Mark Wahlberg“, Instagram. “48-Yr-Old Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Insanely Chiseled Body After 45-Day Challenge: ‘Age Is Just A Number

Mark Wahlberg“, Instagram.
“48-Yr-Old Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Insanely Chiseled Body After 45-Day Challenge: ‘Age Is Just A Number

It sounds like a cliché, but it has been proven over and over by various people that age is just a number, especially when it comes to being physically fit.

Forty-eight-year-old Mark Wahlberg reminds us of this while showing off his insanely chiseled body.

How do some people grow old and frail while others maintain the youthfulness and vigor of their teens? This is the question Hollywood actor and all-round good guy Mark Wahlberg left us with after posting a picture on Instagram last month showing off his insanely chiseled body, with the caption, “F45 results 45-day Challenge. @f45_training #ageisjustanumber #nowine54days #cleaneating.”

The photo, which has since gone viral with over 1.2 million likes and 21K comments, shows the 48-year-old topless and in great shape for someone his age.

With finely toned biceps and abs that are carved to perfection, Wahlberg looks like a prime candidate on the “World’s Hottest Men” list or a runway model at the very least.

What has the internet buzzing is Wahlberg’s claim that age is just a number, and his very real photograph shutting down every social misconception about it.

The F45 in his post refers to the global community fitness community F45, which promotes innovative and high-intensity group workouts that provide rapid results.

No one was surprised when Wahlberg, a well-known fitness advocate, partnered with the F45 fitness group in November 2018.

F45 Training is a community-first training environment that provides support and assistance to people who want to achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Wahlberg was impressed by their workout routine, and he decided to become a part of the brand only after a few sessions.

You know that all your hard work at the gym has paid off when one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history — New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady — compliments you saying: We are looking for some skill players @markwahlberg.

The reply to this was: @tombrady let coach know I’m coming for that spot!

Keeping fit all life long
There has been so much said about regular exercise, healthy living, and keeping fit that it is impossible to find anyone who doesn’t know their advantages.

Experts agree that it’s never too late to get fit, no matter your age.

In fact, the older you get, the more you stand to benefit from regular exercise.

The older we get, the more sedentary we become, and this contributes to most health challenges older people face today.

A recent Swedish study found that physical activity was the number one contributor to longevity — even if you don’t start exercising until your senior years. [4]

Exercising helps boost your energy levels, manages your weight, protects your heart, and helps you maintain your independence the older you become.

Regular exercise is also good for your body, mind, emotions, and memory.

Health benefits of exercising

Helps you maintain or lose weight. As our metabolism slows down with age, it becomes more challenging to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercising helps boost our metabolism and burn more calories.

Reduces our vulnerability to diseases and illnesses.

Exercising improves our immune system, blood pressure, and digestive functioning.

This protects us from a wide range of diseases and certain cancers.

Enhances flexibility, mobility, and balance.

Exercising keeps you fit and healthy while ensuring that you remain limber and coordinated.

Strength training also helps people with debilitating illnesses like arthritis maintain their mobility.

Improves sleep. Being active helps us fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, and wake up more refreshed and energetic.

Does amazing things in the brain. Asides from boosting one’s mood and self-confidence, exercising also helps keep your mind sharp and active.

It promotes brain functions and can help prevent symptoms of cognitive decline, such as memory loss and dementia.


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