About Yeet Magazine

The Founders & Editors of YEET are Luxury, Travel , Fashion and Food enthousiasts from many parts of the world and wanted YEET magazine to be nothing less than a curated list of the good things in life. YEET Magazine is singularly poised to bring Art, Fashion and Culture to our readership .

With editors and contributors who travel to, and live in, the style capitals of the world, we're out there on the front lines Fashion, Art and Culture. YEET Magazine is filled with up-to-the-minute cultural news of New York, London, Milan and Paris.Each issue of YEET magazine will be filled with shopable items that FASHION and ART overs need to have in their collections.

As well as delivering the best finds in Milan, Paris,New York, Rome or London. At YEET, we'll continue to introduce our readers to the personalities and stories behind world's most fascinating objects and fashion Items. We celebrate Artists, Craftmen, designers and retailers who make it all happen.

The Editors.