Elon Musk is killing Twitter. As of today, www.twitter.com no longer exists ... it is now www.x.com

Elon Musk is killing Twitter. As of today, www.twitter.com no longer exists ... it is now www.x.com
Don't be surprised if you see X become TIED to artificial intelligence AI, to SpaceX, or other high-tech products and services, including messaging, social media, a company of EVERYTHING.

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A completely new branding.

The TWATS at Twatter, I mean Twitter, have dived off the cliff. Let's see how and where they land.

The biggest twat of them all, American oligarch ELON MUSK, has fired the majority of the company's employees as well as most of the executives.

Musk will take Twitter, I mean ex-Twitter, I mean X, to a products and services business model, far removed from the short messaging platform it was once known for.

Don't be surprised if you see X become TIED to artificial intelligence AI, to SpaceX, or other high-tech products and services, including messaging, social media, a company of EVERYTHING.

So the company has now become his personal possession, and he cares NOT for the users and the advertisers ... because his billions from his other enterprises more than make up for the massive loss of revenues at Twitter / X.

There is speculation that X Corp (Twitter's new name) will become a high-tech store that will accept digital payments.

It will be Amazon, Alibaba / Ali Exress, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, Viber, Google Mail, Google Search, Bard / Bing (AI-powered search assistant), ChatGPT (AI-powered chatmate), and Western Union all ROLLED INTO ONE.

It will be the first superapp in the western world.

Elon Musk has billions of dollars to throw at this project, and hire tens of thousands of AI pros and coding engineers and computer wizards, 100+K were laid off by many high-tech companies recently such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IBM, Oracle, ETC, so he will have choice pickings for hirelings. Furthermore,

Musk has built a well-documented reputation for entrepreneurial SUCCESS and making money, such as project management, product branding, merchandising, slow and steady and methodical build-up of production and scaling, not to mention the fact that he can move markets and consumers by even a slight reference to a product or service or app, showcasing his immense popularity and charisma. Every single one of his companies is a leader in its industry.  

He has championed Basic Income for those who earn less than $100K per year

He has championed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a way to do away with fiat / national money currencies thus undermining central banks that he absolutely hates ... he has championed space exploration and colonization to save the Earth and the  human race from extinction ... he himself has stated that he is "only an engineer, bottom line and at the end of the day", well then he should stay away  from politics, geo-politics, and right-wing behavior, and simply focus on science and engineering.

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