Buying A Chanel bag? How To Spot Fake

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Buying A Chanel bag? How To Spot Fake

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Home Style Fake Chanel bag: How Not To Buy Counterfeit?

By Sophia Ava YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) March 14, 2022

It is the object of all desires: a Chanel handbag, chic and timeless. To be able to afford it, many people decide to buy a vintage model. Problem: imitations are legion. Beverly Sonego, founder of the Monogram luxury consignment store, helps us tell the real ones from the fakes.

Recognize a real Chanel handbag


The hologram

The packaging

In fifteen years of experience, Beverly Sonego has seen them pass, Chanel handbags… 2.55, Boy, Gabrielle, Timeless … She knows them all like the back of her hand. It must be said that thanks to her luxury consignment store, Monogram , the former candidate for the show Nouvelle Star (2006) had access to the dressing rooms of thousands of fashionistas. Spoiler: there are sometimes extremely well imitated fake luxury bags hidden there . Copies of Chanel bags that her clients have sometimes bought unknowingly from unscrupulous individuals. Thanks to her sharp eye and her training with luxury professionals, Beverly Sonego easily recognizes counterfeits. Here are his tips to avoid being fooled.

Fake luxury bag: 5 tips to avoid counterfeiting

Be careful, your dream vintage it bag may be a fake luxury bag! Stamped Chanel, Hermès or Louis Vuitton, thanks to the second hand, the ideal handbag is finally within reach of your wallet. But how can you be sure that this golden opportunity does not turn out to be a real fake? Counterfeit detection: instructions for use.

How do you know if this it bag is a real Chanel handbag?

The most copied Chanel handbags are the 2.55, the Boy and the classic. Like all luxury houses, you have to keep in mind that a real Chanel bag is synonymous with excellence . Excellence in leather, excellence in finishes, excellence in seams and topstitching, excellence in the materials used. So when you buy a second-hand Chanel bag, you have to pay attention to these different points:

New, a Chanel handbag costs, depending on the model, at least 4,000 euros . Therefore, it is difficult to find a second-hand leather Chanel handbag for less than 500 euros. If on an online sales platform, the

The IT bag

of your dreams is displayed at this price, the risk that it is an imitation is more than substantial… Especially since in general, discounts are between -70 and -30%

The purse lock should be centered on the flap and have two Cs of equal width and flat edges that overlap as follows: the right C is above the left at the top and below the left at the bottom.

The smell of Chanel handbags is very characteristic. Most of the copies are made in Italy and Turkey from imitation leather which gives off a strong smell of petroleum.

The touch, between a real and a fake model, is very different. And for good reason: the leathers selected by Chanel are prestigious, soft but firm and resistant.

The quilting of Chanel handbags is special: it is perfectly aligned on all sides of the piece. A valid alignment at the back of the bag, at the level of the pocket.

The seams are regular, precise and the thread used is resistant.

The stamp , gold or silver, is always coordinated with the color of the jewellery. On counterfeit Chanel handbags, the color of the stamp is often too yellow. It is also necessary to scrutinize the engraving, its size, its depth.

The lining of the handbag must be as well made as the exterior, follow the structure of the bag and have smooth finishes.

You have to listen to the jewelry store sing.

That of a fake handbag is often too light, it clicks in the ear and has a hardware side. The easiest way is to take the string in your hands, mix it and listen to the sounds it produces. If they are hollow, distrust!

Pay attention to the color of the chain. On fake Chanel handbags, the gilding fades in places, the silver can oxidize and the gold has very yellow nuances.

All handbags whose serial number begins with 1021 are fake Chanel bags.

What leathers are used at Chanel?

The Chanel house mainly uses two leathers for its handbags: smooth lambskin , silky to the touch, and caviar leather , a grained leather that is stiffer and often considered more resistant.

What is the hologram?

The hologram has replaced serial numbers and is most often located in the first pocket at the bottom left of the purse. In the Boy and the Gabrielle, it is on a small piece of leather while in the Timeless and the Jumbo, the hologram is stuck inside the flap in the lower left corner.

Should we pay attention to the packaging?

Chanel handbags are sold with an authenticity card which has a very particular thickness and rigidity. This black card features a round top right with a double C watermark and comes in a small black envelope.

In addition to this authenticity card, real "Chanel" handbags are sold with a black dustbag (protective bag) on ​​which Chanel is written in white letters, as well as a box with the exact same color code.

The logo displayed on the box and the dustbag must be the same as that displayed on all brand communications. And even if the bag you're about to buy ticks all of these boxes, stay alert! Counterfeiters are more and more talented... To avoid taking any risks, it is better to use the authentication services of second-hand platformssuch as Monogram, Collector Square . Their teams know better than anyone how to appraise vintage luxury pieces!


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