By YEET MAGAZINE | August 8, 2021, 6:09 PM

After being vaccinated against Covid-19, many women have seen effects on their menstrual cycle. After being vaccinated against Covid-19, many women have seen effects on their menstrual cycle.

Since the start of the various vaccination campaigns around the world against Covid-19, many women have reported having menstrual disorders. Does it really have to do with coronavirus vaccines?

Disruption of cycles, heavy bleeding, bleeding between periods, more painful periods ... since the first injections of the Covid-19 vaccines, many women have noticed changes in their menstrual cycle.
It is the

American anthropologist Kate Clancy who, on Twitter, from the month of last February warned about her menstrual disturbances, evoking a dysregulation and bleeding "as when [she was] 20 years old". Since then, testimonials have multiplied on social networks.

No link has been established to date between vaccination against Covid-19 and menstrual disorders, but the The WHO has decided to classify as a "potential signal" menstrual disturbances that occurred after vaccination with mRNA vaccines in its weekly update on adverse effects of vaccination.

In fact, as of July 27, 36 cases have been reported with the Moderna vaccine out of more than 6.4 million injections and 229 with the Pfizer vaccine, out of more than 53 million injections.

Events that manifested themselves within 24 to 48 hours for half of the women concerned, up to more than 15 days after vaccination for some of them, notes the survey.

"Non-serious" but "unexpected" effects.

Health agencies  have indicated  that "it is difficult to precisely determine a role of the vaccine in the occurrence of these menstrual or genital bleeding", before specifying that these are "non-serious effects" although "unexpected" .

Asked by YEET, obstetrician gynecologist Jessica Dahan Saal reassures about these cases: "Whatever happens, it's not something serious".

The potential menstrual disturbances after vaccination are not going to have an impact on "the health or [on] the fertility of the person", before recalling that these are only "very rare side effects".

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An inflammatory reaction?

Gynecologists have attempted to explain why these menstrual disorders are probably related to the vaccine: "When we make a vaccine, we trigger an immune storm in the body so that the white blood cells defend themselves against the virus. creates an inflammatory reaction which can also be located at the level of the gynecological organs, from where the disorders originates ".

"It is therefore not the vaccine directly which would be the cause of a menstrual disorder but the inflammatory reaction that it would induce",  Parisian gynecologist Geoffroy Robin said, but these are only hypotheses, pending the results of a study on the subject.