Celebrities Unrecognizable Without Makeup - Amazing Transformations

Discover the amazing transformations of celebrities when they go makeup-free. Explore how these stars become unrecognizable without makeup. Get insights into their natural beauty

Celebrities Unrecognizable Without Makeup - Amazing Transformations

Kylie Jenner

Discover Celebrities' Makeup-Free Transformations | Unrecognizable Without Makeup

it's undeniably clear that Kylie's selfie isn't genuinely makeup-free, as she still bears visible makeup. A central concern frequently raised when scrutinizing Kylie's appearance is the lingering suspicion that she might have undergone cosmetic enhancements. When she applies makeup, Kylie skillfully enhances her features, like refining her nose's appearance and creating fuller lips.

Pippa Middleton - Kate Middleton's sister

Pippa Middleton, as her surname indicates, is the younger sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Pippa Middleton gained worldwide fame as her sister's bridesmaid at the 2011 royal wedding. In a recent photo, she appears older despite a minor age gap. To maintain her youthful look, considering anti-aging skincare products is wise before wrinkles become hard to hide even with makeup.

RuPaul - RuPaul's Drag Race

Naturally, when an iconic drag queen like RuPaul posts a makeup-free selfie, it's a glamorous departure from the norm. The incredible transformation of André Charles, who once went by a different name, now radiates from this photo taken during a visit to San Francisco.

Anne Hathaway during unforgettable performance in "Les Misérables.

If you weren't an Anne Hathaway fan before 2012, watching "Les Misérables" will likely change that. Her transformation into Fantine, which included cutting her long hair, is truly remarkable. Even with a new look and probably less effort, she's still stunning.

Amal Clooney: The Barrister of Doughty Street Chambers.

Amal Clooney, the lawyer married to Hollywood star George Clooney, gained fame for her advocacy for Julian Assange. Her recent makeup-free appearance pleasantly surprised fans, showcasing her natural beauty and Hollywood allure. With impeccable fashion sense, she stands out as a stylish celebrity. This accomplished human rights attorney is also a proud parent of twins, Ella and Alexander.

Katherine Heigl's role in "Roswell."

The picture on the left makes it seem like paparazzi touched up their "unaltered" photos, but it's actually Katherine's naturally flawless complexion. Instead of envying her beauty, let's explore her skincare routine. Her radiant skin is truly a marvel. How does she achieve this with just mascara and blush?

Gigi Hadid's pictures in Vogue .

While someone with Gigi Hadid's bone structure and facial features might easily share a makeup-free selfie, Gigi rarely does so. Her Instagram predominantly showcases her impeccably dressed and flawlessly made-up looks. Makeup-free photos of her are a rarity.

Christina Aguilera in her"Back to Basics" Album cover.

Iconic pop star Christina Aguilera stunned fans by gracing the makeup-free cover of Paper magazine, showcasing her timeless beauty in her mid-thirties, complete with impeccable manicure.

Rosie Huntington -Whiteley - A Victoria's Secret Angel

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Favourite Budget Cleanser | BEAUTY/crew

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a Victoria's Secret Angel, takes the spotlight. The makeup-free Rosie looks strikingly youthful, but those vibrant red lips reveal her timeless beauty. Expect nothing less than flawless skin from a top-tier Victoria's Secret model. Perhaps one day, we'll uncover their skincare secrets.

Jessica Alba's Role in "Sin City.

Jessica Alba's purpose in sharing this selfie remains unclear. It's unlikely she intended to capture a glossy, reddened complexion. It seems like she might have had a run-in with hot water. Nevertheless, Jessica's natural beauty shines through even without enhancements.

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus shows that celebrities aren't flawless, highlighting how even movie stars deal with common issues like acne. In the picture, she embraces the world, imperfections and all.

Britney Spears in "Crossroads."

A singer's life on tour can be tough, even for superstars like Britney, who can suffer from sleep deprivation and skin-damaging habits. In this makeup-free selfie, Britney doesn't look her best, with dark circles, leftover makeup, and disheveled hair

Salma Hayek's Role in "Frida.

The stunning Salma Hayek, a successful actress and producer, has shown that she doesn't need heavy makeup to look beautiful. Even without prominent features like her eyes or bright red lips, she radiates natural beauty when she goes makeup-free.

Lady Gaga - Poker face

Lady Gaga's Signature Style: Thick Makeup and Bold Fashion. Fans Surprised by Her Makeup-Free, Everyday Look. Gaga Radiates Inner and Outer Beauty.

Melissa Rauch in "The Big Bang Theory."

Bernadette from "The Big Bang Theory," Melissa Rauch: Blonde, Green-Eyed, Youthful. Beauty Secrets Revealed: Skincare and Simple Makeup.

Jackie Kennedy - Former First Lady of the United States

Jackie Kennedy died in 1994, but she is still considered a fashion icon and one of the most stylish women in politics.

Her glorious wedding dress was made by fashion designer Ann Lowe. The model has received worldwide acclaim. Jackie will be remembered above all as a former First Lady of the United States. She unfortunately held the position only briefly, from 1961 until the assassination of her husband, John F. Kennedy, in 1963.

Janet Jackson - The Jacksons

Janet Jackson went from being a performer to becoming an amazing singer.

Even though she had her nose done, she didn't get as far as her late brother, Michael. You could tell Janet looks great with or without makeup on her face. The paparazzi have yet to have the chance to surprise her with a poorly groomed face.

Lorde - Pure Heroine

Lorde looks like a teenage girl when she's not wearing makeup.

Most people don't know the singer is still in her twenties. Lorde is one of those celebrities who hates edited photos of her. Indeed, she wants people to realize that it's normal to have blemishes like acne, scars and wrinkles.

Sarah Paulson - American Horror Story

In different seasons of the American Horror Stor series, we have the pleasure to admire many faces of actress Sarah Paulson.

Thus, we have the opportunity to see her pretty, ugly, neutral or scary. Despite a few wrinkles on her face, Sarah Paulson is adorable and we would like to see her more. No matter the show or the movie, its timeless look is to be copied without moderation.

Olivia Wilde - House MD

We would absolutely love to know more about Olivia's hair treatment.

It's not so to speak that the Hollywood actress is not beautiful, but we have to admit that her hair looks better in the photo on the right. The color and cut go so well with her red lips. Maybe she uses something special to wash her hair, or she has an amazing hairdresser.

Zooey Deschanel - 500 days summer*

This lovely lady looks so much younger without her foundation.

Zooey Deschanel is one of those women who breathe gets grace and elegance when she beautifies her face. With a more mature air, she adopts a lipstick that suits her very well. From comedy to drama, this eccentric actress has played several roles in her career. And even without the help of a beauty guru, she still looks awesome.

Kat Dennings - 2 Broke Girls

Only a few can resist the urge to stare at Kat Dennings lips. We love them with or without lipstick.

When the actress smiles, you can't help but smile. We also like her sense of humor in the "2 Broke Girls" series. Kat Dennings looks really pretty with no makeup on her face and is thought to be wearing makeup just for fun since her skin is perfect.

Liv Tyler - The Lord of the Rings

The paparazzi are in heaven after capturing this shot on the left that shows Lord of the Rings actress Liv Tyler looking ugly and tired.

There is no other explanation since she looks stunning with almost no makeup in the photo on the right. Her hair is shiny and her eyes are full of energy. We think Liv doesn't need much in her face to look pretty and she's really lucky. Even with all beauty products applied, many people cannot achieve such clear skin.

Princesse Beatrice - Big Change

Princess Beatrice of York is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth. She is now the eighth in contention for the crown of the British Royal Family.

In addition to her charity work, the princess, along with her sister Eugenie, is known for her daring dress style. The two young women are often seen in public wearing outfits that don't exactly conform to the code. But more recently, Princess Beatrice has been seen wearing more traditional attire for the royal reception at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. Without makeup, the Princess looks like your next door neighbor.

Heidi Klum - Germany's Next Topmodel

The whole world is always happy to see different top models from different countries.

Everyone would agree that Heidi Klum looks so gorgeous with or without makeup. It doesn't matter if she walks the streets with no makeup on or wears the latest foundation, she just looks good. In this photo, she looks like two drops of water like her own daughter.

Goldie Hawn - Cactus Flower

Academic award winner Goldie Hawn attracted a lot of attention when she appeared without makeup in public.

While comments have been mixed, the 70-year-old actress takes no shame about her appearance. She doesn't care about the opinions of others and is given kudos for her positive attitude.

Beyoncé - Destiny's Child & Great Solo Career

There is no style or outfit that Queen Bey cannot wear with ease.

Beyoncé continues to amaze her admirers around the world with her remarkable taste for fashion every time she takes the stage. When she's not wearing lipstick or powder, she still looks gorgeous. The star has many female fans who would like to be like her.

Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Legendary actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie obviously has a beauty secret.

It's thanks to this secret that she looks so stunning on and off the red carpet. The ultimate female symbol does not need cosmetics to keep her appearance beautiful when in public. Although she is going through difficult times in private, it still does not affect her natural beauty.

Susan Sarandon - Thelma & Louise

In 2016, Susan Sarandon made the buzz on the Internet when she decided to appear in People magazine without makeup.

The fabulous artist did not hide the effects of aging and every wrinkle on her face. These illustrate what she has lived and the path she has traveled.

Martha Stewart - Martha

When seen casually dressed and apparently not ready for a photoshoot, kitchen queen Martha Stewart smiled at reporters, showing she wasn't ashamed to be seen au naturel. It is obvious that the businesswoman manages to maintain her appearance, which many older women are unable to do.

Kate Hudson - Almost Famous

Kate Hudson's beautiful face is a pure example of freshness and natural beauty.

Like most women, the actress' first makeup consultant was her mother. It was the latter who taught him to take care of his body first and of his appearance. Kate Hudson uses water and the detox diet as a weapon. With a light pink lipstick and a splash of mascara, Hudson has a red carpet look without the effort.

Selma Blair - Hellboy

Even though she's a bad bachelor, actress Selma Blair is enjoying her 40s without showing any signs of wrinkles or eye bags.

She is a happy mom with her son and her happiness can be read well on her face. Her radiant skin is still a sensation even though the actress goes out without makeup. But when she decides to put on makeup, Selma Blair looks spectacular. Smokey eye makeup is perfect for her hazel eyes and her passion red lipstick makes her look confident.

Kristen Bell - Veronica Mars

Here, Kristen Bell shows herself in her natural best light by taking a makeup-free selfie next to her breakfast.

It is more than obvious to note that she adopts an effective anti-aging treatment and her advice to achieve this result is fundamental and significant. With radiant skin like hers, you should trust her advice.

Bethenny Frankel - Real Housewives of New York City

Many famous people like Bethenny Frankel are constantly questioned if they have gone under the knife.

Instead of denying all of these rumors, Frankel publicly admitted that she had undergone several cosmetic surgeries, including jaw reduction and Botox. These plastic treatments, combined with a good and careful dose of makeup, helped her project her facial features. With a bit of red on her cheekbones and lips and stylish eye makeup, she's all set for the Oscars.

Busy Philipps - Dawson's Creek

The cardio dance class was a first step for Busy Philipps to improve her body and appearance.

As her first name suggests, the actress is constantly busy and she has made an effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And although it's hard to believe, her face and skin have been positively affected by this new way of life. Her beauty routine consists of only the bare essentials, with highlighting sticks, mascara and gel to darken the eyebrows. Philipps looks a hundred times more fabulous with full face makeup and color on her lips.

Ariel Winter - Modern family

When we look at Ariel Winter, we only think of stealing her glamorous look.

It's completely understandable, as the star knows how to showcase her features and turn heads. Obviously she uses effective contouring techniques to draw angles on her round face and make it a little more symmetrical. She finishes it off with black and gold eye shadow, false lashes and a peach lipstick.

Mariah Carey - We belong together

Mariah Carey is famous for her magnificent five-octave voice.

She is also known for her charming character, her seductive appearance, which makes her own style. Over the years, her fans have witnessed changes to her face and body. They came to the conclusion that Mariah had undergone facelifts to stay young. Her makeup has also changed over time. The Grammy-winning diva is now opting for light makeup to highlight her face.

Lili Reinhart - Riverdale

There is nothing more frustrating than being 21 and suffering from acne.

But if you are Lili Reinhart, you assume and show no sign of complex. The Riverdale actress knows how to highlight her skin naturally, but she also manages to cover her breakouts by applying her makeup in a softer and more natural way. Concealer, highlighter, and lipstick are her best friends. Small brushes are also part of his collection and are used to get rid of excess. She shares through her makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Sara Sampaio - A Victoria Secret Model

Since she is one of the Victoria's Secret angels, Sara Sampaio must have access to many top brand cosmetics.

A top model's duty is to maintain an impeccable and lasting look. Looks like the 27-year-old Portuguese beauty has the skills of a makeup artist, as she knows how to highlight her full lips and hydrate her radiant skin and all while applying mascara perfectly.

Kaitlyn Bristowe - The Bachelorette

Being the daughter of a ballet dancer can spark artistic genes in itself and make your way onto Broadway.

This is the case for Kaitlyn Bristowe. When it comes to standing in front of the camera, it's important to go through some serious makeup sessions. The result of a 2 month Broadway experience turned out to be a bit detrimental to Bristowe's face. This is evidenced by this makeup-free selfie she posted on social media.

Doutzen Kroes - A Victoria Secret Angel

Doutzen Kroes is another Victoria's Secret model. The Dutch beauty is a fan of regular facials.

Indeed, she finds it essential to take care of her skin. Kroes says she is able to apply foundation on her own, but still prefers to leave it to the professionals. The pretty goddess with blue eyes loves the "Smoky eyes" style. She loves moisturizers and sunscreens and applies them even in the dead of winter.

Elizabeth Banks - The Hunger Games

Due to her busy schedule, Elizabeth Banks doesn't have time for heavy makeup.

Thus, she prefers to save her time to make up her eyes and lips with neutral colors. The star of the movie "Hunger Games" considers skin care a priority. Even without makeup, she is simply stunning.

Ashley Tisdale - High School Musical

She played Sharpay in the hit musical "High School Musical". Ashley Tisdale has flawless skin.

With her lucky genes, she never needed an acne cure. Besides cinema and singing, the star is also interested in makeup. She was ready to share this with her fans by setting up an online makeup store named Illuminate Cosmetics. She promotes certain products like eye and cheek palettes.

Aly Raisman - Gymnast and Olympian

In addition to focusing on their health and fitness, gymnasts must also have a crisp and sparkling appearance.

When Olympic athlete Aly Raisman is off duty, she lets her skin breathe without applying any makeup. Even though she only wears a layer of sunscreen on her face, Aly Raisman is all stunning. She is proud of it since she does not hesitate to publish photos of herself on social networks.

Sarah Hyland - Modern Family

Even without makeup and without a filter, Sarah Hyland is still beautiful.

The young Modern Family star is a strong believer in healthy living and inner serenity. The constant application of makeup is a stressful procedure for the skin. However, looking at this gorgeous girl with green eyes wearing her lipstick and eyeliner, one would like to do the same to look so good.

Eva Longoria - Desperate Housewives

Known for her hot and vaporous allure, Eva Longoria is a true Latin bombshell who has managed to make her place in Hollywood, who would never appear without a careful application of makeup.

So when she posted this bare-faced photo on a trip to India, we were quite surprised. While the look wouldn't ruin her, we hardly recognized her and we wonder if any Indian fans recognized her?

Camila Alves - model and designer

Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves is a Brazilian model with an exotic look and a great sense of style.

Camila Alves isn't afraid to walk around without makeup, as she favors style over looks. With her glowing and soft skin, it looks like she has just come out of a spa treatment. Curly lashes and passionate red lipsticks are truly flattering when applied to a woman's face. Camila is one of those women who can absolutely rock this kind of look.

Kristin Cavallari - Laguna Beach: The Hills

Kristin Cavallari never needed an extreme makeover to look beautiful.

She is a real beauty, even in her most natural state. When she's not in front of the camera, she doesn't apply any makeup to let her skin breathe. Indeed, like many stars, she finds it very tiring to apply makeup and powder her face every day. When she wants to highlight her face, she simply applies foundation, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

Tori Spelling - Beverly Hills, 90210

Mother of 5, Tori Spelling must feel tired all the time.

However, her face and skin show otherwise. The Beverly Hills 90210 star has a secret recipe and it boils down to two words: Nu Skin. Her personal skin care and beauty cosmetics site has everything a woman could dream of.

Jourdan Dunn - Maybelline New York

When you are in your twenties and a professional model you will look stunning in any outfit and Jourdan Dunn is one example.

By using the right care products for her skin, she doesn't need mascara or powder to look beautiful. This photo of her getting out of bed early in the morning proves it.

Jane Fonda - Coming home

When we look at this photo of Jane Fonda, we can see what a natural beauty looks like.

There have been many rumors that the actress has undergone plastic surgery in order to maintain her appearance. Fonda has never confirmed this information and at the age of 80 she is still breathtakingly beautiful.

Cindy Crawford - Supermodel for Versace & Chanel

With a career spanning over thirty years, Cindy Crawford is one of the most famous figures in the modeling world.

His many talents have earned him a fortune reaching $ 100 million. Today, she is proud to have two children, including her daughter Kaia Gerber. The latter followed in her mother's footsteps by becoming a successful model. One thing is certain, we can see where it gets its beauty.

Ashley Graham - Elle & Vogue Covers

Ashley Graham started her modeling career in the 2000s.

Now she works with the biggest names in the fashion industry such as Levi's, Vogue, Elle, and Glamor. Most recently, Graham blew her fans away with a photo of her without any cosmetic supplements on her face.

Bar Refaeli - Sports Illustrated Superstar Swimsuit

Born and raised in Israel, Bar Refaeli began her career as an actress and model in her native country.

She is one of those rare celebrities who have no problem posting pictures of herself without makeup on her social media accounts. With such a pretty face, she has every right to.

Ciara - Goodies Album

Ciara became a star in the early 2000s with her album Goodies. She quickly acquired the status of a world star.

Her fans on social media have often had the opportunity to see faceless makeup. She amazed many of her fans with her beautiful flawless skin. At the time these photos were taken, Ciara was pregnant. This is probably the reason why she is so radiant.

Gina Rodriguez - Jane the Virgin

Gina Rodriguez is in her thirties. She has already made a name for herself in Hollywood by playing several major roles during her long career.

In the summer of 2015, the actress gave her fans a picture of herself without makeup and with a beautiful smile, showing what looks like with natural beauty.

Lupita Nyong’o – Black Panther

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o is known for her bold makeup choices, especially when it comes to her lipstick shades.

But that doesn't mean she isn't beautiful enough to appear in public without makeup. Her natural glow is refreshing and she doesn't need beauty products to hide her natural skin.

Julianne Hough – Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the star contestant Julianne Hough showed off her beautiful skin while on vacation with husband Brooks Laich.

The pretty blonde posted photos of her couple on her social media accounts. She surprised many fans by revealing how gorgeous she looks with a tan and not a single trace of makeup.

Hilary Duff - Lizzie McGuire

Hillary Duff struggled with a few extra pounds after giving birth.

Through exercise and a good diet, she was able to get her body back in shape to match her beautiful makeup-free face which she proudly showed off on her Instagram profile. The new mom has ad skin.

Alicia Silverstone - Looser

In her forties, actress Alicia Silverstone is still as fascinating as ever, displaying a beautiful and natural look, which can make her young colleagues jealous.

When she posted a photo of herself without makeup, she got a lot of positive comments regarding her appearance.

Nicole Richie - Kids in America

A famous television personality and fashion designer, Nicole Richie has been in the entertainment business long enough to have experience with appearances.

Nevertheless, Lionel Ritchie's daughter had no problem showing off without makeup, as she is obviously well aware of the beauty of her skin. Many women her age no doubt take her as a role model.

Allison Williams - Girls

Allison Williams is only 30 years old and she still has plenty of time to show off her talents over the years.

What's most admirable about her is that she doesn't really have a problem with her natural look. Williams has also joined in the no-makeup celebrity snapshot game. She seems to have this kind of skin that could easily push back wrinkles.

Kim Zolciak - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Today, Zociak is in her forties. Recently, she posted a picture of herself without makeup on the internet and showed the world that she is still a giddy even after so many years. What is her anti-aging formula? We wonder.

Milla Jovovovich - Resident Evil

Cute or stunning? Milla Jovovovich sits in between.

This actress still looks so gorgeous even without makeup.We can't help but look at her cute smile in the photo on the left. With the help of a makeup artist, she went from a young woman with a natural look to a real star of the red carpet. The heroine Resident Evil's blue eyes are gorgeous, but there's no denying that those red lips are spellbinding.

Gwen Stefani - The sweet escape

Most of her fans love to see Gwen Stefani with her red lipstick on.

The singer has a flawless look without putting anything on her face. There is just something that makes this singer an icon. Red makeup goes well with almost anything and her blonde hair is just the icing on the cake. Looking at her natural skin, we don't even know if she needs foundation.

Diane Kruger - Troy

Raise your hand if you remember this beauty from the movie "Troy".

With her long wavy hair, Diane Kruger is blessed with impeccable beauty. We know she wore makeup in the movie, even she didn't look like it. The actress took our breath away with her natural face and we understand why her face was chosen by several brands to represent their products. Her skin is superb!

Boy George - Karma Cameleon

It's 2018, now we know beauty isn't just for girls. Culture Club singer Boy George proved it.

For a long time, he amazed more than one person with his beautiful face. Some people say the singer is unrecognizable without makeup and we have to admit we love his iconic look more than a bare face.

Emmy Rossum - Shameless

Do you see the difference between the two images above?

We just see that the star is wearing a different outfit by opting for pink lipsticks. Is Emmy Rossum wearing foundation here? We probably don't know, because she has absolutely flawless skin. It is not known if celebrities have any beauty secrets they keep away from the rest of the world or if they are lucky. If so, would you be kind enough to share, Emmy?

Kesha - Tik Tok

Every once in a while, we meet a celebrity who looks as flawless without makeup as she does with.

In Kesha's case, her makeup-free face resembles that of a 16-year-old girl. Either way, it can be said that his face could make early retirement possible.

Naomi Watts - King Kong

Naomi Watts' blonde hair, blue eyes and rosy complexion combine to create the look of a Hollywood and big screen actress.

It was reassuring for those who are not blessed by nature to see that the actress is not so perfect without wearing makeup. It turns out that stars need to invest a lot of money to stay beautiful and attractive.

Lindsay Lohan - Mean Girls

Lindsey Lohan has had a checkered past. Child star Lindsey made the transition to adulthood with a few bumps along the way.

She moved from fighting alcoholism to charity work in Turkey. So we were relieved to see her looking good in this beach photo. We even think she looks better without the makeup.

Carrie Underwood - American Idol

It is sometimes difficult to equate the look on the red carpet of some celebrities with their style "at home".

Country star Carrie Underwood certainly does. Again, a celebrity is seen here in the middle of the workout. She looks rougher proving that it is important to train to be on top of fame.

Alicia Keys - Girl on fire

Ever since Alicia Keys swore she wouldn't wear full makeup in 2016, her fans around the world have been amazed at how beautiful she looks naturally and without any artifice.

We would like to follow her lead, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have flawless, glowing skin. However, if anyone were to launch a fundraising campaign to deliver Alicia's beauty secret to the general public, we would definitely help.

Amy Schumer - BN

One wonders if Amy Schumer took inspiration from her latest movie “I Feel Pretty” to confidently post makeup-free selfies on Instagram.

In this photo, she compares to Chris Jericho, a WWE wrestler. With this angle in mind, we have to agree that she isn't going to age badly if she continues with her facial routine.

Sofia Vergara - Modern family

There aren't many people in this world who are lucky enough to look like a mermaid like Sofia Vergara.

However, the actress' appearance in front of the camera is totally different from her backstage. With puffy eyes and flushed cheeks, the actress looked quite normal for most people with a high fever.

Kelly Clarkson - American Idol

Some people on this list are born looking good without putting in the slightest effort.

Others are like Kelly Clarkson being born with the voice of an angel. With a powerful voice, the singer looks absolutely stunning in this no-makeup selfie with her daughter River Rose.

Nicki Minaj - Pink print

It didn't take a long time for the Trinidadian-American rapper to go from being an ultra-masculine rapper to a real star with a very feminine look.

Apparently, it only takes a shower to turn Nicki Minaj into a completely normal girl. Although we appreciate seeing her naturally, it was still a shock for most of her fans who are used to seeing her wearing makeup.

Katy Perry - Teenage dreams

Katy Perry has changed her look over the years to suit her tastes.

In each of them, she was absolutely breathtaking. Of course, the star went to great lengths to appear as original as possible. The singer couldn't have expected Russell Brand, her husband at the time, to post her bare face on Twitter. The actor immediately deleted the post, but the tabloids grabbed it and the image is still in circulation today.

Taylor Swift - Reputation

It's amazing how some of our favorite celebrities look so different without the meticulous use of cosmetics.

Just compare the photo of singer Taylor Swift before and after makeup. She shows a much softer demeanor compared to the fierce personality she has on camera. The singer really needs eyelash extensions because her eyes are very soft naturally. But other than that, his face doesn't seem to have any other flaws.

Meryl Streep - Iron lady

Meryl Streep has been denied a role in Hollywood before.

Around this time, she was told by so many people that she would never be successful in the movie industry because of her face. The star also looks stunning with or without makeup and having confidence in herself, she has become one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood. Her freckles make her gorgeous and a little makeup makes her look jaw-dropping.

Reese Witherspoon - Legaly blonde

We love this blonde. Whether it's for her on-screen performance or her timeless look, Reese Witherspoon is always on top.

Blonde hair and blue eyes are a haunting combination that is hard to resist. Even though the actress is approaching her mid-forties, she seems to have always kept her appearance in the film Legally Blonde, released in 2001.

NeNe Leakes - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNeNe Leakes certainly has the most perfect celebrity smile.

Even in this photo where she is not wearing makeup, she still looks so lovely. Her pretty teeth save her from any criticism. She only needs pink lipstick, foundation, blush, perfectly shaped eyelash extensions and eyebrows to look stunning.

Bella Hadid - Coming home with Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a real beauty with her flawless skin that she hides under a good layer of makeup.

This is revealed when she posts a photo of herself without putting anything on her face Hadid suffers from Lyme disease, as do her brother, Anwar, and her mother, Yolanda. She needs to take care of her health, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying life to the fullest.

Cara Delevingne - Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne is an undisputed winner of elegant and girlys looks.

Her blonde hair goes perfectly with her brown eyebrows. With her piercing blue eyes, she is the ideal actress for the role of Enchantress in the film Suicide Squad. But naturally, her face clearly shows marks and lines.

Sofia Richie - Model

Sofia Richie is just a teenager at the moment.

Her youthful, flawless skin is sure to be the envy of older models around the world. Sofia has shown that even though she has her hair in a ponytail or not wearing makeup, she still looks so stunning. It is for this reason that she has already worked with major brands such as Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger.

Bella Thorne - Celebrity in love

Suffering from cystic acne, Bella Thorne has opened up about her difficulties leaving her home over fears that paparazzi will take pictures of her without make up.

Realizing that other people are suffering from the same condition, instead of being ashamed, she chose to put her face in the open. If you look at the star's face long enough, you realize that her tasks are easy to ignore. What is truly remarkable is the raw beauty of the former Disney Channel star.

Camila Mendes - Riverdale

The star, who stars as Veronica Lodge in the hit teen drama Riverdale, is envious of many young girls with her effortless style without make up.

We are also very curious about his skin care routine to have his flawless appearance. Apparently, all it takes is a foaming facial cleanser, rose water tonic, goat's milk eye balm, and a few restorative oils to keep her skin healthy and fresh.

Chrissy Teigen - Lip Sync Battle

The famous wife of singer John Legend, model Chrissy Teigen looks rather ordinary without makeup.

Not only does she have a very generic face, which is a good thing, as it allows her to change her looks as she sees fit, but she also has a fairly broad forehead. The latter can be attenuated by an appropriate hairstyle. Chrissy Teigen married Legend in 2013 and the couple have two children together.

Laverne Cox - Orange is the new black

LGBT actress and lawyer Laverne Cox has been a very important figure in the transgender community.

She has achieved many premieres, including a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for her work on the hit Netflix series "Orange is the New Black".

Considering her impeccable appearance, Cox is seen to be a prolific consumer of cosmetics. Although, judging by her flawless natural look, she doesn't seem like she really needs it.

Louise Thompson - Made in Chelsea

We give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

And Louise Thompson is to be congratulated on her flawless skin without make up .

This is obviously the result of certain skin care products. But Louise Thompson obviously hasn't done much to cover up her bags and dark circles. Since she's only in her twenties, things are only going to get worse if she doesn't intervene quickly.

Binky Felstead - Made in Chelsea

Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead has been appearing on the Made In Chelsea TV show since 2011, which has seen her achieve worldwide fame.

Her natural face is very proportional to the size of her forehead and chin. But her eyes look best when she wears false eyelashes.

Holly Willoughby - This Morning

No one shows off the power of makeup better than Holly Willoughby from the TV show This Morning.

The actress is naturally beautiful and the makeup only makes her face more beautiful. Indeed, with the right brush strokes, a thick stroke and a pretty hairstyle, Holly turns into a real goddess. Photographers love to take prolific photos of her. The 37-year-old English model and presenter has been married to producer Daniel Baldwin since 2007.

Nina Dobrev - The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev, who played the role of Elena Gilbert in "The Vampire Diaries", is an embodiment of raw, natural beauty. On June 21, 2018, on National Autonomy Day, Nina posted a photo of herself on her Twitter account without make up.

Sweaty after a workout, she encouraged her fans to do the same in order to show a more human side on social media. Well, it's easy for Nina because she is lucky to have beautiful features. For many of us, unfiltered selfies will have to wait.

Alyssa Milano - Charmed

On the occasion of the national selfie holiday, Alyssa Milano, known for her role as Phoebe Halliwell on the Charmed show, decided to reveal her face without the slightest trace of makeup.

We find that it is a real photo, without special effects, because there are marks visible on the face of the actress. However, one cannot believe that she just woke up to see her impeccable hairstyle.

Michelle Monaghan - Mission Impossible

Even at 42, the actress who appeared in the next episode of the Mission Impossible franchise clearly has nothing to hide on her face.

It is quite sure that she does not need an anti-aging product at all since she has such fresh and radiant skin without make up.

Yara Shahidi - Black ish

It's hard to believe Yara Shahidi wasn't wearing lip balm when she took this photo.

While the lip balm isn't technically makeup, so she's right that she's a no-nonsense selfie. This star is only 18 years old. She is now one of the actors in his spinoff series called Grown-ish. We are happy to see that she has grown into such a confident young woman who is not afraid to show off her natural beauty.

Dua Lipa - New rules

Dua Lipa's lower lip is only accentuated by applying lipstick, but she wasn't afraid to show us what she looks like without putting anything on her face.

Lipa is becoming more aware of her public image, as celebrities have done over the years. In the 21st, the singer remains true to herself. That said, it's hard to ignore the power of professional makeup.

Jessica Simpson - Sheriff, do me little

It's hard to recognize the bare-faced Jessica Simpson because we've always seen her with makeup on.

For someone as talented as her, whether an actress or a singer, it is quite difficult to distinguish her public persona from her real persona. For this reason, it was ignored to his true appearance in real life. The only beauty accessories she really needs are false eyelashes.

Tracee Ellis Ross - Black-ish

Daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross, Tracee has lived in the limelight.

After starring on the Girlfriends show and now on Black-ish, Tracee has proven time and time again that she is a phenomenal actress. Today, the actress doesn't care about the wrinkles that appear on her forehead from all those frowns. But once these wrinkles appear, we can bet that she will not be able to come out without make up.

Irina Shayk - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Russian model Irina Shayk is in her thirties. Now, it's time for her to get the proper rejuvenating skincare products to take care of her pretty face and keep it from aging, if she hasn't already.

Even without makeup, she exudes enough emotion to melt the hearts of her fans. It is for this reason that she became the first Russian model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011.

Nicole Scherzinger - Pussycat dolls

Nicole Scherzinger, singer of The Pussycat Dolls, established herself as a pop icon who rose to fame with her voice and looks.

But when it came to displaying a selfie without makeup, Scherzinger didn't hesitate to stand in front of the camera. She posted her best smile on her Instagram photo. Even at forty, her skin looks very young.

Anna Kendrick - Pitch Perfect

The Cups song comes to mind every time we watch actress Anna Kendrick. She caused a stir with her role in the movie Pitch Perfect.

We can't help Anna look more beautiful without makeup. It's not that she isn't gorgeous in makeup, but there is so much innocence in her eyes when she isn't wearing mascara. Plus, with a bare face, she certainly doesn't look so serious.

Ava Phillippe - A Model

While the world is still focused on Reese Witherspoon and her aging, we think it's time to turn our attention to her daughter Ava Phillippe who has clearly taken on all of her mother's best features without make up.

Indeed, she has the same defined chin and the magnificent complexion of her mom Of course, Witherspoon had to give her all the vitamins and supplements that she needed while growing up, which paid off since she is absolutely beautiful without applying anything to the face.

Jenna Dewan - Moving Forward

Jenna Dewan has come a long way. She began her career as a choreographer for singers such as Janet Jackson, Pink and Missy Elliot, before landing the role of Nora Clark in the hit dance film "Step Up" in 2006.

The actress married costar Channing Tatum in 2009 and the couple are the parents of a baby girl. Dewan is certainly a fantastic model for her child as she isn't afraid to post a photo of her face without makeup on social media.

Cameron Diaz - Charlie's Angels

Cameron Diaz knows how to take care of her skin. It's hard not to say that she looks better without make up.

Make no mistake, as the Charlie's Angels star looks stunning with her natural face. There is something refreshing about her gaze when she is not wearing anything on her face. Imagine waking up, going to the kitchen, seeing her smile at you, she wouldn't make your morning 10 times better?

Marilyn Manson - Son of Anarchy

By far the weirdest celebrity on this list is Marilyn Manson.

What we find interesting is her makeup-free transformation for the show "Eastbound and Down". Marilyn is barely recognizable without artifice and it's hard to know which version is the scariest.

Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman

Taking on the role of Wonder Woman was an epic task that caused Gal Gadot's net worth to climb by a few million.

Although the success was not easy, it required a grueling training regimen and a change in diet. It seems that being a mom too is the real challenge for the star, as shown in her makeup-free selfie. Gal is a natural beauty, but being woken up all night by a colicky baby would make anyone look sad and exhausted.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Iron Man

When Gwyneth decides to make a splash in Hollywood, she presents a flawless face to the world.

However, Gwyn devotes most of her time to Goop, her online trademark. Although his brand has been criticized several times for unscientific claims, the value of his stock does not appear to be affected.

Kate Upton - The Stopover

Kate Upton scared more than one internet user when she posted this makeup-free selfie.

This Sports Illustrated model is anything but simple. She adopts a steamy look and golden locks that we would remortgage our house for. However, without makeup, she looks more like an "ordinary schoolgirl" than a "50s pin-up."

Adele - 19

Adèle prefers to focus on drama and glamor, rather than naturalness or sobriety.

So it was quite a change to see the singer without even a drop of eyeliner on her Instagram selfie in 2016. If some people cross her on the streets, they would certainly trade in their heirlooms for that flawless complexion.

Katie Holmes - Dawson's Creek

Katie Holmes went from being a Girl Next Door to being a Hollywood A-lister. Studios have given everything to make her participate in their projects.

However, that candid photo of Katie on the set of Mania Days in 2013 is enough to scare off any casting directors. Fortunately, this was a temporary mistake and Katie returned to her glamorous personality as seen at the New York premiere of The Tick in 2017.

Sharon Stone - Basic instinct

Sharon Stone's career rose to the top when she starred in Basic Instinct in 1992.

Her blonde bombshell character became an icon of the era, thanks to her excellent figure and natural beauty nmake up. Yet 25 years later, this no-makeup selfie proves time has taken its toll on her face. Fortunately, today's makeup can work wonders. With a little help, Sharon Stone still manages to look gorgeous on the red carpet.

Perrie Edwards - Little Mix

Part of the girl group Little Mix, Perrie Edwards wears makeup on stage almost all the time.

When she posted this selfie while on a vacation trip, fans were amazed at how beautiful she is, even though her face was bare.

Emilia Clarke - Game of thrones

Emilia Clarke is another Hollywood celebrity who looks good with or without makeup.

Her eyes and lips seem to be some of the best assets she has. Clarke is best known for her role in the "Game of Thrones" series.

Gabrielle Union - Bad boys

Gabrielle Union is the very image of African-American sensuality and beauty. She always flaunts a flawless look for her onscreen roles.

But when Gabrielle Union took off her makeup to take this selfie, natural lighting showed the spots on her face. Who would have thought that she had freckles under all these outlines.

Beverley Mitchell - 7th Heaven

We have come to know and love Beverley Mitchell for her role in the 7th Heaven series.

So it's a shock to see her without makeup and stripped of all her artifices. She sure pays her makeup artist to give her a glowing complexion on the red carpet. For those with skin problems, it is quite relieving that even actresses can get pimples.

Fearne Cotton - Celebrity Juice & Top of the Pops

TV presenter Fearne Cotton shows off a wrinkle or two when she has no makeup on, but she still has a youthful glow.

Seeing her flawless complexion, can you honestly tell that she already looks like a mother of two?

Samantha Faiers - The Only Way Is Essex

Samantha Faiers is a reality TV star who is best known for appearing on shows like "The Only Way Is Essex" and "Celebrity Big Brother".

Samantha always shares selfies without makeup. Every now and then she claims that she feels hurt every time people accuse her of having cosmetic surgery.

Michelle Keegan - Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan joined the #NoMakeupSelfie campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The campaign urges people to donate money for the fight against cancer in the UK. Michelle has received criticism for her photo, because a lot of people have noticed that she is still wearing makeup.

Caggie Dunlop - Made in Chelsea

Caggie Dunlop is best known for her appearance on the soap opera Made In Chelsea.

Dunlop's tan in the photo above really showcased her natural beauty. She no longer stars in reality shows because she is trying to be successful in the music industry.

Kim Kardashian - Keeping up with the Kardashians

The photo of Kim Kardashian with her no makeup face above was clear before she went to the surgery box.

She almost looks unrecognizable without make up , but that's good because today she looks like a real goddess displaying flawless skin and a luminous complexion. Kim Kardashian has launched her own brand of cosmetics.

Mollie King - The Saturdays: 24/7

Mollie King is another celebrity we are used to seeing with a ton of makeup on their face.

With her natural eyebrows and seemingly pore-free, large skin, she is certainly the perfect candidate to star in a beauty product commercial without make up .

Caroline Flack - Love Island

TV presenter Caroline Flack always wears winged eyeliner, which characterizes her own style.

It was refreshing to see her posting a selfie showing her natural face and her eyes looking just as beautiful without makeup. One wonders if she has a miracle cure for acne-free skin.

Jessie J - Flashlight

Singer Jessie J is known for her intense eye makeup. So, with nothing on her face, she really does look like a whole different person.

Some might even say that she looks younger without makeup.

Kaia Gerber -Model

Kaia Gerber is a real raw beauty. She can't help but post pictures of her gorgeous face on social media, which has garnered her well-deserved attention from netizens.

But Kaia Gerber is only 16 years old and can only take care of her face with natural skin care products, unlike many of us who have to use more aggressive products to stay young.

Lucy Watson - Made in Chelsea

Lucy Watson is another beauty from the “Made In Chelsea” reality show.

She posted this selfie after a workout and it's safe to say that she's one of those people who benefits from a post-workout. Watson is a vegan activist and plans to open her own vegan restaurant.

Candice Swanepoel - Victoria's Secret

When you're a Victoria's Secret model like Candice Swanepoel, people expect you to look pretty 24/7.

Candice is fortunate to be naturally beautiful. She looks radiant and fresh even before the makeup touches her face.

Suki Waterhouse - The Divergent Series: Insurgent.

Suki Waterhouse is an actress known for her roles in films like Love, Rosie and The Divergent Series: Insurgent.

She looks very different without makeup and looks like she has been in need of a teeth whitening session for a long time.