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To make up your eyes easily, you just need to know the right gestures and reproduce them at home. Thanks to our makeup tutorials, you will enhance your blue, green or brown eyes in a few minutes . The smoky will no longer hold any secrets for you, as will the eyeliner technique . If you wear glasses and you never know how to wear makeup to enhance your look , follow our tips.

50 ways to apply eyeliner

The best celebrity eye makeup

20 ideas for brown eye  makeup

 30 ways to wear smoky-eyes like a celebrity  

15 eye-popping palettes  20 ideas to make up blue eyes

How to apply eye makeup like a celebrity

Makeup is an art that enhances any face. One of the most important elements in makeup is the work of eye shadow. But it is not always easy to tame. Here are the inspirations of the moment to highlight your look.

Influencers love green makeup

How to do makeup when you have blue eyes?

Fragile and delicate, blue eyes are an asset that many women dream of possessing. Yes, but here it is. If in terms of make-up, they can afford almost anything, beware of bad taste.

Blue eyes can be adorned with a multitude of colors. The desired effect guides the choice. To bring out the blue of the eyes, nothing like a complementary color as an eye shadow. An orange make-up applied to the mobile eyelid and embellished with a line of brown pencil ensures a sustained gaze. To lighten blue eyes, opt for dark shades that create contrast: gray, black, purple or even brown, it's all in the dosage.

Make Up Tutorial Video : How To Do Your Eye Makeup in 3 Simple Steps

It's not always easy to know how to properly make up your eyes to highlight them. Makeup for blue, green, brown eyes, perfect eyeliner or smoky-eyes... Here's everything you need to know to become a pro.

How to do makeup  when you have brown eyes?

From black brown to green brown via hazelnut, the shades of brown are multiple. Gone are the days when brown eyes were accented with brown eyeshadow. We break the codes and dare to use warmer shades: greys, black, purples, but also bronze, copper or gold, brown eyes dress in warmth and indulgence. On the contrary, other shades are to be banned from the make-up bag, such as green or silver which will have the effect of cooling the look or even pastel colors which leave an impression of blandness.

How to do makeup when you have green eyes?

Green  eyes  are less common than blue or brown eyes. To enhance your look, you have to choose the right colors of eyeshadow and eyeliner. The complementary color of green being red, all tones of this shade will awaken the irises of green eyes. To make green eyes stand out, opt for complementary colors. The face is a canvas on which the chromatic circle is applied! Highlighting green eyes is done with pink, plum, purple, copper, glossy brown eyeshadow... All colors directly or indirectly related to red, the complementary color of green. Attention, no real red on the eyes! We also forget the gray that turns off the look. Green eye makeup can be alternately soft and natural by opting for pink and brown, gourmand with copper tones or sexy with a bold plum color. Most ? A line of burgundy eyeliner that perfectly highlights green eyes.

How to apply eyeliner?

It's not always easy to master eyeliner, but not impossible. You just need to learn the technique and do the right moves. With practice, you will get there easily!

The smoky-eyes, step by step

A chic, sexy and mysterious make-up, smoky-eyes have become one of the essential make-up techniques for a few years now. To be adopted day and night, this new make-up trend which consists of surrounding the eye with a halo of dark and degraded colors, gives the eyes a guaranteed smoky effect, while emphasizing the gaze for the most attractive eyes.

The black smoky-eyes are undoubtedly the most emblematic and known of all, yet for a few months we have been witnessing more colorful smoky-eyes, especially on the catwalks of the big houses. From plum to blue passing through gold, its bright colors illuminate the eyes.

How to do eye makeup when you have when you wear glasses?

Glasses have become real fashion accessories in the same way as a jewel that enhances the eyes. No question, therefore, of depriving yourself of makeup, provided you stay in the right tone. As a general rule, if you wear corrective glasses, it is because you have vision problems. The best, therefore, is to adopt a quick and effective make-up to be sure not to miss: " I advise wearers of glasses to use two colors to apply with the finger. A dark shade for the mobile eyelid and a a lighter shade on the fixed eyelid, emphasizing the brow bone,” explains Annabelle Papinni, Guinot - Mary Cohr training director.



What's the Best Makeup Palette ?

What are the best palette brands?

The Best Eye Palettes: What is the best eye palette?

Here are the best palettes for green eyes : Huda Beauty New Nude

Palette . Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette . Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
What is the best eye palette?  Which palette to start with?When you're just starting out, makeup palettes with a multitude of low-cost shadows are a good option for taming the shades with which you'll be most comfortable. The Nocibé Like Palette and its 176 colors or the ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette are all indicated.

Which makeup palette to choose?

Which palette to start with?

What is the best eyeshadow brand?

The Best Eyeshadows

1SEPROFE Eyeshadow Palette ...See on Amazon
2Maybelline New York – Eyeshadow Palette ...See on Amazon
3ONLYOILY 16 Colors Eye Shadow Palette ...See on Amazon
44 Colors Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow ...See on Amazon

The 6 Best Eyeshadows

What is the best eyeshadow brand?

How to choose your pallets?

Two main elements distinguish the different pallet models : its dimensions and the type of wood used. In terms of dimensions, there are sizes 60 x 80 cm, 80 x 120 cm, and 100 x 120 cm. The 80 x 120 cm pallet models are the most common.Feb 3, 2019

Palette: how to choose your palettes, where to find them -  How to choose your palettes?

Which palette for green eyes?

Shades of violet, crimson, burgundy and red are ideal for emphasizing green eyes because they create a marked contrast. So opt for eye shadows and palettes with warm shades verging on red, but be careful, keep your hand light when applying!

What are the ideal colors for successful green eye makeup

Which palette for green eyes?

How do you bring out the blue in your eyes?

Light blue eyes will be enhanced by dark make-up shades, for example an iridescent copper brown to gain contrast. As for dark blue eyes , they will gain in intensity with a light eyeshadow.

What makeup when you have blue eyes?

How to bring out the blue in your eyes?

What eyeshadow for brown eyes?Of all the colors, those that are infused with blue are the most suitable. Thus, for brown eye makeup , it is recommended to go for all shades of blue: electric blue, midnight blue, blue with gray reflections and even indigo.May 26, 2021

Which eyeshadow to choose for brown eyes?

Which eyeshadow for brown eyes?

By working in layers, you will first have to opt for a light shadow that will serve as a base. You can work a slightly darker shadow in the crease of the eyelid. Finally, on the outer part, you can add a touch of dark shadow, to give the look its full dimension.

Eye makeup: enhance your look

How to do eye makeup?

Which makeup palette for blue eyes?Indeed, make-up with warm undertones such as orange, brown, bronze are complementary to the blue color of the iris and will therefore sublimate it. Cool shades like pink, purple, and coral will brighten up eye color .Mar 9, 2021

Easy makeup to highlight her blue eyes

What makeup palette for blue eyes?

What color for brown eyes? The ideal colors for brown eyes

All colors go with brown because it is the mixture of the three primary colors : magenta, yellow and cyan. However, if one refers to the color wheel to really bring out a maroon iris , the opposite color is blue.Sep 7, 2020

What color makeup for brown eyes?

What color for brown eyes?

What palette for hazel eyes?

Copper , purple or khaki eye - shadows

To bring out the green glitter of our irises, we put on burgundy , purple shadows, copper -gold tones, fairly warm chestnuts, and khaki or bronze shadows.

Making eye-shadow last

Why is my eyeshadow not holding?

You use concealer or foundation as a base

When applying makeup to your complexion, do not apply foundation or concealer to the eyelids . These products are far too greasy for this area of ​​the face and will not allow your eye shadow to last all day .

5 reasons why your eyeshadow isn't holding

Why won't my eyeshadow stay on?

Which palette not to use?

What are untreated pallets?

What pallets can be used safely?

How to make your green eyes stand out?How to make up green eyes after 50?

To do this, know that at 50 , it is more appropriate to apply a line of kohl pencil flush with the eyelashes than on the mucous membrane. This technique avoids closing the eyes. And do not draw too marked a line, on the contrary, blur it! It must be light to highlight the look without weighing it down.

How to do eye makeup after 50?

How to make up green eyes after 50?

How to make up green eyes at 60?

Instead, we focus on lighter, more nude shades. Perfect to illuminate the look and enlarge it! It is better to forget about iridescent powders and focus on matte shadows. Iridescents tend to emphasize wrinkles, which is not the goal of your beauty treatment.

Proper make-up after 60: complexion, lips, eyes | Advice

How to make up green eyes at 60?

How to enhance blue eyes?

The complementary color of your eyes is orange.

It is therefore in your best interest to use orange tints and their derivatives to highlight your blue eyes . Brown, gray but also taupe and bronze shades are also ideal shades to enhance your look.Jul 20, 2015

Makeup for blue eyes: Technique and Tips

How to enhance blue eyes?

How to bring out the color of your eyes without makeup?How to bring out gray blue eyes?

Image result

The colors that make blue eyes stand out are the more brown and peach shades. As for warm colors, you can choose bronze, gold, caramel, apricot and even peach! The cold colors that will suit you the most are pink, purple or coral.Mar 25, 2019

How to make up your eyes according to their color

How to bring out gray blue eyes?

How to make up when you have brown eyes?

For brown eyes , the preferred colors are beige, khaki, gold or even black. If you have dark skin, avoid shades such as light green, light blue or even white. On a daily basis, you can associate brown with coppery and golden notes.Sep 28, 2020

How to make up brown eyes?

How to wear makeup when you have brown eyes?

How to make up when you have brown green eyes?What makeup for a brunette with brown eyes?

No matter what shade your eyes are , from hazelnut brown to almost black brown, you can afford to wear many eyeshadow colors . We particularly like golden, copper and bronze tones or even, to give ourselves a touch of color, violet and even purple hues.

What makeup for a brunette with brown eyes?

What makeup for a brunette with brown eyes? How to apply makeup easily and quickly?5 tips for applying make-up in 5 minutes

  1. Hydrate and unify your skin in a single gesture. ...
  2. Zap the pencil. ...
  3. Improvise a cream blush with your lipstick. ...
  4. Get a smoky eye in 1 minute flat. ...

5 tips for applying make-up in 5 minutes

How to apply makeup easily and quickly?

How to make a beautiful eyelid makeup?1- Choose 3 eye shadows : one light, one intermediate (also called "transition shadow") and one darker. Apply the transition shadow all over the mobile eyelid , insisting in the crease of the eyelid . 2- Apply the dark shadow to the outer third of the eyelid and/or the lash line.

How to make a gradient of shadows?

How to make a beautiful eyelid makeup?

How to make up your eyes 2022?

What color to wear with blue eyes?

What color eyeshadow for gray blue eyes?

With their mixture of warm and cold tones, gray blue eyes require special makeup. You have several options. Go for a smoky-type evening make-up, smoky-eyes with rather dark eyeshadows such as intense black or khaki.Nov 9, 2020

How to make up blue eyes? Beauty & Makeup

What color eyeshadow for gray blue eyes?

How to make up blue eyes at 70?

What pencil color for brown eyes?

What are Hazel eyes?

It is also known as hazel eyes . The main characteristic of this color lies in the mixture of several colors. And for the hazel eyes , it's mostly a mixture of green and brown, with sometimes slight bluish touches but it's still quite rare.

Hazel eyes, how to determine them?

What are Hazel eyes?

How to bring out hazel brown eyes?

"Warm tones, such as neutral browns and intense greens, are naturally impactful colors on hazel eyes ," says Claudia Norvina Soare. "To make them stand out , use even warmer colors like burgundy, purple, orange or ochre."

Hazel eyes: what make-up to adopt to sublimate them?

How to bring out hazel brown eyes?

What hair color to bring out hazel eyes?

To highlight your hazel eyes , prefer colors that tend towards brown or chestnut. A few strands on your natural hair will also illuminate the look. Another option, more intense this time, auburn or chocolate highlights.Apr 14, 2016

What hair color to adopt if you have hazel eyes? -

What hair color to bring out hazel eyes?

What is the color of hazel eyes?

How to set eyeshadow?

To make them stay on your eyelids , first put a base on your eyelids , then dip a small brush in the pot of glitter before tapping gently on the base, pressing lightly so that they adhere well. Finally, makeup removal is just as important as makeup.Jul 24, 2021

How to make your eyeshadow stick: the best tips

How to set eye shadow?

How to avoid eye shadow falls?

To prevent the shadows from falling off , you can also show skill when applying your shadows : first make sure to shake your brush well to remove the excess pigments, then gently tap the shadows on the eyelid before blending them.Dec 26, 2018

How to limit eyeshadow falls?

How to prevent eyeshadow fallout?

How to have makeup that lasts all day?

To make your makeup last all day , you need:

  1. Prepare your skin well.
  2. Restore the radiance of the face.
  3. Hydrate your skin.
  4. Work on your complexion.
  5. Fix the make-up for the complexion.
  6. Use a compact eye shadow .
  7. Use a lip primer.
  8. Use a setting spray for all makeup .

How to make your makeup last all day?

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