By YEET MAGAZINE | August 8, 2021, 6:09 AM

The health crisis particularly affects countries producing sneakers in Asia, to  the extent where  fear of shortage is growing  in the industry.

Will the Delta variant cause shortage of the sneakers in stores?

The outbreak of contaminations in several countries of Southeast Asia raises fears of a shortage, especially in the United States, reports Les Echos. Because the factories that produce these shoes, mainly in Vietnam and Bangladesh, have often had to close. To the point that several major brands are calling on the US government to provide health assistance to this region of the globe.

The countries concerned were relatively spared during the first waves of Covid-19, but the Delta variant and a lagging vaccination campaign have reshuffled the cards. With 8,000 new cases daily, Vietnam has had to tighten the sanitary screw. Nike, Adidas, Gap or Uniqlo factories have therefore had to close, specifies the daily.

In Bangladesh, some 10,000 patients are identified every day and only 2.5% of the population is vaccinated. Under pressure from lobbies, factories reopened at the beginning of August, when the textile industry is one of the country's main resources.

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Lobbies call on  Biden

“Vietnam is a key player in the textile, clothing and footwear sector with a world market share of 7.7%. These plant closures will therefore have repercussions at the global level. Added to this is the issue of congestion on transport lines from Southeast Asia.