Best Of The Best : Where And How To Shop The Best New Designer Jeans For Men And Women

Mother is one of the most popular jeans brands. The brand has a legion of dedicated fans thanks to its high-quality and fashion-forward denim designs. Other popular jeans brands include Acne Studios, Frame and J-Brand.Which brand of jeans is the most flattering?

Best Of The Best : Where And How To Shop The Best New Designer Jeans For Men And Women

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Blues Breakers: denim brands every stylish woman should know


We don't just wear jeans. We depend on them. More than just a basic, the best jeans for women are a must. An everyday basic, a versatile base for all our best fashion ensembles.

But the simplicity of the jeans is deceiving, a known secret of the best women's jeans brands. Denim brands have taken these comfortable, durable and adaptable classics, and given them a makeover. Reinventing and revitalizing an old fashion favourite, they've created jeans that are less of a supporting act for the rest of our outfit than the stars of the show.

‌The best women's jeans brands are here to show you that you can wear jeans anytime, anywhere - from the catwalk to the sidewalk, to the boardroom, to brunch, or to the bar. And whether it's low-rise, high-rise, retro wide legs, classic skinny jeans, loose boyfriend styles or cheeky cropped fits, there's a whole range of styles to explore.

Comfortable, stylish, and flattering denim that can see you through life's ups and downs, here are the best brands of jeans for women. From iconic last names to new kids on the denim block, our list includes everything from the best designer denim brands to the best affordable jeans brands and everything in between.

The 21 Best Jeans Brands for Women in 2021-2022

2Chiffon & Os
4Acne Studios
9citizens of humanity
117 For All Humanity
13Denim Person
15Jean Eve
20The Agency

To help you find the pair of jeans that suits you best, check out our style guide to choosing the best brand of jeans after the list.


No list of the best denim brands can begin without first mentioning Levi's. Levi's basically invented jeans. They've been making denim since the 1870s, and the iconic Levi 501 jeans first appeared in the 1890s. Once the preserve of cowboys and lumberjacks, they're now a wardrobe staple for everyone. any modern woman and probably the best jeans in existence.

The quality is second to none, for one thing. There's a reason every thrift store is full of Levi's. These jeans never fall apart.

And there are so many styles to choose from. Whether you opt for classic 501s, the Ribcage jeans - the tallest of high rises and a best-selling - super skinny fit, or a pair of jeans from the brand's premium line, Levi's: made and crafted , there are has a pair of Levi's for you.

Levi's immediately evoke an aura of old-school Americana cool —although these days you're just as likely to see them front row at London Fashion Week as you are in the Wild West.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Iconic and classic jeans from a denim legend
Sizes :XXS à XXL
Agrees :Super Skinny, Skinny, Straight, Bootcut et Boyfriend

Chiffon & Os

British label Rag & Bone is the bona fide cool child of jeans brands . Bringing traditional English tailoring to classic American casual wear, the Rag & Bone vibe is synonymous with high quality with a gritty, down-to-earth aesthetic.

There's a big difference between good and great quality when it comes to denim. You will have understood this when trying on your first pair of Rag & Bone jeans. It's obvious from the outside as well as the inside: these are some of the best fitting jeans.

Crafted mostly from non-stretch denim, Rag & Bone designs range from the edgier (denim track pants, for example) to the timeless. The washes are discreet and neutral, making them incredibly versatile and wearable. Meanwhile, the fits are universally flattering and the jeans have all that coveted livable feel .

Rag & Bone jeans are designer jeans, so not cheap. But, quite honestly, you'll forget all about the price once you're racing around town in some of their dream denim deals.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Premium denim from the kings of cool
Sizes :XS to L
Agrees :High Rise, Skinny, Low Rise, Straight, Mid Rise and Short Rise


If you like your jeans with a bit of history, you'll appreciate that Lee was founded in 1889. That 's over 100 years of expertise . They also invented the first one-piece suit.

And while we're more into jeans than overalls, we can definitely get behind the salt of the earth vibe . Look for Lee's signature spade pocket. Perfectly designed to give shape and definition to your rear.

We particularly love the Lee bootcut jeans, with their classic fit and flattering mid-rise waist that makes them comfortable and timeless. Wear with a shirt to wear to the office or with a casual tee and walking shoes for weekend antics.

Or there's the Lee High Rise Skinny. Slim and chic, with subtle stretch so you glide through everyday life with ease.

Lee jeans are also able to withstand daily wear and regular washing . Lee understands that the best jeans for women are made to be worn over and over again. Oh, and did we mention it's one of the most affordable brands of women's jeans?SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Affordable jeans from a brand that understands women
Sizes :S à XL
Agrees :Straight Leg, Bootcut, Skinny, Tapered Leg, Boyfriend
Price scale:$

Acne Studios

Acne Studios makes some really cool denim and some of the best jeans for women. What else would you expect from a Scandinavian Design Studio ?

The brand began to manufacture only jeans. Straight-leg models with eye-catching and memorable red stitching. Today, Acne Studios has a whole selection of clothing and flagship stores everywhere from Paris to Tokyo.

Plus a massive following of dedicated fans who flock to the brand for its high quality construction and innovative and interesting designs, including some of the best skinny jeans for women. Just add a white t-shirt and you're ready to go.

There are also quite a few designs that make statements, including patchwork details in gorgeous shades of pink and baby blue.

The height of creative contemporary cool , Acne Studios jeans are worn by the likes of Rihanna and Alexa Chung and should go straight to the top of your wish list.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Hardworking Style Meets Sex Appeal
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :High waist and straight leg


J-Brand is a women's jeans brand with a simple mission: to make beautiful jeans and make them right. So if you're looking for a reliable and versatile pair of jeans, J-Brand is the place to start.

With an intuitive understanding of materials, construction and fit, J-Brand makes some of the best jeans for women. The company was also the first to launch a skinny silhouette - now universally popular and a staple in every woman's wardrobe.

The collection includes everything from high-waisted skinny jeans with frayed cuffs (team with a bodysuit for a night out) to its tailored "Photo Ready" jean development , designed to lift and shape your figure. And check out Dellah - skinny with an elastic waistband - for a pair of jeans that could really change your life.

J-Brand also makes some of the best jeans for curvy women .SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Cutting-edge styling from a brand that's always one step ahead
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Slim Leg, Straight Leg, Flare, Wide Leg, Short, High Waist


If there's a decade that did denim right, it's the 70s. That's why denim powerhouse Frame took inspiration from that era of epic style to create a line of jeans that brings the free-spirited idealism of the hippie counterculture. to the woman of the 21st century.

The frame makes flares . We know what you're thinking. But these are modern flares. Subtle, flattering and perfect for the office. Check out the “Le Palazzo” style in particular. With its wide leg and high waist, it would look spectacular with espadrilles.

But even if you're not convinced you can pull off this iconic silhouette (although you certainly can), there are plenty of other styles to choose from, including the best-selling 'Jeanne's Skinny' and the jean . perfect skinny, tight but not stuffy for women.

Frame's fans include A-listers and Instagram influencers. All the proof you need that it 's one of the hottest denim brands in the industry.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:70s inspired designs with an effortless modern twist
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Skinny, Straight, Boyfriend, Flared, Wide Leg, Cropped


AGOLDE is a premium jeans brand, but doesn't take itself too seriously. Like all the best jeans, AGOLDE denim has that desirable thrift store vibe, blending nonchalance and irreverence with high-end sophistication.

Offering wearers authentic denims made by master craftsmen, AGOLDE has also made sustainability a priority . This not only means environmental awareness, but a next-level commitment to quality.

The brand's mission is to reinvent the classic s. Think baggy jeans with pleats, belted or rolled-up waists, and high-waisted jeans with tapered legs. Its white denim offerings, in particular, are a summer staple. We can already imagine them with a white blouse and big sandals.

Agolde is less interested in passing trends than in what women actually want to wear. These are comfortable jeans whose subtle twists on conventional silhouettes are subtle enough to allow your own fashion style to shine.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Cool yet comfortable designs with an eco-consciousness
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Straight leg, high waist, mid waist, wide leg


 Some of the best jeans for women

SLVRLAKE is named after the LA neighborhood of Silverlake—misspelled, of course, because it's a seriously street-wise brand . With their laid-back style that transcends trends, these are some of the best jeans for women.

SLVRLAKE's pioneering open-weave cotton enables its jeans to achieve exceptional depth and vibrancy of color. They have a stiff fit, like all good quality jeans, but they're still incredibly soft, and they all have that. inimitable Californian brand of cool .

The collection ranges from tailored, streamlined classics to more utilitarian designs with intriguing details such as asymmetric pockets. They're pretty much all tall, and we're not complaining about that. It's the most comfortable and flattering silhouette around.

Whatever you choose, SLVRLAKE jeans will likely become the mainstay of your street uniform, whether you're a high-flying professional rushing from meeting to meeting or an artist working from home. Dress them up, dress them up. These jeans can do it all.


Best for:Vintage-inspired jeans without skimming the flea markets
Sizes :XS à XL
Agrees :High waist, mid waist, straight leg, slim leg

citizens of humanity

Three words that keep coming up whenever we talk about quality jeans: Citizens of Humanity. A luxury jeans brand that makes jeans designed for good days, bad days and everything in between.

Discover the eco-collection brand for organic cotton jeans. Not only will you look great when you wear them, but you'll look good too. Indeed, in general, the brand is a leader in waste reduction manufacturing processes.

With a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans, details are mostly minimal and cuts are endlessly wearable . Look for the brand's cropped straight legs for jeans calling for a pair of ankle boots. Or opt for faded boyfriend jeans for the perfect weekend outfit. All white denim styles are also a dreamy summer staple.

Scrolling through the Citizens of Humanity collection is like taking a peek at our dream wardrobe . Think of all the ways you could wear these designer jeans for women.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Flattering denim from the best in the business
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Narrow Leg, Straight Leg, Wide Leg, Short, High Waist


There are good brands of jeans, and then there are great brands of jeans. GRLFRND is another absolute winner when it comes to high quality denim designed to compliment all female figures.

GRLFRND jeans capture that front-worn look that's an absolute must-have when it comes to denim. There are lots of ripped knees as well as frayed hems, and styles include slim legs and straight legs. The label's high-waisted, flattering straight cuts offer some of the best jeans for curvy women, while these jeans in lighter washes are the perfect summer wardrobe essential.

The designs take all the best looks from our favorite '90s models - and add 21st century sophistication. The materials are top quality and locally sourced, and like all the best women's jeans, GRLFRND jeans age beautifully. They will become more comfortable and fit even more snugly over time.

The question is not so much what these jeans would go with, but what would not go with them.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Well-fitting jeans from a brand with an innate sense of style
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Skinny leg, straight leg, wide leg, high waist

7 For All Humanity

7 for All Mankind originally made a name for themselves with their innovative line of premium denim cuts and exceptional finishes that had jeans lovers everywhere swooning.

Called 'Sevens' by anyone in the know, the brand is a staple in the wardrobes of global stars and fashionistas, including Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba, offering designer jeans for women who like their denim to look luxurious.

One of the best denim brands in the world, 7 for All Mankind's pioneering approach to fashion means they are always releasing exciting new designs. Taking advantage of technological advances, the label offers unusual twists on conventional styles , quickly picked up by avid denim fans.

Washes range from sophisticated neutrals to dark, inky hues. And fans swear by the snug, comfortable cuts.

Nothing beats a pair of sevens. Tough, dependable and always flattering, your quest for the best jeans ends here.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:High-end jeans with cult status
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Flared, Straight, Skinny, Slim, Short, Wide Leg, Bootcut


Looking for jeans you can live in ? Then the great jeans brand Paige has what you need. This Californian brand aims to bring you the lucky ones timeless denim classics.

Offering high-quality construction, meticulous attention to detail, a great fit, and a wonderfully laid-back aesthetic, Paige isn't so much a jeans brand as it is a lifestyle choice.

Each item is washed and wear tested so you can be sure it will last. The nine bars sewn onto the back pocket of each pair of jeans represent nine lifetimes - the idea being that you always have the opportunity to keep growing, to keep evolving and to keep trying.

Jeans that motivate us to keep doing our best? It looks good. Whether you're going for a simple t-shirt and jeans combo or pushing the boat out with a denim-over-jeans ensemble, then a pair of Paige jeans will serve you well for the day ahead.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Jeans that have your back (and your butt)
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Slim, skinny, cropped, bootcut and flare leg

Denim Person

When we decide to buy a new pair of jeans, we want two or three things. Comfort, cool design and flattering shape. No pair of jeans offers all of this and more.

Nobody Denim is one of the most durable denim brands out there. Based in Melbourne, Nobody Denim's clothing line not only aims to reduce waste and miles traveled, but it also contributes to the local economy.

As for the designs themselves, it 's all casual luxury meets modern femininity . Silhouettes are mostly loose, relaxed, and with minimal detailing (just the occasional ripped knees and frayed edges). Instead, the brand lets the denim speak for itself.

From eye-catching wide cuts to super cool cropped cuts (check out Siena Denim culottes), Nobody Denim has something for everyone. We particularly like the Juncture high-rise jeans with their faded effect and straight legs, among the best jeans for women on our list.

For cutting-edge designs from an eco-conscious brand, trust no one but Nobody.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Jeans that respect the planet and the silhouette
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Straight leg, Skinny, Slim fit, Wide leg, Short, Flared


Denim was at its peak in the 90s. So thank goodness we have brands like GOLDSIGN to bring us those unforgettable 90s silhouettes, minus all the other 90s quirks (yes, we're talking about strapless bras ).

One of the best women's jeans brands, this LA-based brand offers clean denim styles with subtle yet powerful details. Kate Moss is a fan - that's all we need to know to convince us to pick up a pair right now.

GOLDSIGN offers wearers everything from skinny jeans to flattering high waisted cuts to a cropped style perfect for summer days. We recommend the Walcott jeans in organic denim with a distressed, distressed wash to add to the authentic vintage vibe.

All GOLDSIGN jeans are made in the brand's workshop and in limited series. Not only does this mean they pay close attention to quality, but you're not going to keep running into people with the same jeans as you.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Exclusive luxury jeans for unique people
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Straight, Cropped, Skinny, Cropped, Wide Leg, Boyfriend

Jean Eve

For that dream home halfway between bad-girl glam and boho-chic , look no further than the great jeans brand Eve Denim. Not only are Eve jeans amazing, they're made to look better over time. What else in your wardrobe can claim the same?

Discover the Jacqueline flares. If you're nervous about pulling off flares, this is the pair to win you over. Their high waist and cropped length mean they look great on just about anyone and look like they've been swiped straight down a Parisian side street. Indeed, the Franco-American heritage of founder Adélaïde Bourbon is the inspiration for the collection.

For denim that feels more thrift-store bargain than live , head to Eve Denim. The brand manages to capture that romantic feeling that we all expect from our denim. These are jeans that feel personal while maintaining premium quality.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Perfectly executed jeans, relaxed but refined
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Slim fit, straight leg, flared, wide leg, cropped


The great jeans brand and luxury label RE/DONE is about two things: durability and individuality.

RE/DONE's recycled jeans are made from pre-worn Levi's , repurposed to create exciting new designs. By engaging in a circular manner, RE/DONE is massively minimizing its carbon footprint.

It also makes their jeans original. Made from denim that already had a unique history, these jeans are then transformed into classic designs with heaps of personality .

Think lots of flares, tapers and pleats, as well as frayed hems, straps and embroidered waistbands in rainbow hues. Any idea of ​​jeans being used for a bit of casual DIY is firmly ruled out thanks to the ultra-contemporary style. Wear it with heels and a polo neck and the high fashion vibe is even higher.

For jeans that are anything but boring, designed for women who are anything but ordinary, RE/DONE is a one-stop-shop for distinct styles you'll never see anyone else wearing.


Best for:Truly Unique Eco-Friendly Jeans
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Skinny, Straight Leg, Boyfriend, Flare, Wide Leg, Short
Price scale:$$-$$$


Another brand with a sustainable spirit, Reformation is the perfect choice for women who want a pair of look-at-me jeans that are eco-friendly.

Reformation denim is made from recycled and reworked animal corpses and vintage finds. The supply chain is powered by renewable energy and all offcuts are reused, kind to your body and kind to the planet.

The designs are carefully constructed to ensure they fit perfectly and highlight all the right parts of the body. They are also super comfortable. Jeans that look like leggings? Yes please.

The label's skinny jeans range from classic black denim to a range of blue hues so you can choose according to the seasons. Also take a look at the high waisted straight jeans with a retro-inspired button front closure. The atmosphere is both old-school and very present. Vintage-style denim without trawling the rails of a thrift store.

Say goodbye to mornings when you can't decide what to wear. Reformation jeans are so easy to wear, they make the decision for you.


Best for:Stylish, durable jeans with a vintage store feel
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Skinny, straight leg, cigarette and high waist


The right pair of jeans can actually be stunningly polished and polished - as New York label Khaite proves. One of the best celebrity-endorsed jeans brands, Khaite offers wearers high-end classics that elevate conventional jeans to something worthy of the most high-end wardrobes.

The washes range from indigo in various shades to black suitable for winter and white certified for summer. The brand's cropped, wide cuts would go well with boots and sandals, while the high-waisted, straight cuts are ideal for petite women who want to elongate their legs.

Vintage-inspired stitching and two-tone, antique buttons are some of the subtle but meaningful details that characterize this denim as very special. The craftsmanship is masterful, the fabrics are luxurious, and the ambiance is effortlessly impeccable elegance.

Khaite's jeans collection reads like an overview of denim's best hits . There's everything from flares to ultra-skinny skinny jeans and everything in between.


Best for:Timeless, precision-crafted jeans that offer practicality and polish
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Straight Leg, Flare, Wide Leg, Short, High Waist, Mid Rise


Mother seems to be the word on every denim lover's lips these days. The brand has made quite an impression on all of fashion with fans admiring its unique designs and youthful vibe.

Whether you're planning on wearing head-to-toe denim for a serious style statement, or looking for a more understated pair of skinny jeans to pair with a sleek blazer, Mother is your go-to brand for high-end casualwear.

Reinventing iconic designs by adding unique frayed hems, studded embellishments, ripped knees and asymmetric fades – the Mother jeans let you rock that causeless rebel look with a touch of feminine elegance.

Take a look, for example, at their best-selling Weekender jeans. Stretchy enough to be comfortable without sagging, they flare out a little 70s refinement . Ideal to wear with a bohemian blouse.

Durable designs that are also a fashionista favorite, Mother jeans are pretty much the holy grail of denim.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:Playful designs that will draw all eyes to you
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Straight, Slim Fit, Skinny, Short, Flare, Bootcut

The Agency

A label beloved by fashion influencers and fashion stars (do the names Charlize Theron and Scarlet Johannson ring a bell?), The Agency sums up contemporary cool in one word.

Although based in California, there is a definite French influence in the brand's designs. Whether you're rocking a Canadian tuxedo aka denim-over-denim (it's all the rage , honey), or want a pair of classic cropped jeans to wear with flats, this is the label you need to browse.

If you're bored of blue jeans, then you'll be delighted by the brand's range of jeans in different colors, from magenta or pastel pink to white and black washes, and even coated jeans in camel brown.

Meanwhile, in the world of The Agency, tighter is always better , and so fits are usually snug. In terms of fit, they feel like a second skin, as the best women's jeans always should.

Do you want to dress like a Parisian it-girl, stroll along the boulevards of the French capital? From distressed, rock star-ready styles to shiny black coated skinny jeans, The Agency can make it happen.SEE THE COLLECTION‌

Best for:The most stylish denim ever
Sizes :XXS à XL
Agrees :Narrow leg, short and high waisted


While many of the brands on this list hail from the West Coast, R13 is based in New York and the vibe is suitably gritty.

Think ripped skinny jeans, asymmetric waists and rolled cuffs that would look epic with combat boots. Discover in particular the large Royer jeans. Faded and distressed, they have that inimitable pre-loved look – like they've seen plenty of adventures before.

Everything is very rock'n'roll but still of exceptional quality. These are carefully crafted jeans made from durable materials that won't lose their edge within a year.

For provocative and bold designs that aren't too ostentatious, head to R13. Fresh cuts on classic silhouettes, these jeans are urban, distinctive and very tempting.


Best for:Rebellious jeans wearers looking to break the rules
Sizes :XXS to L
Agrees :Skinny Leg, Straight Leg, Boyfriend, Wide Leg, Cropped

Style guide: how to choose women's jeans

When choosing a pair of women's jeans, there are a few things to be aware of.

Choose your morphology

Different jeans fit different body shapes, it's the way of the world. These are the best jeans for your body type.

  • Wide hips - pear-shaped women should look for high-waisted jeans in dark tones. Light colors draw attention to certain parts of the body, so avoid jeans that fade in places like your thighs. Bootcut and wide leg jeans are a good choice.
  • Curvy - structured and straight leg jeans will elongate your legs and dark shades are the most flattering. Flares and boot cut styles can elongate legs and balance out larger thighs.
  • Petite - Slim, straight legs are the best options, while high-waisted styles will elongate your legs and create curves. Avoid baggier styles that can drown out small frames. Lighter colored washes are also a good choice.
  • High - there are legs that look too long and high waisted jeans can have this effect. Instead, opt for mid-rise and low-rise styles. The shade breaks it.

Different colors and materials of jeans

Raw denim is basically unwashed denim and is usually dark blue, stiff and with a classic, iconic look. Medium wash and light wash jeans were washed longer to give a lighter shade.‌

Lighter washes are perfect for a cool, laid-back summer look. White jeans are a current fashion favorite. Darker washes like indigo are endlessly versatile and flattering. Black jeans are always in style and offer a great look day or night.‌

There's also the option of stone and acid wash jeans , which create a punk and playful vibe. Stonewashed jeans are literally washed with stones that abrade the surface, removing some of the dye. Acid wash jeans are bleached to create that ultra-washed effect.

You can also experiment with other shades. Whether it's neon or neutral , there are a million other hues to choose from. We recommend trying green for a cool camo style, or brown for something more traditional.

Other features to look out for

  • Stretch - if you're buying skinny jeans, look for jeans with a bit of stretch so you can fit your ankles through the openings.
  • Deconstruction - whether it's ripped knees or frayed edges, deconstructed or deliberately distressed denim can add a rugged, retro vibe.‌

  • Mustache - also known as a hige, the mustache refers to those thin vertical lines found around the front pockets of jeans, used to create a pre-worn effect.
  • Panels and patches - patchwork denim is currently very much in style, dating back to the 70s. Opt for subtle patches in varying hues for an understated take on the trend.‌

Top tips when buying women's jeans

  • Play with the size. Not all brands of jeans fit true to size.
  • Belts should fit snugly when you first try them on, as they will only loosen. You should be able to fit two fingers behind your back, but no more.
  • Bring different shoes with you to try them on. You want versatile jeans.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and take a trial and error approach.

Frequently asked questions about women's jeansWho makes the best denim jeans?

The best denim jeans are made by Levi's. Levi's jeans are high quality and designed with an attention to fit and detail that's hard to find elsewhere, and they're also affordable. Whether you opt for the Super Skinny or Boyfriend style, Levi's jeans are jeans that will last you for years.

Which brand of jeans is the most expensive?

The most expensive brand of jeans is R13. This New York-based brand has made a name for itself with rugged, high-quality, fashion-forward jeans made from durable materials, and offering fits and styles that stand out from the crowd.

Which brand offers the best quality jeans?

The best quality jeans are made by the Paige brand. Paige's craftsmanship, artistry and attention to detail make her denim offerings some of the most reliable and durable on the market. Rag & Bone and AGOLDE also make excellent, high quality jeans.

What is the most popular brand of jeans?

Mother is one of the most popular jeans brands. The brand has a legion of dedicated fans thanks to its high-quality and fashion-forward denim designs. Other popular jeans brands include Acne Studios, Frame and J-Brand.

Which brand of jeans is the most flattering?

The most flattering jeans brand is GOLDSIGN. GOLDSIGN makes jeans in a huge range of different styles and also includes sizing so you can easily find a pair that complements your unique figure. Check out our list for more women's jeans inspiration.