things into my Primary and not rely on using "unread" as much.

Now, this style combines the best of Categories and Labels into what are called Bundles. Bundling is quite brilliant because it's simple.  Here's an example of one that comes with Inbox already (note: a bundle is a label with bundling enabled)

and here's one of my labels I used to have that I enabled bundling on

As you can see, this is a clean and slick layout that just makes it completely clear what I'm looking at. Labels still exist, but bundling just puts a clear separation in your inbox so that newer emails within a bundle moves the whole bundle up. Here's an example of the bundles in action

Here, I have at least 5 bundles which are visible. They make my workflow better because I can deal with things in a consistent way but then also view older messages that belong in it, without really having to run a custom search or go to a new page - it just cascades in naturally.

The next thing is that Google's definitely taken a page out of Boomerang's playbook with snooze features which allow me to snooze emails for later. In the above screen shot, you can see two emails which I snoozed until a later date/time.

Similarly, I can add reminders in general, which naturally get pinned to the top of my email inbox based on when I made the reminder, as well as reminders TAGGED to the emails! This is very similar to what tasks used to be in gmail, but I had issues with it not being very flexible or prominent or integrated at all.. but Google made it better with reminders. And not only that but the reminders can be default actions such as "Email <person>" like the following screenshots show:

or a global reminder

and these things just get pinned to your inbox which you can view at anytime by flicking a pin

And finally, the best feature in my opinion are the Vim-based keyboard shortcuts!

Current Cons:

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To check whether someone has blocked your email or not, track your email . Its just simple to track email open notification using tools available easily on the internet.

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Log into your Gmail account.

Pull up an email from the offending sender. ...

Hit the down arrow to the far right of the sender's name.

Click Block (Sender Name) from the list ... (more)

Gmail: How can Gmail be improved?27 Answers · View AllNiraj Ranjan Rout, Founder of an email productivity company, Hiver. —

  1. Attachment search: search within files, and show a better view of attachments which match the search query, with inline preview.
  2. A 3 pane display option that is robust: like... (more)

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I can say this: Relatively speaking VERY VERY few employees have access to that kind of personal data. Also, such access is EXTREMELY tightly controlled. Before I worked at... (more)

What is Gmail?12 Answers · View AllAnuj Gupta, Bsc in maths from Gossner College Ranchi (2018) —

What is gmail?

gmail is the free messaging system provided by google that offers free email file sharing, google search video chat

And more email and video chat or service of... (more)

How could I know if my mail is seen or opened by the recipient in Gmail?36 Answers · View AllPrashanth Bomma, Gmail user — I didn't get your question properly. Please add more details. Okay, i assume that you're asking about someone accessing your Gmail accout from other computer and reading yo... (more)Why is Gmail blocked in China?22 Answers · View AllMartin Johnson, lives in China — GMail is not blocked in China, but made slow and will occasionally time out. In effect, it's annoying to use in China, unless you have a proxy or VPN etc. … There are two ma... (more)How can I verify a Gmail account without a phone?14 Answers · View AllMatilda Vaughn, former Designer —

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How do you verify a Gmail account?11 Answers · View AllDavid Scott, Technical Expert —

  1. Login to My Account.
  2. In the "Sign-in & security section," select Signing in to Google.
  3. Select 2-Step Verification.
  4. Next to the 2-step verification number you'd like to change,... (more)

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For finding in PC

After opening the Gmail account in your browser (preferably Chrome), go to the home Google page. Then click on the grid on the top right corner of the page... (more)

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For me. Both. They are two very different things. One is an application and the other is an email provider.

I hate reading email using a web based client. It is horrible.

I l... (more)

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There is no limit on how many gmail account that you can create but it depends on how you create the account.

It's because you can no longer use your number after certain oc... (more)

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Losing your password is very common.

In case of a lost password in a social media account, try the following steps:

  1. Use the social media "Forgot my Password” feature.
  2. Make you... (more)

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Google offers a bunch of different services like Google Photos, Youtube, Google+, and Gmail.

Gmail is a email service that is offered by Google.

When you sign up for a gmail ... (more)

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Gmail uses C++ and Java on the server side.

Java is not safer than C++. You can have null-reference exceptions and memory leaks and all sorts of crashes in Java. Java is onl... (more)

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This has been answered previously.

“Just go to your Facebook account settings, select Gmail in the Linked Accounts section, and that's it. Log in to your Gmail account then ... (more)

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The Steps to delete a Google or Gmail account.

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So, ... (more)

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I dont (more)

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Its Dynamic. You cannot find the total size of the Gmail.

But according to some data I can tell you what approximately it can be in 28/5/2015. According to this site 15 Amaz... (more)

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First of all, you should be access in your old gmail account and then follow the all given below steps to delete old Gmail account.

  1. Once you access in your Gmail, so then go... (more)

How do I transfer data from Gmail to Excel?7 Answers · View AllMoritz Dausinger, Founder of, Expert in liberating data trapped in emails —

If I understood your question right, the data you are after is stored inside the text body of your e-mails. This means that you basically have two problems to solve:

How do I create a fake Gmail account?5 Answers · View AllAngelique Bolton —

You can create a fake Gmail account by simply following the same process as you used while making the original account.

You just need to fill in the details which you desire... (more)

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I don’t think you can make money directly with your email, but billions have been made by individuals who exercised their endeavors on the internet, so you can’t do that ve... (more)

How do I recover my Gmail if I lost my phone number?29 Answers · View AllDylan Gibson, I use gmail all the time —

If you don’t have your phone and don’t have your password there are a few things you can try depending on the situation.

  1. Use your recovery email if you have one
  2. Use a smartph... (more)

How do I sign out from Gmail?20 Answers · View AllFelipe Barousse Boué, Heavy user of Gmail, systems developer with/for Gmail. —

Using it on your desktop browser:

On the GMAIL page, click on your picture (or avatar picture) on the upper right corner.

A little pop-up window appears, just beneath your pi... (more)

What are CC and BCC in Gmail? How do I use them?23 Answers · View AllPatrick O'Callaghan, Taught networking when it was still understandable. —

First of all, this is not a question about Gmail but about essentially every email system in use today. In fact it’s standardised in RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format

BCC m... (more)

How do I delete all the emails in my Gmail inbox by one action only?29 Answers · View AllErnest Sims, Software Engineer at Freelancing (2013-present) —

Yes, you can delete all the emails in your Gmail inbox by one action only. This can be done in simple steps.

Let’s check out in detail:-

[Source Reference] How to Delete All ... (more)

Gmail: Should I use Yahoo Mail or Gmail?24 Answers · View AllClayton Jay Hardy, Fanatic Gmail user since 2006. I admin 6 G-Suite domains, including my own. —


My apologies, but outside of familiarity, or keeping a long-standing address, there is no possible reason I can imagine to choose Yahoo over Gmail. Gmail is totally ... (more)

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I don’t think “spam detection” is a feature of Gmail. Users are expected to make sense of their own Inboxes like responsible adults. Maybe after you have manually moved 111... (more)

When will Inbox by Gmail be available to Google Apps accounts?8 Answers · View AllLaurent Fontaine, Tech Evangelist, User Interface advocate, Sales and Marketing Manager, and happy father. — It does, now.  … If you're using the legacy free edition of Google Apps, then the following instructions do not apply. Google Apps Free edition (legacy) users should still se... (more)How do I log in to Gmail?11 Answers · View AllJack Pseudo, lives in The Righteous Spirit (2013-present) —

Sign in. Enter your Google Account email or phone number and password. If information is already filled in and you need to sign in to a different account, click Use another... (more)

Can someone tell if you logged into their Gmail?16 Answers · View AllManal Shaikh, Founder of Shadow Hosting International —

Yes, it is possible. But here comes the twist. It is possible only when you set the notifications of being allowed whether to be notified when someone logs into your accoun... (more)

How do you close a Gmail account?10 Answers · View AllRita Kim, lives in The United States of America (2016-present) —

Gmail Account Deletion is Easy by Calling Gmail Customer Service Number !!

Deleting a Gmail account is one’s own decision. Some of the users who happen to have more than one... (more)

How do I recover my Gmail account without my old phone or remember my password?18 Answers · View AllJude Breen, former Waitress to District Manager at Waffle House (1987-2015) —

I've recovered one old account without that and if I remember right they ask for the last password you remember and if you've ever used thar one with the old account they l... (more)

How do you view archived email in Gmail?20 Answers · View AllMilan Regec, works at Self-Employment —

Archived mail is not really “archived”. It is just stripped of its “Inbox” label. There is not a special folder called archive, you need to click All Mail. Email that is “a... (more)

What is the use of Gmail?9 Answers · View AllJ Cheng —

You do not need a Gmail account. However it is certainty useful. Reasons:

  1. Personal Information Manager - Calendar, Email, To Do Lists, Task Manager
  2. Notes - Keep is great for ... (more)

How do I delete all my messages in Gmail in Android?10 Answers · View AllTomasz Smykowski, Engineer Computer Science, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (2000) —

Android Gmail App has not a feature to select all messages at once and delete them. But there is a possibility to do it still on Android.

Here you can see how it is made: (more)

How can I access my husband’s Gmail password?Follow· 53What are the best applications/extensions for Gmail?27 Answers · View AllJoshua Griffin, Marketing Manager —

I love Unlimited Email Tracker, this Chrome extension tracks email opens and clicks, it’s completely free and unlimited in time or number of emails. It’s a great add-on, I ... (more)

How does Gmail make money?8 Answers · View AllKinjal Shah, Content Marketer at WebEngage —

It’s Google Mail. So basically, Gmail runs on the perks of the multimillion Godfather of digital encyclopedia.

Google’s revenue model is pretty flexible and simple in nature... (more)

Is there an easy way to import Outlook PST files to Gmail?10 Answers · View AllManuel Festas Franco, 3 years now working on Office 365 —

Depends on what you call easy. If you have the gmail account synced on Outlook in IMAP, you can import the PST into your account and it will sync the e-mails (no contacts, ... (more)

How can I make my Gmail account secure?25 Answers · View AllShubham Davey, Google fan, —

Gmail is a inevitable part of our daily lives and has connected to so many other important parts of our lives too. Hence it becomes utmost important to keep it safe and bey... (more)

What features of Gmail are still unknown by most of its users?

Saurabh Arora

Saurabh Arora, Most viewed writer in New Delhi | Crypto Investor |Answered Jun 28, 2018Originally Answered: What are some unknown hidden Gmail features?

There are a lot of things that can make your Gmail account more handy.

These things are not exactly hidden, but a lot of Gmail users are not aware of them. All you need to do is, make some changes in your account. It will also help you to work competently and save a lot of time.

More than 1.2 Billion users across the world have Gmail accounts; to make it run smooth, Gmail has provided us with a lot of features. They make your Gmail account sorted and at the same time, efficient.

Be it for your business purpose or personal, you’ll find these tricks extremely helpful. Not only you can work online on Gmail but also offline. Interesting!? There are more such tips and tricks below. Let’s check them out.

  • Make the most of your labels

Keep your emails organised in different folders called as labels. Whether it is your marketing handle or updates for your meeting or emails from your family members, keep it all segregated. Show the labels you need and hide rest of them.

How to create a new label? - Settings > Labels > Create New Label

In case you have created multiple labels, change the colour of your labels to easily recognise them. To do this, place the cursor over a label and you’ll find a drop-down arrow, click on it and set a colour.

  • Receive emails from other accounts

Yes, you can receive emails from your Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email account in your Gmail inbox. It is a must have feature. Why? Won’t this cut short your time? After enabling it you need not check other accounts one by one. You can go through your emails in one go itself.

How to do this? Settings > Accounts and Import > Add a mail account > Enter your email id > Link account to Gmailify and you are done.

  • Check emails, really quick!

With the preview pane feature, you can access the list of your inbox and view the email you want (either horizontally or vertically), on the same window. You can see the photo below for the vertical-pane view. Vertical view is more convenient than the horizontal one, as you can see a long list of your inbox via this mode.

How you enable it? Settings > Labs > Preview Pane > Enable it and save the changes. Then, toggle split pane mode will appear just next to the settings icon in your inbox. Select the mode you want and check your emails.

  • Unsend an accidentally sent email

Whenever you are in a hurry, did you ever press enter accidentally, before finishing your email? Had you known this before, you could have unsent the email. You have the lease for up to 30 seconds to undo the sent email. In this time frame, you need not worry as that message will not pop up any notification at the receiver’s end (if you are successfully able to unsend the message).

How to do this? Settings > General > Undo Send > Enable undo send and set the time. Also, do not forget to save it.

  • Stick to Importance Markers, different stars and punctuation marks for better Gmail experience.

Do you get confused as to why did you star an email? Well, you will not get confused from now on. Activate different stars for different reasons. For instance, use red star for the most urgent work or green tick for the work that is done. Other than stars, you can activate Importance Markers for your emails. These are can be automated. They’ll help you figure out the important emails from rest of the emails.

How to do this?-

  • To set Importance Markers: Settings > Inbox > Importance Markers > Show markers and save!
  • For stars and exclamation marks: Settings > Stars > Hold and drag the exclamation or stars you are need of and save. (Go to your inbox and click on star more the one time to change the colour.)

  • Set up you own Canned Responses

While promoting or marketing, there are times when you have to send the same email again. Besides that, you might have some set message that you have to send to various people at different times. So for this, you type the whole thing over and over again or copy them from your previous emails. I have a better idea for you. You can save your message once and access it anytime while replying to someone. This can be done be setting up a canned response.

How to set your own canned response? Settings > Labs > Canned Responses > Enable > Save.

Now, compose an email. On the extreme right you’ll see an arrow just next to the bin. Click on it and add your framed message, add more than one, if you need. Use it as and when required. Isn’t it a great time saver hack?

Also, some extensions can also become really useful. A few that might be of your daily use too!

  • Are you familiar with Boomerang?

No, not the Instagram Boomerang. It is an add-on extension called the Gmail Boomerang.

Do you forget to send reminder emails or wish to schedule messages? Add this extension and you will be relaxed! This allows you both- scheduling your messages and even sending reminders, according to the time and date you have saved.

How to schedule your messages? Get Boomerang for Gmail from Chrome Web store. After logging in you can see Send Later option just below the normal send option while you reply to an email.

  • Send sensitive emails in the most secure way

Use Gmail like never before! Sit unperturbed and send emails that you don’t want others to see. These are the encrypted emails where you have to create a password and the receiver has to enter the same password in order to access the email.

How to do this? Get the Secure Gmail Extension from Chrome Web Store and feel free to send sensitive emails. Once you have the extension, you’ll see a lock icon just next to your compose button. Click on it and compose the email. Create the encryption password and send it.

  • Send emails that can be viewed only once

Apart from the encrypted emails, you can also send emails that can be viewed only once. You can do this by activating the SnapMail extension. The receiver can view the email for only 60 seconds after which, the email will be destroyed automatically.

How to send this email? Add the Snapmail extension to your Chrome and send the message through it. The receiver will be able to access it through a link (as shown below).

Apart from all this, not all mails are useful and with time some useful mails sink down the list.

  • Search like a pro!

Undoubtedly, you search for a particular email in your inbox when needed. With these easy hacks, you can search any email in the most efficient way. Nonetheless, these tricks are great time-savers. The ones that are most commonly used are mentioned below.

When you have to search for an email from a particular person, just type their name in the search bar and you’ll find all their emails on your screen.

In case, you want to find out a some attached document from an email, type has:attachment in your search bar. With this, you’ll get all the emails that have some attached media. It will help you to find the required email quite easily.

Apart from these search tricks you can make your search more specific as well.

How to create specific searches? Click the drop-down arrow in your search bar and add the details for a more specific search.

Key takeaway- If your inbox is slow due to heavy emails. Type large: xMB (x is any number, example, large: 8MB) in your search bar. Clear those emails or save them somewhere else if you require them. In future use Google Drive to send heavy attachments. It will keep your inbox light!

Surely, you know your Gmail account better. I’m glad to share these with you.1k views · View Upvoters · View SharersUpvote· 1415Share· 1

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Topic: GmailFollow· 779kWhy is it so easy to hack someone's Gmail account?13 Answers · View AllBill McCaslan, Have spent ample time researching Gmail security —

It’s probably virtually impossible. Google has literally billions of dollars and a stable of PhDs to develop security systems for their services.

On the other hand, how easy... (more)

What was the purpose of the recent Gmail redesign?8 Answers · View AllJason Cornwell, Communications UX Lead, Google — The redesign is part of a massive UI facelift across all Google properties.  While some have suggested that the goal was to apply the Google+ style to other properties, thi... (more)How many developers are developing Gmail?3 Answers · View AllKristoffer Garshol, Web Designer, Web Developer, UI/UX Developer, Sales and Marketing Strategist. — Here are just some of the people that works on the Gmail team.  … The team is constantly changing though.  … Google - Faces of Gmail (Official Gmail Blog) (more)Which universities use Gmail?20 Answers · View AllZachary Reiss-Davis, Salesforce; Forrester; Bay Area; hiking; biking, food — Google has officially claimed that 61 of the top 100 universities use Google Enterprise Apps for Education, which includes Gmail / Mail: (more)How do I create unlimited Gmail account?10 Answers · View AllGlenn Hancock —

Your Question is: How do I create unlimited Gmail accounts? … Answer is: Yes you can definitely do that using: Gmail Account Creator (more)

How do I delete multiple emails in my Gmail inbox?16 Answers · View AllBen Drury, Computer Technician (20yrs), IT Trainer (7yrs), Entrepreneur —

To delete all inbox files:

  1. Tick the select all checkbox first
  2. Now look just above the first email, in the centre of the screen and a link appears to select all emails
  3. Click th... (more)

What are good free alternatives to Gmail Boomerang?31 Answers · View AllJoshua Wagner, Systemic thinker, Curious, Futurist, Supporter — I did quite a bit of searching on this not too long ago. It was important to me to find a free service. … LetterMeLater … I have tried and currently use LetterMeLater minimall... (more)What are the integration test scenarios for Gmail?5 Answers · View AllMadhu Sudhan R, QA at Money View (2019-present) —

1)check the count of the inbox, drafts ,trash items. … 2) check the priority functionality of the mails,if you can see the unread messages first. … 3)check the received date an... (more)

Will Google deactivate my Gmail account if it is not used? After how long does it deactivate?☏︎𝗣𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗰𝘁  𝗚𝗺𝗮𝗶𝗹  𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹  𝗦𝘂𝗽𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁 𝗡𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 ☏︎+❶◄❽⓿❶ _❽❾❾❾ _❶❸❷?7 Answers · View AllSarah Price, works at Google — We reserve the right to delete the data in your account after 9 months of inactivity. However, reserving the right is different from declaring that we always will take that... (more)What is the best way to bulk forward emails from Gmail?13 Answers · View AllApril Ballard — The script is great; however, Gmail puts a max 100 email/day sending limit, so it will take weeks for people with a lot of email to forward.  The poster of the script is ri... (more)What caused the Gmail outage on December 10, 2012?4 Answers · View AllAman Anand, Writer —

Portions of the Internet panicked yesterday when Gmail was hit by an outage that lasted for anagonizing 18 minutes. The outage coincided with reports of Google's Chrome bro... (more)

Why can't one change their username in Gmail? ...5 Answers · View AllCeri Clark, Author of how-to guides (Gmail, Calibre, Google+) & Children of the Elementi. — You cannot change your Gmail username for an existing account but there are two ways you can simulate it.  …

  1. Open a new account and forward all email to it while making it y... (more)

What is the best way to delete a large amount of old emails on Gmail?21 Answers · View AllArsh Dixit, Science is truth & truth is god. — Hi, … If you've got a cluttered inbox and want to clean it up then deleting large numbers, or even all, of the emails in your Gmail inbox could be the answer. While the Gma... (more)What secret Gmail features do you know of?10 Answers · View AllMark Shainblum, BA English with Creative Writing & History, Concordia University, Montreal (1985) —

Well, this isn’t restricted to Gmail, it’ll work from any email program, but it’s something many people don’t know about.

You can send an email as a text message to someone’... (more)

Do you know any emails better than Gmail?12 Answers · View AllNiklas Dorn, works at Filestage —

Recently we published an article about the best Gmail alternatives.

1. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is like the Gmail of Microsoft. It’s widely used, both in business and for pe... (more)

What's the architecture of Gmail?Srijan Kapoor, Inquisitive — This might help you with understanding the architecture part:  … … Its a short informative article basically for beginners. (more)How many Gmail IDs can I create from one phone?19 Answers · View AllColin Firth, Web Engineer at Google —

Well, according to google’s policy, we can only verify no more than 5 accounts with the same phone number. What’s more, as the accounts number increased, the captcha will b... (more)

What is the main difference between Gmail and the new Google Inbox?10 Answers · View AllAndrew Meyer, Google Inbox user since early beta — There are so many differences between Inbox and Gmail that it's hard to really pick one as the "main difference". … Since you asked though, I'm going to say that the main di... (more)I forgot my Gmail password and I can't answer the Gmail recovery questions. What can I do?25 Answers · View AllClayton Jay Hardy, Owner at (2002-present) —

Thanks for the A2A.

Gmail gives you easy ways to get back in. If you gave them a cell number, they will text you or call you. If you gave them a recovery email address, they... (more)

How can I recover deleted Gmail Account?8 Answers · View AllSujit Kumar —

mom (more)

How can I make a signature on Gmail?17 Answers · View AllStuart Banks, Self Employed Electrician at Your Electrical Solution (2010-present) —

To insert an actual signature (which legally authenticates most handwritten correspondences and proforma document applications against the photographic identity and signatu... (more)

Gmail: How is Gmail better than other email providers?11 Answers · View AllRoma Amarnani, Freelance Content Writer (2018-present) —

Gmail is Google’s invention and everything we use for browsing and surfing is of Google a product. So, Gmail fit’s well with everything we use in our day to day life.

Gmail ... (more)

Is Gmail built with AngularJS?13 Answers · View AllGanesh Jawahar, former Research Engineer at National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (2018-2019) — I don't think so.  … Let's see the evolution quickly. … 1. People say the first version of GMAIL was built using GWT Project. Chances are that the claim could be true. Why ? ... (more)How do I store my photos, videos and other documents in Gmail?9 Answers · View AllAbdul Rehman, Jr. Technical Associate at ESDS - Digital Transformation Catalyst (2019-present) —

Cool, I too got the same issue… and found the same answer everywhere i.e either send the data to yourself on your another email or to your friends or just save it to your G... (more)

How do you log out of Gmail on your phone?15 Answers · View AllHarilal Nair, DNP, Nurse Practitioner at Aprn World —

  1. Open the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Under "Accounts," touch the name of the account you want to remove.
  3. If you’re using a Google account, touch Google and then the account... (more)

How can one use Gmail for email marketing?17 Answers · View AllRatko Ivanović, Manager of a digital marketing agency, tech savvy marketer — In short, don't do it. … Nowadays, even if you want to send personalised emails, it's better to use a software. … Here are a few reasons why not to use it:... (more)What is the best way to delete all unwanted Emails in gmail?19 Answers · View AllBen Drury, Computer Technician (20yrs), IT Trainer (7yrs), Entrepreneur —

To delete all inbox files:

  1. Tick the select all checkbox first
  2. Now look just above the first email, in the centre of the screen and a link appears to select all emails
  3. Click th... (more)

Ho can I search any phone number by a Gmail ID?16 Answers · View AllChocolate Cakes Recipe Shuzi —

First of all i go to google and trying to open my id but when i can't login then i go to down side which is a have a ‘forget password ‘then i click on that then the helpers... (more)

Is it illegal to hack a Gmail account?14 Answers · View AllJonathan Elder, lives in Hampshire, UK —

In the UK you would be guilty of one or more crimes under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. This would leave you open to criminal proceedings.

You are also breaking your agreeme... (more)

How do I recover the Gmail password I forgot?10 Answers · View AllLata Sadhwani, Gmail user — You cannot recover your password, you can reset it. … Account recovery options … Google Account Recovery (more)Why is Gmail not popular in Germany?12 Answers · View AllGuido Müller, lives in Germany —

There is another reason, short view on history:

I got my first private email-account in 1996 (the 5 years before I used email at university), and at that time, the only prov... (more)

What is gmail's attachment size limit?17 Answers · View AllChad Brown, Co-Founder of Orangedox —

50Mb is the attachment size limit as of Mar 2017 for Gmail

However it’s better if you use your Google Drive or Dropbox and attach the files as a share link. You’ll then be a... (more)

What features should Gmail have?10 Answers · View AllAmit Vikram, Gmail Expert —

Here are some features that I loved the most :

  • Logging into you Gmail Account without giving any Password. Just unlock your Smartphone or click on a Notification from Gmail ... (more)

Does Gmail really "reserve" 7GB for every user ? If everyone asks for all of their storage at once, does Gmail truly have such "storage-liquidity" available?7 Answers · View AllUtkarsh Sharma, received offer for SWE internship for Summer 2016 at Google MTV. — They certainly don't. It would be dumb to reserve space which most users will never use. This is an important concept used by companies when offering storage spaces. … The b... (more)Is Gmail service a cloud computing (Saas) software as a service?9 Answers · View AllAdil Arif — Yes. All the Google Apps are presented as SaaS applications.  … As you said yourself SaaS stands for software as a service,  in this Google is running the applications on th... (more)Is there a way to recall messages in Gmail?28 Answers · View AllPadmanabha Vyasamoorthy, PhD Library Science & Information Technology, Gulbarga University (1991) —

If your message has been delivered into inbox of recipient you can not do anything about it. If you are doubtful of a message to be sent but wake up very quickly after pres... (more)

Gmail Account Recovery

Topic: Gmail Account RecoveryFollow· 1.9kHow can I transfer all my Google drive and Gmail data to a different account?10 Answers · View AllFields Finley, former Software Engineer at Freelancers —

Yes, you can transfer all your Google Drive and Gmail Data to your Different Google account.

There are 2 method for this. Let’s check out in detail.

You may also refer here t... (more)

How can we find if a Gmail user account is active or inactive?9 Answers · View AllVishal Haria, works at Jumia Services —

Send a test mail. If it bounces back, the account is not active.

However, it could also be the case that the account is “active” as per above, but user is not actively readi... (more)

How do you login as a different user through Gmail?11 Answers · View AllShubham Davey, Google fan, —

Google customarily did not permit utilizing accounts related with various Gmail IDs in the meantime. We have just examined in the past approaches to switch immediately betw... (more)

How can I change my security questions on Gmail?9 Answers · View AllJohny Gonsalvish, P.G Business, The University of Texas at Austin (2004) —

Procedure to add or change Gmail security question

  1. Click the gear icon at the top of any Gmail page and select Mail settings.
  2. Click Accounts and Import.
  3. Click Change password ... (more)

What's better for business users, Gmail or Outlook?12 Answers · View AllJean-Rene Bouvier, implemented open email systems that shape those of today —

TL;DR; if you want to communicate with 89% of the world, do not use Outlook.

Both Gmail and Outlook are part of extensive office automation suites, G Suite and Office 2019. ... (more)

Who invented gmail and email?7 Answers · View AllBharathi Bhogapurapu, M. SC biotechnology from Tanjavur Sastra University —

In 1978, a 14-year-old named V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai developed a computer program, which replicated the features of the interoffice, inter-organizational paper mail system. He... (more)

How do you unsend a Gmail email?17 Answers · View AllRima Grainger, Digital marketer, Healthy lifestyle evangelist —

In Gmail, you have a short time to react and cancel while sending a message. There is no full option of recalling sent emails.

Right after you’ve sent your mail, you can do ... (more)

What are some useful Chrome extensions for Gmail?15 Answers · View AllDhanush, tech lover —

Thanks for the A2A. As I always like to say, don't crowd up your browser with more extensions. Nevertheless, the new updated version of Gmail which would be available soon ... (more)

How do I change my passwords on Gmail when I don't remember the current passwords?26 Answers · View AllSecrat Nelson, Artificial Intelligence Development Engineer at IWR DRMS —

Go to the login page,  … Click forgot password

When prompted enter email address

IF you have a secondary email attached or phone it will request verification of this here, if y... (more)

Is Gmail profitable?3 Answers · View AllKaushik Kasi, (Data Science && Bitcoin) Enthusiast — Gmail integrates Google's advertising platform (Adsense), which scans your email and gives you relavant advertisements on the side. Also, they have business accounts for Gm... (more)Is Outlook more secure than Gmail?7 Answers · View AllWilliam Rabe, former Network Administrator at U.S. Marine Corps (2011-2012) —

Really old post but I’ll throw my answer in there for future readers as well.

First- you need to define “secure”. Do you mean secure from hackers? or do you mean secure from... (more)

Gmail: How do I retrieve Gmail drafts?5 Answers · View AllKris Mark, I have written and received e-mails on several occasions in my lifetime. —

If you used an email address managed by an organization, Google Vault could be an option. What is Google Vault?

If you used personal private gmail: … You can possibly find the... (more)

How can I make a strikethrough in Gmail?20 Answers · View AllAnton Hein-Hudson, Amsterdam Tourist Information blogger — This Chrome extension works for me: strikethrough (more)How do I use Gmail with my own domain?19 Answers · View AllAlexandra Zelman —

Yes you can use your domain with the Gmail.

To create a free custom domain email with Gmail, just register a custom domain, sign up with Gmail, forward the emails to Gmail, ... (more)

How does Boomerang for Gmail work?7 Answers · View AllFaisal Khan, Banking/Payments Consultant — Boomerang is a Chrome/Firefox plug-in. It is not natively offered within Gmail, but as an add-on via the browser. … If you're using the compatible browser, installation take... (more)How do you link accounts in Gmail?9 Answers · View AllJ Cheng —

Suggestions. Assume Account A is the primary and B, the secondary.

  1. Google Drive - Create a folder and drop ALL of B files into it. Then share this folder with A. That way, A... (more)

Can I send a mail from Gmail to Yahoo?15 Answers · View AllKannan Nambiar, Been a Yahoo user my entire life —


You can send an email from any email service (e.g. Gmail) to any other (e.g. Yahoo) as long as there is a mail server listening (which is to say the email id “works”). (more)

What is a more stable email system than Gmail, if any?11 Answers · View AllAlexander Lehmann, Using email for 28 years, admin of email servers for 20 —

Gmail is not particularly secure email system,it’s ok and it has great features, but it’s not particularly secure.

Protonmail and Tutanota are very good with respect to encr... (more)

Gmail Advice

Topic: Gmail AdviceFollow· 46.1kHow does gmail come to know which mails are spam?7 Answers · View AllMayank Singhal, Gmailer. — Gmail has one of the most brilliant spam detection available today. (Believe it or not, studies have shown Yahoo! Mail performs better in this respect! [1]). The very basic... (more)Is it possible to add HTML in a Gmail signature?13 Answers · View AllBrody Stone, studied Computer Programming & Computer Hacking at The High School Experience (2020) —

I found an article answering your question, hope that it answers your question well enough.

So, the answer to this is quite simple – after you open up the contents of the HT... (more)

Why isn't there a Salesforce plug-in for Gmail?12 Answers · View AllZachary Reiss-Davis, Salesforce; Forrester; Bay Area; hiking; biking, food — There certainly are.   … There was an official announcement of CRM + Google Apps (Mail / Gmail) integration already in 2008: (more)How can I send batches of emails from Gmail?

Thomas Roert

Thomas Roert, Software Enginner at GoogleAnswered Sep 20

Hi, there

I am not sure what you want to do with sending bathes of Emails. Maybe for Email marketing, Maybe for promoting your products or some stuff like that. Anyway, Sometimes, sending bulk Emails can be pretty necessary for us. There are many Email sender tools on the internet that can do that. But for me, I recommend this one, Becuase :

Firstly, It is a super bulk Email sender tool, Just one click, It can send thousands of Emails. we can clearly see what is going on in one table. How many Emails have been opened, how many Emails are received. we can get clear stats.

Secondly, For its inbox rate. which can be over 90% due to it can preheat our sending accounts, so that which can improve inbox rate effectively.

Thirdly, If you are for marketing. It can even scrape thousands of potential customers Email addresses from any websites. That is, It can find potential customers in just one click. It is awesome. with it, we can make marketing much easier.

Finally. For sending Emails, it has many Email templates in it, if you don’t know how to write Emails, It can certainly give you some help.

All in all, If you want to send thousands of Emails, It is your first choice.

Hope this helps1.1k views · View Upvoters · View SharersUpvote· 1314Share· 2

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Can you help me to recover my Gmail account?11 Answers · View AllClayton Jay Hardy, Owner at (2002-present) —


I have answered this MANY times.

Clayton Jay Hardy's answer to How can I recover my Gmail password without a recovery phone number or email?

For convenience, I will paste... (more)

How can I prevent hackers from getting into my Gmail account?14 Answers · View AllRaj Irukulla, worked at Google — You can do a few things to minimize the chances of having your Gmail account hacked: … 1.  Don't use the same password on another site.  There's no way to tell how passwords... (more)How to activate auto reply in gmail ?15 Answers · View AllJack Pseudo, lives in The Righteous Spirit (2013-present) —

Set up your vacation reply

  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. In the top right, click Settings Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the "Vacation responder" section.
  4. Select Vacation responder o... (more)

How can I create a Google account without a phone number during the registration process?12 Answers · View AllMathew Hoffman, Google Cloud Specialist —

From Google support:

If you have a mobile phone, this field is optional but recommended. Depending on how you add a phone number to your account, your phone number can be us... (more)

How do you send an email to all your contacts in Gmail?14 Answers · View AllDhruv, Co-Founder at SalesHandy —

You can send an email to all your contacts in Gmail in two different methods:

  1. Gmail Web Application
  2. SalesHandy Email Automation Tool

Let's start with basic group emailing with... (more)

Can I change my Clash of Clans account to a new Gmail account?17 Answers · View AllOm Prakash, Been Playing form 2014. —

Yes you can change it. But you cant do that on your own. You will have to get the help from supercell support staff. I needed to change my email id that was connected to cl... (more)

How do I recover a deleted spam message from my Gmail account?9 Answers · View AllClyde Lee, Tech guy, Marvel movie fan. —

Check the Trash folder and retrieve it if the message hasn’t been there for 30 days. (more)

With a Gmail ID, can I find a phone number?11 Answers · View AllDaniel Gold, CEO at Kadima Digital SEO Agency (2018-present) —

The only possibility is that someone has both publicly posted their gmail account as well as their phone number on their public profile.

If so you can search for them,

When y... (more)

How do I change old Gmail address to new Gmail address?__Gmail Support Number ...6 Answers · View AllPatrick O'Callaghan, Oversaw G Suite adoption at a university and tech company —

You can’t. All you can do is create a new account with a different address, then tell people about it. You can also:

  • Configure the old account to automatically forward your ... (more)

What is the meaning of syncing Gmail?15 Answers · View AllAbdul Hadi, lives in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan (2001-present) —

sync stand for synchronize it’s a very common feature these days basically it allows all your device having a logged on Google Account to remain in sync in terms of data le... (more)

How does Microsoft's newly launched stack up against Gmail?10 Answers · View AllVaibhav Gadodia, Generalist — I love the new outlook - and it has a few things that I would love to see in Gmail. … First what it has that Gmail doesn't: …

  • Instant Actions - love that feature.
  • Aliases... (more)

Can I find my phone using Gmail?7 Answers · View AllDavid Hawkins, Veterinary practice owner —

If it is your phone, logged into your Google account, it is easy. Google Device Manager shows the phone’s location on a map. You can also wipe your phone if you think it is... (more)

Is Gmail a good email service? Why or why not?5 Answers · View AllRam Sundar, Data Scientist (2019-present) —


Unique Feature: Native File Collaboration

Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: anyone who already uses and loves the rest of Google's products.

It might seem like an... (more)

How can I recover my Facebook account using my Gmail account?Follow· 106How do you unlink Gmail accounts?7 Answers · View AllPaul Marsland, Heavy gmail user —

  1. Can't do it on a mobile version
  2. On a desktop/laptop, go to settings
  3. Settings opens at the general tab
  4. Click over to Accounts and Import
  5. Edit or delete the accounts you don't wa... (more)

How do I go back to the “old” Gmail setup?10 Answers · View AllJack Pseudo, lives in The Righteous Spirit (2013-present) —

vernight, Google began to roll out the revamped Gmail which introduces a handful of new features alongside a new design. But if you aren’t a fan of these changes, you can s... (more)

How does sending money through Gmail work?6 Answers · View AllBen Brown, payments consultant @firstannapolis — The system is based on Google Wallet, which is an evolution of the Google Checkout system launched in 2006. Google has just federated the identity systems of Google Wallet ... (more)How can I schedule an email in Gmail?16 Answers · View AllPeter Reynolds, VP of Sales —

This is something that you can simply do with the help of a Gmail plugin. You will find many of these around, some more useful and reliable than others, however many around... (more)

If my Gmail account is logged in but I forgot my password, how can I recover my password?13 Answers · View AllMohamad Modamani, B.A. Thermal Engineering & Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering (2010) —

Go to your account options (sign-in and security) and register both your mobile number and alternative email account to insure that Google can help you when you log out fro... (more)

What does Gmail let us do that other email providers don't?29 Answers · View AllRishit Jain, Programmer,I use gmail effectively — Wrong Recipient Detector … This handy feature is aptly called "Got the Wrong Bob".What so interesting in this little feature is that based on the groups of people you have e... (more)

Inbox by Gmail

Topic: Inbox by GmailFollow· 37.9kWhat is the reason why Gmail is better than Hotmail?10 Answers · View AllValerie Borshch, Marketing Manager at Snovio —

Well, I prefer mostly Gmail. I never used Hotmail. … You can check others here Email Sending Limits of Email Service Providers - Snovio Labs

Here’s what I will be comparing: p... (more)

How do you know if someone blocked your Gmail?6 Answers · View AllAishwarya, Google Consultant —

You G-Suite account may be suspended due to many reasons :

Unauthorized access

Suspicious payments

Repeated violations

Chargeback... (more)

How can I reset my Facebook password using a Gmail account?7 Answers · View AllDanny Barrand —

if you forgot your password you will have to reset it

for security reasons facebook can not send you your current password

to reset it click forgot password put in your email... (more)

What is the best way to back up Gmail?12 Answers · View AllJen Russel, Digital Marketing Analyst (2015-present) —

Hi Dear,

There are several ways to backup your Gmail account data. You can use Google Takeout utility in the first place. This in-built tool is very helpful to export any da... (more)

Is it possible to track the IP address of a Gmail sender?7 Answers · View AllShreya Basu —

You may be able to music the IP. It'd contain shooting the packets in wires hark….

As the email comes in, every part of it will be encapsulated in a packet …and also you hav... (more)

What are test cases for integration testing of a Gmail application?7 Answers · View AllSaloni Acharya, Business Analyst (2016-present) —

Module wise test cases for Gmail, definitely helpful to you all..

Test Scenarios Login Page

  1. Verify that the login screen is having option to enter username and password with ... (more)

What is the best permanent email alternative to Gmail?7 Answers · View AllClayton Jay Hardy, Fanatic Gmail user since 2006. I admin 6 G-Suite domains, including my own. —

As a professional geek, I realize not everyone has the same love for Google services that I do. So a couple of years ago, I took a test drive in the ONLY valid alternative ... (more)

How can I import email messages from Outlook into Gmail?8 Answers · View AllDiane Poremsky, Microsoft Outlook MVP and Owner of the Outlook & Exchange Resource Center at and Outlook-tips... — Unless you have a lot of mailboxes to migrate, you can do it for free by adding the  gmail account to outlook and moving mail into the imap folders. (more)How do I delete an email account from Gmail?5 Answers · View AllTobi Gbemisola, Social Media Associate at Alder Consulting (2018-present) —

You cannot remove an account from the Gmail app. Instead, you'll need to go to your phone's settings.

Go to Accounts then select Google. You'll see all the email accounts cu... (more)

If you're running out of storage on Gmail, what's the best way save space?15 Answers · View AllChaitanya Nekkanti —

Dude, just create a new Google Account.

If you need free EXTRA STORAGE, u gotta pay. (more)

What made Gmail unique when it was first launched? What are the things that distinguished it from other competitors?66 Answers · View AllKartik Aneja, Gmail user since 2004. — A couple of reasons that made Gmail insanely great at launch were based on how radically different, new or ahead (better) they were when compared to any existing player: …

Why did Hotmail lose market share to Gmail?18 Answers · View AllShilpa Shakya, Research Department Head at Google —

Its Intresting story.

In terms of user experience, I agree with most of the other answers. Google offered a far superior mail product than any other 'freely' available produ... (more)

How do you open your Gmail inbox?6 Answers · View AllJohn Long, studied at Shasta College (1983) —

By logging into it. Google Gmail. Click on gmail. It will take you to the log in page, or to your inbox. At log in page, type in your email gmail address, and your password... (more)

What are the differences between Gmail and Outlook?6 Answers · View AllWill Sloan — For one, these are two completely different applications. Gmail is an email provider and a webmail interface. Outlook is neither, unless you also happen to be using Outlook... (more)In Gmail, what is the correct process to send out bulk mail?16 Answers · View AllDhruv, Co-Founder at SalesHandy —

Gmail does not provide an innate feature for sending bulk emails. Besides Gmail also regulates spam emails and if they find fishy in your email, Gmail will block your accou... (more)

How do I remove my Gmail account from a stolen phone?9 Answers · View AllUjjwal, Phone lover —

There is a best way to remove Gmail account from your Stolen Device or the device which had get lost.

Not only you can remove your Gmail account from the device as well as y... (more)

How can I change my profile picture on Gmail?13 Answers · View AllBinay Santhosh A, works at IBM —


Change your picture

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. In the top right, click Settings Settings.
  3. In the "My Picture" section, click Change picture.... (more)

How was Inbox by Gmail first conceived?Daniel Pavlyuchkov, CEO of Mailburn. Productivity master. Aikido black belt. — Sparrow was acquired by Google and Sparrow team was making Google Inbox since 2012. …

Though Google doesn’t mention anything about it in its official Inbox blog post, the In... (more)

I'm getting more and more unwanted mails in my Gmail account. How can I get rid of them all?18 Answers · View AllShrikant More, Software Guy, Little of This and That — USE Filter with the keyword "Unsubscribe" … Generally lots of marketing mails or spam mails contains the word Unsubscribe. so we can just use this simple technique to get ri... (more)What are the advantages of Gmail's iOS app over adding your Gmail account to iOS's Mail app?10 Answers · View AllHenry Modisett, I use a lot of apps and have designed a few — Search! Why? Because I designed it.  … It is also incredibly powerful, consistently faster, and more reliable than So, 99% of the credit actually goes to the engin... (more)Why does the Chinese government block Gmail?13 Answers · View AllRobin Daverman, World traveler — After the Snowden revelation, China said explicitly that she wanted all U.S. telecom and internet companies gone from "essential services" by 2020. China is Planning to Pur... (more)Why has Gmail been hard to access recently from within China?6 Answers · View AllGuo Wei, writing & living in China — "Again" is not a correct word to describe Google's Gmail being blocked in China. The whole process is well planned and unfolded in three stages. The first stage is to desta... (more)How do foreigners check Gmail in China, since Google is blocked there?27 Answers · View AllBrian Collins, traveled to and in 4 continents, North A, South A, Australia, Europe —

You don’t access gmail legally. There are workarounds some people use, but they are risky, especially as a foreigner.

Access your Gmail in China - A Guide to Workarounds

I im... (more)

How do I get access to a Gmail account?6 Answers · View AllFelipe Barousse Boué, Heavy user of Gmail, systems developer with/for Gmail. —

Thanks for the A2A: To be honest, I don’t know if this is only a troll question… or a question from someone who has lived underground for the last 20 years…. anyway, lets f... (more)

Is there any CRM software that offers Gmail integration?11 Answers · View AllChris Woodard, Co-Founder at (2018-present) —

Good question! At Tenfold, we offer a CRM solution that integrates with a huge array of CRM and phone systems, including Gmail. You can check it out here.

Here are just some... (more)

Can we hack into a Gmail account if we only know the Gmail ID?5 Answers · View AllVee Logan —

A professional way to handle this problem is to present always alternatives of solution, with scenarios clarifying benefits, risks, circumstances, causes and consequences. ... (more)

Is there a Gmail replacement coming?3 Answers · View AllRemy Bergsma, over 8 years of experience at an email service provider in several roles. — I keep an eye on many email clients (part because of professional interest, part because of email ui interest), but on the webmail client front there's not much new develop... (more)Where can I get messages and call logs from a Gmail account?6 Answers · View AllNorbu M Ashraf, Business on technology —

Hope you are using an Android phone. There are many apps available in the play store which serve your purpose. Once such apps are installed in your phone and configured wit... (more)

What problems do you find in Gmail?21 Answers · View AllAdam Boettiger, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Growth Hacker — I think the bulk of problems with any email client can normally be attributed to User Errors or inexperience of the user. For example a comment below refers to technicaliti... (more)Why does Gmail use two separate pages for logging in? Why not let users enter both username and password on the same page?22 Answers · View AllMahmoud El Magdoub —

As said in there own words they are "implementing new authentication solutions that complement traditional passwords"

Now to add on to why Google might have gone with this a... (more)

In what ways is Yahoo Mail better than Gmail?4 Answers · View AllGee Belfiore, Owner of the Yahoo! Mail Group — A - Think about this scenario : … You are looking for an email sent from Bob containg a photo that was sent in 2008. … In Gmail you'd have to type something like: … "from:Bob + ... (more)Is there a way to search Gmail for a phone number?3 Answers · View AllMohammad Danish, Solutions Architect | Cloud Consultant | GSuite/ M365 —


The only possible way is to use Search box in Gmail.

The search box is at the top of your Gmail screen. Simply type the email whose phone number you're looking for in the... (more)

Why is Gmail so slow?6 Answers · View AllBenoit Sigoure, worked at Google — Gmail crams many users onto the same sets of backend server.  Your experience will vary significantly depending on the other users on your server set.  I've seen cases wher... (more)Is there a good open-source alternative to Gmail?7 Answers · View AllAri Shahdadi, I have friends who work at Facebook. — There are lots of open source webmail options: …

  • AtMail (
  • Horde (
  • Roundcube (
  • OpenWebMail ( (more)

What made Gmail so popular?10 Answers · View AllAbhimanyu Sharma, Using Gmail since 2005 —

Google have always kept itself user oriented. The key points for its success as Gmail can be listed below,

  1. User Friendly Interface : Interface of Gmail was and is very user ... (more)

How do I recover my Gmail password with a recovery mobile number and a Gmail address?4 Answers · View AllPhilip Odero Ondego, certificate Engineering & F, Orero Secondary School (2004) —

through text message (more)

How do I create a second e-mail account?23 Answers · View AllMilan Regec, works at Self-Employment —

The very same way you have created your first one.

  1. If you are logged in, click your profile picture/initial in the top right corner.
  2. Click Add account.
  3. Below the Sing in form ... (more)

How did Gmail support respond so fast?4 Answers · View AllFrancesco Cauteruccio, Ph.D. in Computer Science — I'm not involved in the technology behind that, neither I know exactly how it could work but this is some good (and so simple) example of NLP application and I'm almost sur... (more)How can I look up an old Gmail account?4 Answers · View AllAlison Wild, Raised by Wolves — I am pretty disorganized when it comes to things like this. Unless I'm using it or they are billing me for it, I don't keep track.  … However, GMAIL has a pretty flexible po... (more)