Enjoy the Stunning Paris Opera House and all of it's Small Secrets

Enjoy the Stunning Paris Opera House and all of it's Small Secrets

There is no other building that shows the luxury and grandeur of Paris quite like the Paris Opera House. Everything about the Paris Opera House personifies the greatness of Paris from the ornate moldings in the ceiling to the amazing deep red décor with makes everything feel sophisticated.

The Paris opera house has been around since 1669 under various different names such as the Académie d'Opéra, Académie Royale de Musique and Académie de Musique after Louis XIV wanted more people in France to attend the opera. Charles Garnier was the architect who designed the Paris opera house after winning a competition and even left his signature somewhere in the Rotunda; he was inspired a lot from Neo-Baroque designs to create one of the masterpieces of its age.

This great building took 15 years to complete and used 74 sculptors and 14 painters to decorate every part of the building with such beautiful detail that in 2000 when the main façade was renovated experts were astounded to see how rich and bright the colors still were.

Everything about the Paris Opera house is expensive and luxurious; it shows how at the time of its creation it was seen as a rich country with grand taste and liked to demonstrate their construction talents. Most of the surfaces are covered with red velvet to give a comfortable enviroment as you delighted by the opera, everything else is either behind a beautiful statue or covered with gold leaf so that when the light from the beautiful chandelier hits it the entire room glows.

The best way to see this stunning building is on a tour. There are so many tiny details that will escape you if you explored alone, such as where Charles Garnier’s signature is and other stories that have taken place inside this amazing building. One of the most adored parts of the Paris Opera house is the Grand staircase; this is built out of different colored marble leading to all the different parts of the auditorium. Everyone can see the beauty of the Paris opera house, whether you are an expert in architecture, design, French history or you know nothing about the Paris opera housePsychology Articles, it will amaze you.