An ‘Eat the rich’ hashtag Has Been Trending On Both Twitter And TikTok.

An ‘Eat the rich’ hashtag Has Been Trending  On Both Twitter And TikTok.

It’s An Opportunity To Question The Real Meaning Of The Superficial Digital Culture We’re All Stuck In.

A New 'Eat the Rich' Plan Asks You to Unfollow Your Favorite Celebrities and Corporations

Ever thought the Cultural, Social, Economic, Security, Psychological & Health Implications of the growth of the Digital World?

'Eat the Rich' campaign against celebrity influencers goes viral on TikTok

There is no doubt  that the Digital Culture is part of our life and  so is deeply rooted in our collective consciousness , so much that we cannot ignore it.

‘Eat the rich’: TikTokers want you to unfollow your fave celebs

For those of you who might not know what that means here are the key elements of  a Digital Culture

Abundance of information with billions of pieces of content that shapes social consciousness about issues & all other aspects of life.

Understanding the collective mindset of people & their aspirations is part of a digital society is exactly what artificial intelligence ( AI) aspires to make possible.

Virtual interactions between people are leading to Identity & Personality  formation & the distinctions between what is real & what is virtual is blurring.

The trend of social media influencers - Mega, Macro, Micro, Advocates, Referrers & Loyalists is part of digital culture, whether one likes it or not.  

If this trend helps distribute wealth created by Big Platforms among its users then its great.

The psychological, behavioural & security implications of
digital culture need individual & societal controls

An Influencer has gone viral. Who is Next?