“Cancelled” Or Not Cancelled? These Popular Netflix And TV Shows May Never Come Back

The success of a TV series is usually determined by the ratings it gets. The more expensive a show is to produce, the better it has numbers that justify its cost, otherwise the channel will find another show that will justify the expense.

“Cancelled” Or Not Cancelled? These Popular  Netflix And TV Shows May Never Come Back
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The success of a TV series is usually determined by the ratings it gets. The more expensive a show is to produce, the better it has numbers that justify its cost, otherwise the channel will find another show that will justify the expense.

Every year, channels and streaming platforms receive an infinite number of series and, for each of these new series that is retained, this means that one of the series from the previous year will inevitably be left out. Here is a list of series, some longer than others, whose future is not as certain as before.Advertisement

1. The Crown

Platform: Netflix
Status: Renewed through the sixth and final season

Eight years after the success of his 2006 film “The Queen,” Peter Morgan has struck a deal with Netflix to turn “The Audience,” his 2013 stage play, into a sixty-episode television series, called “The Crown” and supported by Sony Pictures Productions and Left Bank Pictures. To date, an average episode of “The Crown” has cost an astonishing $13 million to produce.Advertisement

The Crown @VogueFranceEN / Facebook.com

The Crown @VogueFranceEN / Facebook.com

In 2020, after the show's fourth season aired, Peter Morgan let it be known that he intended to end the show a season early. However, later that year, after the fifth season's plot developed, Morgan changed his mind once again and decided that to do the story justice, "The Crown" had to stay put. place until the conclusion of the sixth season, as originally planned.Advertisement

2. NCIS: Los Angeles

Platform: CBS
Situation: Season 14 could be released (or not)

Historically, spin-offs have always had a reputation for not lasting very long. However, after a dozen seasons, we can say that NCIS: Los Angeles has exceeded expectations. Given that each episode costs just over $2.5 million to make, with around $350,000 each going to LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell, it's understandable that the show's future hinges on its viewership. .Advertisement

NCIS: Los Angeles @STV_NCISLA / Twitter.com

NCIS: Los Angeles @STV_NCISLA / Twitter.com

Currently in its 13th season, it is not yet known if NCIS: Los Angeles will be picked up for a 14th next year, however, given the high ratings the series has received over the years, it There's good reason to believe Agents Callen, Blye, and Hanna still have a bright future ahead of them.

3. The Resident

Platform: Fox
Situation: We don't know yet if season 6 will be released

In 2016, Showtime began developing a dark drama, with Fuqua Films, about the medical world, but after a year in development the project was scrapped by the channel and picked up by Fox. Viewers have been infatuated with TV series about doctors for decades, and Fox hoped "The Resident" would be no different.Advertisement

The Resident @ NoE_022 / Twitter.com

The Resident @ NoE_022 / Twitter.com

After receiving moderate critical acclaim in its first two seasons, the series waned in popularity over the next two seasons. Today, while she is in her fifth year of residency on Fox, we do not know if “The Resident” will keep her place and return for a sixth season.

4. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Platform: Bravo
Location: Renewed for the 14th season

In the early 2000s, the number of reality TV shows being produced increased dramatically, as it turns out that many people enjoy escaping reality by watching other people's lives on TV. BRAVO was one of the channels that capitalized on that guilty pleasure by airing the “Real Housewives” franchise.Advertisement

The Real Housewives of Atlanta @ThePeachReport / Twitter.com

The Real Housewives of Atlanta @ThePeachReport / Twitter.com

After 13 seasons of mediocre ratings, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" has been renewed for a 14th season. However, if it doesn't start churning out better numbers soon, True Entertainment will most likely find a better way to spend the nearly $1 million it costs to produce each episode.

5. Big Brother

Platform: CBS
Status: Pending

Launched in the summer of 2000, "Big Brother" has had a longer lifespan than almost any other reality show in television history, which some say is due, at least in part. , at the relatively low cost of producing the show. The $500,000 prize the winner receives is more than the cost of producing each episode.Advertisement

Big Brother @yahoolifestyle / Pinterest.com

Big Brother @yahoolifestyle / Pinterest.com

The American version of the Big Brother franchise recently completed its 23rd season and it is not yet known if it will be renewed for a 24th. However, as it is one of the first reality TV programs, it can be expected that Julie Chen Moonves will be joined by a new group of guests in the summer of 2022.

6. The Blacklist

Platform: NBC
Situation: Season 10 is not for tomorrow

In January 2013, less than 6 months after purchasing the rights to "The Blacklist" from Sony Pictures Television, and following the show's ratings higher than any other show the channel had tested in the previous decade, NBC has given the go-ahead to begin production on the series.Advertisement

The Blacklist @NBCBlacklist / Facebook.com

The Blacklist @NBCBlacklist / Facebook.com

“The Blacklist” got off to such a strong start that in 2014, Netflix began paying a $2 million per episode fee in order to air it on the streaming network. Years have passed and so has interest in the series, as the average weekly viewership has declined every year since the series debuted. Season 9 is underway, but “The Blacklist” is unlikely to see double-digit ratings.

7. Ordinary Joe

Platform: NBC
Situation: Season 2 is not for tomorrow

In 2006, executive producer Matt Reeves wrote the pilot for "Ordinary Joe" for ABC, but it wasn't until 15 years later, in the fall of 2021, that the series would finally air, on one competing channels of ABC, NBC.Advertisement

Ordinary Joe @celebtvnewscom / Twitter.com

Ordinary Joe @celebtvnewscom / Twitter.com

After waiting for the television blackout that plagued most productions in 2020, Matt Reeves' project, "Ordinary Joe," premiered on September 20, 2021, to unenthusiastic audiences. Although the series' renewal for a second season seems unlikely, Matt Reeves and the rest of the production team aren't shy about overcoming the obstacles that stand in their way.

8. The Flash

Platform: The CW
Situation: It is not known if the ninth season will be released

In 2013, the seed for a new series on "The Flash" was planted, watered, and grown to fruition, when Barry Allen entered the Arrow universe. The Flash has now run for 7 seasons totaling 151 episodes, and with a budget of around $60 million each year, the average episode of “The Flash” cost around $2.6 million to make.Advertisement

The Flash @tvline / Twitter.com

The Flash @tvline / Twitter.com

Although the series saw a slight dip in viewership every two years, the CW team must have done something right developing the "world's fastest man" storylines, as The Flash managed to hold on for 8 seasons, the 9th being only one good plot away.

9. The Republic of Sarah

Platform: The CW
Status: Officially canceled

Created by Jeffrey Paul King and produced by , "The Republic of Sarah" first aired on The CW in late spring 2021, but was originally developed for CBS two years before it aired. Even though the series was promising, CBS opted not to air it, which, given the turn of events, seems like a good decision today.Advertisement

The Republic of Sarah @cwsanantonio / Facebook.com

The Republic of Sarah @cwsanantonio / Facebook.com

The first and only season of “The Republic of Sarah” was marred by poor ratings and poor reviews and as a result, during the last episodes of the season, the decision was made not to renew “The Republic of Sarah” for a new season.

10. Roswell, New Mexico

Platform: The CW
Situation: Season 5 might be released

In 2018, the pilot for the reimagined series "Roswell, New Mexico" began production with help from Amblin Television, Bender Brown Productions, CBS Television Studios, and Warner Bros. Television, who, in hopes of surpassing the success of the previous "Roswell" rendition, all played a role in getting the project off the ground.Advertisement

Roswell, New Mexico @CWRoswellNM / Facebook.com

Roswell, New Mexico @CWRoswellNM / Facebook.com

Before the premiere of the third season of the series, in 2021, the production team had good news when they learned that the series was committed for the following season. However, as the fourth season premiere approaches, it is still unclear if a fifth season is in the works.

11. High Maintenance

Platform: HBO
Status: Canceled after four seasons

In 2012, Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, two former partners, had their cannabis-themed web series, "High Maintenance", taken over by Vimeo, which offered to pay to produce subsequent episodes of the series. Given the popularity the series was beginning to generate, Vimeo made a good deal by offering to pay $1,000 per episode.Advertisement

High Maintenance @cwsanantonio / Twitter.com

High Maintenance @cwsanantonio / Twitter.com

After 10 seasons of production, the last 4 of which were picked up and aired by HBO, Sinclair and Blichfeld have decided to focus on individual projects instead of trying to continue to maintain the high quality comedy they have until now. now managed to provide.

12. CSI: Vegas

Platform: CBS
Situation: Season 2 is not about to be released

When Jason Tracey developed the original CSI, he never could have guessed the massive success that would follow. Not only did the original series air for 15 years on television, but it also spawned four other series.Advertisement

CSI: Vegas @SpoilerTVvideo / Twitter.com

CSI: Vegas @SpoilerTVvideo / Twitter.com

"CSI: Vegas" is the fifth and newest series in the CSI franchise, and although its inaugural season has just begun, its ratings are a far cry from those of its predecessors, and the chances of there being a second season in Vegas seem rather thin.

13. Ice Road Rescue

Platform: National Geographic
Status: Pending

If there's one thing reality TV shows have helped show the world, it's that people like to live vicariously through the real people they see on TV. Shows like "Ice Road Rescue" have given ordinary people a glimpse into one of the most rewarding yet most misunderstood jobs one can have.Advertisement

Ice Road Rescue @Tab2Xtra / Twitter.com

Ice Road Rescue @Tab2Xtra / Twitter.com

Produced by ITV Studios Norway, “Ice Road Rescue” was picked up by National Geographic TV in 2015, and has been keeping viewers hooked ever since. The cost of producing this reality show is not so much financial as it is emotionally and physically exhausting for those who live this life day in and day out.

14. Black Mirror

Platform: Netflix
Status: Pending

Originally airing on Channel 4 for its first two seasons, “Black Mirror” was signed, exclusively, by Netflix for its next three seasons. Created, produced and written by Charlie Booker, “Black Mirror” has taken the television world by storm with its dystopian themes and forward-thinking ideas. But how long could the fairy tale last?Advertisement

Black Mirror @John O'Sullivan / Facebook.com

Black Mirror @John O'Sullivan / Facebook.com

The series got off to a flying start, garnering a fantastic reception from viewers and critics. However, with an average production cost of nearly $2.5 million per episode, if it fails to maintain its ratings, it will be difficult to renew for a sixth season and beyond.

15. Goliath

Platform: Amazon Prime Video
Status: Renewed for a fourth and final season

In the mid-2010s, Amazon began work on adding a video streaming platform to its repertoire, and as part of that plan, the online retail giant was looking to create some of its own original series. . In 2015, David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro (who had previously worked together on "Boston Legal") received a pilot order for their latest project — what would become "Goliath."Advertisement

Goliath @drguez / Pinterest.com

Goliath @drguez / Pinterest.com

After the success of the first three seasons of "Goliath", which notably won a Best Actor award for Billy Bob Thornton, the fourth and final season of the program was released on Amazon Prime on September 24, 2021. Senior Prime officials will have to find something else to spend the $10 million it costs to produce each episode.

16. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Platform: ABC
Status: Renewed

"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" was created on the assumption that it would be a daily event for two weeks in August 1999 and then again in November of the same year. However, after the game show's great popularity , it was given a regular time slot on ABC in the first month of the new millennium.Advertisement

Love Island @TadeuszGiczan / Twitter.com

Love Island @TadeuszGiczan / Twitter.com

After 20 seasons and a handful of different hosts, "Millionaire" aired its last episode on May 31, 2019, or not? Just over a year and a half after it was canceled, thanks to the show's new host and co-executive producer Jimmy Kimmel, ABC decided to bring back "Millionaire" for a celebrity edition - which turned out to be done well enough to warrant adding more seasons to ABC's schedule.

17. Love Island

Platform: CBS
Status: Ongoing

A year after buying the non-celebrity American version of “Love Island” from ITV Studios Global Entertainment, the modified version of the show premiered in 2019. The new “Love Island” did not receive the reception the warmer from critics, however, it was still renewed for a second and third season, which will take place in Vegas and Hawaii, respectively.Advertisement

Love Island @dailymail / Pinterest.com

Love Island @dailymail / Pinterest.com

It turns out that no matter where “Love Island” is filmed, its ratings and viewership continue to drop. As of now, it's unclear if "Love Island" will return for a fourth season, but if not, chances are CBS has some ideas for how to better spend the $30 million budget than it does. she has planned for each season of 'Love Island'.

18. The Bachelors

Platform: ABC
Status: Ongoing

Over the past few decades, although “The Bachelor” has passed through the hands of various production companies, with 24 seasons on the clock (with the 25th scheduled for January 2022), the matchmaking reality show has persevered. to become one of television's longest-running reality shows.Advertisement

The Bachelor @cinemablend / Pinterest.com

The Bachelor @cinemablend / Pinterest.comAdvertisement

Unfortunately, all is not rosy for “The Bachelor”. After an early success that warranted two seasons in several calendar years, the show's viewership has halved, and the possibility of a 26th season is as dubious today as it ever was.

19. Punky Brewster

Platform: Peacock
Status: Canceled after one season

It's become a trend in the TV industry lately to bring old favorites from the 70s and 80s back to life, but, as we've seen time and time again, sometimes it's best not to to take care of. Banking on nostalgia to keep a revamped series in production is rarely a good idea, as that kind of concept doesn't last more than a season or two.Advertisement

Punky Brewster @himirai / Pinterest.com

Punky Brewster @himirai / Pinterest.com

In 2020, after 30 years of waiting, "Punky Brewster" was brought back to life by Armogida Brothers Productions. Unfortunately, nostalgia wasn't enough to keep Punky from becoming another one of those season-long revival series, because before production on the second season began, the Armogida Brothers' "Punky Brewster" revival tour was cut short and the series was canceled…once again.

20. American Housewife

Platform: ABC
Status: Canceled after five seasons

When most TV shows get their termination letter from their channel, the production team usually has time to come up with a somewhat acceptable ending, but that's not always the case. But it's not always the case. Some programs are terminated without any warning, and many endings are left in abeyance.Advertisement

American Housewife @bader_diedrich / Twitter.com

American Housewife @bader_diedrich / Twitter.com

Written and created by Sarah Dunn, "American Housewife" had a regular time slot on ABC and a loyal fanbase of over 4 million viewers per episode for 5 seasons, then, without any warning, and much to everyone's chagrin. people involved in the production, the series was canceled without the cast or fans getting the ending they wanted.

21. Shahs of Sunset

Platform: Bravo
Status: Ongoing

"Shahs of Sunset", produced by none other than Ryan Seacrest, first aired on Bravo in the spring of 2012. While it's unclear exactly how much each episode costs to produce, it is known that each of the stars of the "Shahs" earn between $10 and $30,000 per episode in which they appear.Advertisement

Shahs of Sunset @DevezinCos / Pinterest.com

Shahs of Sunset @DevezinCos / Pinterest.com

Whether or not there will be a tenth season of “Shahs of Sunset” is not yet known, but given that it was only a month between the announcement and the airing of the first season 9, it looks like everyone will have to wait to see if the "Shahs of Sunset" will rise again.

22. Black-ish

Platform: ABC
Situation: Renewed for an eighth and final season

Created by Kenya Barris, “Black-ish” hit the small screen in the fall of 2014. Bolstered by the power of Morpheus himself, Laurence Fishburne has been a mainstay on the ABC roster ever since. As the show's executive producer, Laurence Fishburne also had a personal interest in the show.Advertisement

black-ish @serienjunkies / Twitter.com

black-ish @serienjunkies / Twitter.com

Ratings and viewership of "Black-ish" have steadily declined over the show's seven seasons. As a result, Kenya Barris decided that after the eighth season it would finally be time to step away from the show – a Fishburne-directed spin-off might be in the works.

23. Call Your Mother

Platform: ABC
Status: Canceled after one season

Among the projects that were part of executive producer and screenwriter Kari Lizer's contract when she signed with Sony was the multi-camera sitcom "Call Your Mother," which made its television debut in January 2021. Unfortunately, "Call Your Mother” couldn't match Kari Lizer's last big hit, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” (2006-2010).Advertisement

Call Your Mother @THR / Twitter.com

Call Your Mother @THR / Twitter.com

Due to untimely interruptions in the production schedule and longer breaks between episode airdates, the series was unable to gain the viewership the producers initially thought it could get, and "Call Your Mother” became another ABC single-season wonder.

24. A Million Little Things

Platform: ABC
Situation: Season 5 is not for tomorrow

Created, written and produced by DJ Nash, “A Million Little Things” began airing on ABC in the fall of 2018, and has been part of its primetime lineup for 3, soon to be 4, seasons. Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, the series was able to save valuable production costs, while adding naturally beautiful scenery to the final product.Advertisement

A Million Little Things @SpoilerTVvideo/Twitter

A Million Little Things @SpoilerTVvideo/Twitter

After recording acceptable ratings in the first two seasons, Season 3 of “A Million Little Things” saw a sharp drop in both of those numbers. Therefore, although the series is currently airing its fourth season, the future of the series is uncertain, and a fifth season may not be on the cards.

25. Clarice

Platform: CBS
Status: Unofficially canceled

When not rebooting or reimagining an old program, spin-offs, prequels and sequels are the best way for a franchise to expand its existing notoriety, while expanding its fan base to a new generation of viewers. Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman were hired in 2020 to develop "Clarice," a television series that was to be the sequel to the award-winning film "The Silence of the Lambs."Advertisement

Clarice @LukeMitchell__ / Twitter.com

Clarice @LukeMitchell__ / Twitter.com

Filming for the first and only season, to date, of “Clarice,” took place in Toronto, Canada, between fall 2020 and spring 2021. As of this writing, season 2 of "Clarice" has yet to be confirmed and, due to its disappointing ratings, it is unlikely to be.

26. Supergirl

Platform: The CW
Status: The final season is airing

In the spring of 2014, the “Arrowverse” had two hit TV shows, but neither had a main character for young girls to look up to. It is with this in mind that Warner Bros. began the process of bringing Superman's cousin to the small screen: "Supergirl." About a year and a half after its conception, the pilot, which cost $14 million to make, premiered in the fall of 2015.Advertisement

Supergirl @ComicBookNOW / Twitter.com

Supergirl @ComicBookNOW / Twitter.com

The inaugural season of "Supergirl" was very well received, with each episode averaging just under 10 million viewers. But Kara Zor-El's popularity quickly waned and after 6 seasons of inspiring viewers, Supergirl decided to stop wearing her cape due to lack of ratings.

27. For Life

Platform: ABC
Status: Canceled after two seasons

Working with Sony Pictures Television, Doug Robinson Productions and G-Unit Film & Television, ABC began developing a "For Life" pilot in 2018 which was written by Hank Steinberg, one of the show's executive producers. The pilot was well received and in the spring of 2019 it was ordered to series.Advertisement

For Life @ABC / Youtube.com

For Life @ABC / Youtube.com

It took two seasons to figure it out but apparently "For Life" isn't what ABC wants to present to its viewers and the show was dropped by the network. Much like Isaac Wright Jr, the man the series is based on, don't expect this series to be dropped without saying his last word as the plan of its creators is to shop around and find a new dissemination platform.

28. Mixed-ish

Platform: ABC
Situation: The series was canceled after the second season

If done well due to their low cost of production, single-camera sitcoms have the potential to be real golden gooses. Mixed-ish” isn't just a single-camera sitcom, it's also a spinoff of “Black-Ish,” the famous sitcom that should have given it a thumbs up instead of mixed reviews.Advertisement

mixed-ish @deadline / Pinterest.com

mixed-ish @deadline / Pinterest.com

It only took two seasons of "Mixed-ish" for ABC to realize that two spinoffs from a parent show might be a bit too much. The popularity of the series never came close to that of its predecessor although it managed to attract over 3 million viewers per episode. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to warrant a trilogy season.

29. Rebel

Platform: ABC
Situation: The series was canceled after one season

Based on the events of the life of the one and only Erin Brockovich, "Rebel" was able to appeal to fans hoping to recapture some of the pizzazz that made the hit 2000 film starring Julia Roberts. But what they got was not what they had in mind.Advertisement

Rebel @tvseriesfinale / Pinterest.com

Rebel @tvseriesfinale / Pinterest.com

“Rebel” premiered in April 2021 to above-average viewership numbers and lackluster reviews. After the conclusion of its first season, the series was dropped by ABC. There were rumors that IMDb TV was in talks to pick up the show for a second season but the show's creator (Krista Vernon) announced in August that the project had been scrapped.

30. Absentia

Platform: Amazon Prime Video
Status: It ended after three seasons

Back in 2017, when “Absentia” was originally picked up by AXN, the show's creators had a three-year plan with a plot in mind and they had no desire to deviate from it. The first two seasons of “Absentia” were available internationally on AXN but also on Amazon Prime Video in North America while the third season premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.Advertisement

Absentia @blanchsdelrey / Twitter.com

Absentia @blanchsdelrey / Twitter.com

Knowing that the series was supposed to last no more or less than three seasons, the plot was more succinct and its loyal viewers did not have to suffer a cliffhanger ending.

31. Tales from the Loop

Platform: Amazon Prime Video
Status: Currently on hiatus

Many TV series are inspired by novels (regular or graphic) but Nathaniel Halpern's TV series "Tales from the Loop" is actually inspired by an art book. With acclaimed director Matt Reeves (Under Siege 2, Cloverfield, The Batman) on board as executive producer in 2018, Amazon gave a series order for an 8-episode inaugural season.Advertisement

Tales from the Loop @siddharthjrs / Pinterest.com

Tales from the Loop @siddharthjrs / Pinterest.com

Released all at once on April 3, 2020 via Amazon . Prime Video, “Tales from the Loop” received fantastic reception from critics and viewers. The first season even earned an 85% “Certified Freshness” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The showrunners are still waiting to find out if "Tales from the Loop" will be renewed for a second season and it would be a surprise if it didn't.

32. Better Call Saul

Platform: AMC
Status: Renewed for a sixth (and final) season

“Better Call Saul” was conceived in 2013 just as its main series was coming to an end. At the time, few would have believed it if told that the "Breaking Bad" spinoff would end up outlasting its award-winning predecessor. But after being renewed for a sixth and final season, that's exactly what's happening.Advertisement

Better Call Saul @slashfilm / Pinterest.com

Better Call Saul @slashfilm / Pinterest.com

From start to finish, "Better Call Saul" had a very eclectic group of viewers. Some wanted to convince themselves that “Breaking Bad” had survived thanks to its spin-off but the reality is that “Better Call Saul” is a completely different series and as people started to realize, the ratings started to decrease.

33. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond

Platform: AMC
Status: The final season is airing

It's not often that a TV series reaches the heights once reached by "The Walking Dead" in its heyday, especially if it's based on a comic book series, but the fact is that everyone wants to have their share of the cake once it does. "The World Beyond" is the second and probably not the last in a long list of spin-offs from this classic series.Advertisement

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond @meltyfr / Pinterest.com

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond @meltyfr / Pinterest.com

When the series was approved for production, the plan for "The Walking Dead: The World Beyond" was for the series to be a "short story" and although it was planned to be shorter than other series in the "Walking Dead" franchise, it was supposed to last longer than the two short seasons that AMC gave it.

34. Little Voice

Platform: Apple TV+
Status: It was canceled at the end of the first season

In June 2018, hoping to expand its roster of unique programming, Apple gave Sarah Bareilles and Jessie Nelson carte blanche to create a full season of their show "Little Voice," a romantic comedy-drama that focuses on the discovering his true voice. Almost 2 years later, "Little Voice" was ready to be listened to (or watched).Advertisement

Little Voice @m_profumo / Twitter.com

Little Voice @m_profumo / Twitter.com

Launched in July 2020, “Little Voice” was unfortunately not the voice viewers wanted to hear and although the series was well received by critics, it was canceled at the end of the first season.

35. Amazing Stories

Platform: Apple TV+
Status: On hold for now

Four and a half years after NBC announced its intention to develop a reboot of "Amazing Stories", a 1985 television series created by Steven Spielberg, and after many twists and turns including more than one change in the production team, the five-episode first season finally aired in spring 2020.Advertisement

Amazing Stories @montgomery2443 / Pinterest.com

Amazing Stories @montgomery2443 / Pinterest.com

The first five amazing stories the series told cost around $5 million each to make and as of yet no decision has been made on whether or not that budget is justified. Apple TV + subscribers will have to wait a little longer to find out if season 2 will take place.

36. Killing Eve

Platform: BBC America/BBC iPlayer
Status: Renewed for a fourth season which will be the last

Playing off audiences' love of spy thrillers, 'Killing Eve' was set to premiere in the spring of 2018. After initial screenings at the BBC, someone must have loved what they saw because before the first episode of "Killing Eve" was televised, the second season was already underway.Advertisement

Killing Eve @DiscussingFilm / Twitter.com

Killing Eve @DiscussingFilm / Twitter.com

The cast and crew of 'Killing Eve' basically tore it all up on the small screen and each of the following two years the show was renewed for the next season ahead of the current season's premiere. However, when the fourth season was renewed, it was renewed knowing that 2022 would be the last year Eve hunts down and captures psychopaths.

37. Games People Play

Platform: BET
Situation: It is not yet known if a third season will ever be released

Written by Angela Burt-Murray, “Games Divas Play” is the novel that “Games People Play” was based on. Much like some of the show's sports characters toy with their year-on-year contracts, the folks producing the show have decided to improvise in recent years, finding out quite late in the season if they'll be filming the show. Next year.Advertisement

Games People Play ©Amazon.com

Games People Play ©Amazon.comAdvertisement

The cast and crew of 'Games People Play' still don't know if they'll be returning for season 3 next year but with only half a million weekly viewers in America, it's increasingly looking like after just two seasons, BET may decide to air "Games People Play" which would make it a free agent for other networks in the offseason.

38. The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Platform: Bravo
Situation: A twelfth season should soon see the light of day

Between its creation in 2009 and its last season which ended in the spring of 2021, the fourth installment of the “The Real Housewives” franchise only took a year (2015) off. But after 11 seasons on air in the summer of 2021, the show's future was up in the air.Advertisement

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ©Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ©Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

With a slowly deteriorating ratings and a budget of around $1 million per episode, it seemed like Teresa and Melissa's time on television was coming to an end, but "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" s is hooked and the show has been renewed for a 12th (and possibly final) season which is set to debut in early 2022.

39. The Real Housewives of Orange County

Platform: Bravo
Situation: The sixteenth season is on the way (or maybe not finally)

Inspired by the ABC drama series "Desperate Housewives", RHOC first aired in 2005 and has since spawned not only a franchise but also a "Real Housewives" empire. Besides the other 11 American episodes of “Housewives”, there are also 21 international spin-offs.Advertisement

The Real Housewives of Orange County @RHObsessed / Twitter.com

The Real Housewives of Orange County @RHObsessed / Twitter.com

The 16th season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was scheduled to premiere on December 1, 2021, but like other "real housewives" currently airing, the future of the franchise's original series is up in the air.

40. The Unicorn

Platform: CBS
Situation: The series was canceled after two seasons

Created by Mike Schiff and Bill Martin, “The Unicorn” was picked up by CBS in 2019. After a successful pilot that garnered over 8 million viewers, Schiff and Martin received an order for 5 more episodes to complete what had already been agreed.Advertisement

The Unicorn @ent_fact / Facebook.com

The Unicorn @ent_fact / Facebook.com

CBS was so impressed with the numbers for 'The Unicorn' Season 1 that the channel opted to reward the cast and crew with a second season, which will ultimately be their last because after two seasons of higher ratings on average, it was canceled by CBS.

41. Katy Keene

Platform: The CW
Situation: The series only lasted one season

The musical “Katy Keene” is not only a spin-off of “Riverdale” but, since the first takes place half a decade after the events of the second, it is also a sequel of sorts. The reception of the series was mixed to say the least and “Katy Keene” was not renewed for a second season.Advertisement

Katy Keene @genevievehaar1687 / Pinterest.com

Katy Keene @genevievehaar1687 / Pinterest.com

After its first and only season ended, “Katy Keene” became the first CW series to premiere exclusively on HBO Max. All CW series had previously been offered to Netflix after the broadcast of the finale of each season. This series will have made history since the CW will no longer even broadcast the series on its own platforms.

42. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Platform: NBC
Status: It was canceled after two seasons but was picked up by Roku for a Christmas TV movie

NBC strives to give its viewers what they want, like every other channel, and with nearly 3 million people (on average) watching every episode of the first season of 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist', executives at NBC thought it would be a good idea to renew the series for a second season.Advertisement

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist ©Sergei Bachlakov/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist ©Sergei Bachlakov/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Although fans of Zoey and her playlist were probably thrilled to see there would be a second season, the ratings proved that perhaps the series renewal was a mistake. An error that NBC remedied by stopping the production of the series.

43. Filthy Rich

Platform: Fox
Situation: Filthy Rich didn't last more than one season

Borrowing a series idea from another country is not uncommon in the entertainment industry. In 2019, an adaptation of the Kiwi series "Filthy Rich" was created by Tate Taylor. Taylor's "Filthy Rich" had a few better-known investors than her namesake as she had backing from Wyolah Films, Ron Howard's Imagine Television Studios, Disney-owned 20th Television and of course, Fox Entertainment.Advertisement

Filthy Rich @krcivoj / Pinterest.com

Filthy Rich @krcivoj / Pinterest.com

It only took 5 episodes for the folks at Fox to realize that Taylor's show wasn't going to make anyone rich, frisky or otherwise, and the show was canceled but not taken straight off the air. antenna. The series aired its final episode a few weeks later.

44. The Masked Dancer

Platform: Fox
Situation: It seems The Masked Dancer won't get a sequel

Due to the response she received when she was a fun recurring segment on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' a few years ago, the idea of ​​'The Masked Dancer' was developed by Fox and quickly caught on. turned into a reality TV competition that had a not-so-famous celebrity judging panel and premiered the day after boxing day in 2020.Advertisement

The Masked Dancer @emhiggins2894 / Pinterest.com

The Masked Dancer @emhiggins2894 / Pinterest.comAdvertisement

Craig Robinson, The "Bandit of Pontiac" and his subtly witty sense of humor can only carry a show so far and although "The Masked Dancer" got a decent rating and only nearly 10 million people have watched each episode, it seems that it was indeed the last dance for this program.

45. The Moodys

Platform: Fox
Situation: It was canceled after two seasons

Just over 2.7 million people in the United States took the time to watch the first two episodes of “The Moodys” when they aired back-to-back in December 2019. However, after the year 2020, people's tastes changed as viewers no longer really liked the comedic styles of “The Moodys” and the numbers back that up.Advertisement

The Moodys @tvseriesfinale / Pinterest.com

The Moodys @tvseriesfinale / Pinterest.comAdvertisement

After a year off production, Season 2 of “The Moodys” returned in April 2021 but not viewers of the show. With only a third of season one viewers tuning in each week, Fox had no choice but to change the mood by changing the lineup.

46. Next

Platform: Fox
Situation: Viewers said “Next” at the end of the first season

Originally scheduled for spring 2020 for reasons beyond the control of those involved, the premiere of "Next" was delayed by approximately 6 months. It was clear from the start that interest in a show about homeland cybersecurity was not what viewers were looking for since the pilot was only watched by around 1.81 million people.Advertisement

Next @JoBlo Streaming & TV Trailers / Youtube.com

Next @JoBlo Streaming & TV Trailers / Youtube.comAdvertisement

Channel executives recognized early on that continuing to air "Next" the following year would be a mistake, and before the third episode of the series aired, production showrunners had already learned that the end of the first season would also be the end of the series and they would have to start looking for their "next" job.

47. Prodigal Son

Platform: Fox
Situation: The series was canceled after two seasons

In January 2019, Fox gave Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver the green light to create a pilot for the crime drama, "Prodigal Son." The show got off to a canonical start in getting viewers talking and it even got a new celebrity cast member for the second season.Advertisement

Prodigal Son @deadline / Pinterest.com

Prodigal Son @deadline / Pinterest.com

When Catherine Zeta-Jones was added to the show's cast after season 1, those involved in the production had hopes for a long run. Unfortunately, the average of just over 2 million weekly viewers during the second season wasn't enough and after just 2 years the show was canceled leaving Fox with the daunting task of finding its new "prodigal son". .

48. The Bold Type

Platform: Freeform
Situation: The Bold Type will have lasted five seasons before saying goodbye

The first season of "The Bold Type", the comedy-drama created by Sarah Watson, aired in the summer of 2017 and received a rather warm reception from the executives of the subsidiary of {DIS:Walt Disney}} Freeform who, after the end of the first season, signed a contract for at least two more seasons.Advertisement

The Bold Type @IV_IX_ / Twitter.com

The Bold Type @IV_IX_ / Twitter.comAdvertisement

Even with below-average viewership stats, the Universal Television-produced series persevered, and the final season of 'The Bold Type' ended in the summer of 2021 capping a consistent five-year run on the show. antenna.

49. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

Platform: Freeform
Situation: Not everything will be “okay” since the series ended after two seasons.

Thanks to the popularity he gained with his debut series 'Please Like Me', Australian comedian Josh Thomas got the chance to direct a 10-episode series for Freeform in 2018. 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay' aired premiered in January 2020 to great reviews but the series was not successful enough to catch the attention of a large audience.Advertisement

Everything's Gonna Be Okay @ent_fact / Pinterest.com

Everything's Gonna Be Okay @ent_fact / Pinterest.comAdvertisement

Sadly, about two months after the conclusion of the show's second season, the Australian's series was canceled by Freeform but based on the size of his fanbase, it looks like Josh Thomas will be fine.

50. Y: The Last Man

Platform: FX on Hulu
Situation: The series will not be entitled to a second season

Getting a TV series from development to airing is no easy feat, and the team that brought Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's post-apocalyptic comic book series "Y: The Last Man learned the hard way. It took nearly 15 years to bring the story to life through a failed attempt at a movie but in the fall of 2021, the hard work paid off.Advertisement

Y: The Last Man @tvseriesfinale / Pinterest.com

Y: The Last Man @tvseriesfinale / Pinterest.comAdvertisement

Developed and produced by FX, the TV series "Y: The Last Man" was not as well received as the comic it was based on and even before the end of the first season, the showrunners learned that there was no there would be no second season.

51. Betty

Platform: HBO
Situation: Betty stopped after two seasons

After airing for two seasons on HBO, Betty was canceled. The series was a teen comedy directed by Crystal Moselle who based the series on her critically acclaimed film Skate Kitchen. The series followed a group of girl skateboarders as they navigate the traditionally male-dominated sport.

Betty @dougsirk / Twitter.com

Betty @dougsirk / Twitter.comAdvertisement

HBO didn't say why it canceled Betty which starred Kabrina Adams and Debe Lovelace. The network simply said that it "won't be moving forward" with Season 3 of the series likely due to low ratings. HBO is never afraid to distribute seasons for shows that have a lot of viewers, so that was probably a potential motivating factor behind the business decision.

Other Best cancelled TV shows

  1. Firefly2002

2.  Freaks and Geeks  1999

3. My So-Called Life1994

4. Jericho 2006

5. PushingDaisies2007

6. VeronicaMars2004

7. The Get Down 2016

8. Party Down 2009

9. Deadwood 2004

10. All American 2018

11. Tru Calling 2003

12. Bless theHarts 2019

13. Roswell1999

14. High Fidelity2020

15. Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles2008

16. Agent Carter 2015

17. Rome 2005

18. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 2018  

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