Copenhagen: One Of The Most Expensive Cities In The World?

Copenhagen:  One Of The Most Expensive Cities In The World?
Restaurants can be expensive here, IF you pick the expensive restaurants.

I am a bit puzzled by the constant "Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world".

Copenhagen's newest bridge.
You can walk your way through Copenhagen in 3-4 days, with things to look at everywhere, museums, castles, parks, all free or with days with free entry.
I live in Copenhagen, and I travel overseas every year, and I do not find Denmark or Copenhagen more expensive than other big cities in Europe.

And if you think groceries are expensive in Denmark, walk into a store in schwitzerland or Sweden

Restaurants can be expensive here, IF you pick the expensive restaurants.

We have pizza and Kebab places on every corner, you can walk into every grocery store ( also on almost every corner) and find fresh baked bread, buns, pizza slices, sausage Rolls, and wonderfuld Danish bread rolls, inexpensive and tasting good.
We have 7 elevens everywhere, also with nice food to snack on as you move around in Copenhagen.

It does not have to be expensive.

You can walk your way through Copenhagen in 3-4 days, with things to look at everywhere, museums, castles, parks, all free or with days with free entry.

So dont worry, unless you are used to fancy expensive Hotels and restaurants, and tourist guides to show you everything for a price, then just surrender yourself to Wonderful Copenhagen, find someone in this group who would love to show you around one day, or hook up with someone that can answer your questions, while you are here.

Restaurants in Copenhagen can be expensive here, IF you pick the expensive restaurants.

We are one of the most civilized countries in the world, you can walk the streets at night, you can talk to everyone if you speak english, there are trains, metros and buses to almost every single spot in Denmark, so just let yourself go, and enjoy itself.

And if you bring the wrong clothes, there are goodwill stores everywhere, or departmentstores with cheap clothes. Just dont worry so much.
We got you.


I arrived home from Copenhagen yesterday and I agree. It’s no more expensive than it would be in London (or most major UK cities).

Flights and 3 nights stay came to roughly £110.

We chose to eat in the expensive restaurants, as that was the purpose of our visit, but there were plenty of lower priced options.

Generally we paid around £4-£6 for a beer (again, very similar to the UK). Only once did we pay almost £10 for a beer and this wasn’t even in one of the tourist traps (I think they just saw us coming!).

I found public transport to be cheaper, cleaner, less crowded and more efficient that the UK.

Also, £10 in Copenhagen will get you far better quality food than £10 in the UK, it’s not even close.

Mike Bartley wow. Which hotel did you stay

Lampshade Workshops with Annie Next House Copenhagen. Granted, this is a hostel, but it is a very good one. I don’t usually stay in hostels but we had heard great things so gave it a try based on the fact it was so cheap. It was great value for money and had people of all ages staying there, including families. Private rooms are available. Plenty to do on site (although we spent all of our time away from the hostel) and it always felt safe.

If you’re used to luxury, it’s not the right place. But if you’re looking for somewhere on a budget to use just to put your head down and store your things, it’s ideal. 5 mins walk from central station, too

I agree 100%!!! Last October I went to Copenhaguen, and I didn't need to spend lot of money. I am deeply in love of this city and its people!

How much I would love to live here. In two weeks I will go with my oldest son, I worked hard all year awaiting this moment. The problem now is, my mother is in hospital and I am not sure if we will can go... So sad

But yes, København is gorgeous!

Hi Mike,
Would you share your accommodation address as I would like to go to Copenhagen and stay for few days in an affordable place.

I completely agree. We visited for the first time this summer (and completely fell in love with it - we’ll most definitely be back!), before we went, every time I said to anyone we were going to Copenhagen, it was met with a “ooh, prepare yourself, it’s so expensive” (mostly from people who have never been there, I might add  We found that it was FAR from expensive. In fact, some things in the supermarkets were cheaper than the UK and eating and drinking out was pretty much on a par with UK inner city prices. And travelling round the city is inexpensive too! I don’t know why people like to paint it out to be this extortionately expensive place that you’ll need a second mortgage to visit. It really is not!! And it’s the most wonderful city I’ve ever visited in my life

Great post
I’m arriving there tomorrow looking forward to seeing your wonderful country for the first time

Was in Copenhagen in August. Had great food in Tivoli foodhall, eat the best hotdog on Nyhavn. We had a boatride with Nettobadene and took also watertaxi and Metro. Every holiday is expensive but Copenhagen was not extreme for us. Our hotel Scandic was in Sluseholmen and was great. Love to come back, love Denmark

Entirely agree - but you have to know, that average danish income is relatively high compared to other countries but so are the taxes.
Myself born and grew up in Denmark, have lived in London and now in Germany, feel prices are high compared to Germany.
But as you say, Copenhagen has so many different opportunities, so there is surely something for every wallet.
Will be back in November �

Totally agree

My wife and I live in London (I have lived here 3-4 days under 48 years)

We are both in our 60s

We were in Copenhagen 15/09/23 to 17/09/23

I am not “into steps” but our steps over the just under 2.5 days there reached c100,000.

We only took a train from/to the airport, otherwise we walked.

We went to bars and restaurants.

Drinks were more than we usually pay but not significantly more, but the quality was very good

Restaurants were very good quality and not really expensive in my view 

We did not go there, though I would have liked to experience at least one, but there are social dining places charging from 50 DKK (Sunday price) to 150 DKK each for dinner

There is a place where you pay what you can afford to

There are undoubtedly other inexpensive eateries

We did not go there but there was an eat all you can pizza and salads and maybe other foods buffet for 80 DKK each till 4 pm and 90 DKK each after that

The trains were inexpensive

30 DKK each one way from/to the airport

Love Copenhagen! Good food, which Copenhagen has, is a little pricey in most cities around the world. I want farmers & restauranteurs & waiters to make a living wage. I am willing to pay for quality.

Well mostly I think it is ok but the Norwegian krone is terrible low (also the swedish one)
So you must think before you buy .