19 Everyday Products With Unusual And Ingenious Design That Will Surprise You

In life, there are people who have a natural penchant for design and creativity. Where we are content to use an object in a very simple and basic way, these people with an ingenious look, automatically observe and imagine an advanced, functional and more beautiful version of the article in question. Here are 19 incredible and strange products at the same time, which shine with their creativity.

1. "This wooden door, representing an owl in Copenhagen, Denmark, was created in 1930"


© j3ffr33d0m / Reddit

2. "A bike made from recycled parts of an old Volkswagen Beetle"


© butterflypoo69 / Reddit

3. "I loved this carrot whip"


© occupiedbrain69 / Reddit

4. "A bag of sriracha sauce"


© EYELND / Reddit

5. "This cup is pretty cute anyway..."


© MiaMiaPP / Reddit

6. "Wall sockets with extensions recessed in the wall"


© meysammovahedi.com

7. "Forget the steel abs, it's time for bread abs"


© unbuggy / Reddit

8. "My vacuum cleaner displays the image of a tap when it is wet after cleaning so that I can know when it is completely dry"


© MichaelCG8 / Reddit

9. "A building in Amsterdam"


© DrFetusRN / Reddit

10. "I inherited this lamp from my sister. The Enea Ferrari Toucan lamp is the first plastic children's lamp."


© ChrissssToff / Reddit

11. "Three-in-one water tank: wheelchair accessible, with a tap for filling water bottles and a water bowl for dogs. Sydney, Australia"


© tedothedo / Reddit

12. "An impressive table apparently coming out of the ground"


© dips009 / Reddit

13. "A labyrinth of concentric circles on the back of the phone that adapts perfectly to headphones"

© AdmitOneOnly / Reddit

13. "The "safety glasses" I made for my wife's optometry office"

© alanbrendan / Reddit

14. "I found this table in the form of a bird quite impressive"

© ViddyDoodah / Reddit

15. "Corn's office

© germannutella / Reddit

16. "This bench can unfold into a table"

17. "Chairs in the shape of a tulip"

© DRmaxito43 / Reddit

18. "A suitcase that can measure its own weight"

© Rimbo90 / Reddit

19. Do you want to drink your coffee in a cup of teeth?

© HarmoniumSong / Reddit

Some people have the ability to imagine and innovate to create products that are very useful in everyday life, such as the selection we have just presented to you. However, there are other completely failed design projects that, in a totally incomprehensible way, have nevertheless been approved by their customers.

Cover photo HarmoniumSong / Reddit,occupiedbrain69 / Reddit

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