Fashion Bloggers and Influencers On Instagrammers : Who To Follow ?

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Fashion Bloggers and Influencers On Instagrammers : Who To Follow ?

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By Joan Carmichael  YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) March 12, 2022

They have between 10,000 and several million followers on social networks, spend their days feeding their Instagram feeds and posting stories... Influencers, direct descendants of bloggers, are the new it-girls who monopolize the front rows of fashion shows , are invited to all the parties and receive a preview of exclusive pieces. Review of the most essential.

Fashion influencers: bloggers and Instagrammers to follow
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  • Beauty influencers
  • Sports influencers
  • Fashion influencers aged 50 and over
  • Round influencers
  • How much does an influencer earn?

$10 billion. This is what the global influence market weighed in 2019 . In France, 26.6% of 25-34 year olds say they follow influencers. A figure that rises to 38.2% for 15-24 year olds, according to a study conducted by Kantar Media. These segments of the population both concede having already purchased a product or service recommended by these influencers, an act of purchase made by 13% of 24-35 year olds and 15.1% of 15-24 year olds. With such prescriptive power, it's no wonder influencers have become one of brands' best marketing weapons. Some influencers also use their notoriety to create their own labels. This is the case of Chiara Ferragni, pregnant with her second child, Anne-Laure Mais, with her signature Musier, future mother Jeanne Damas, with Rouje, Amina Muaddi and her line of shoes in her name, Caroline Receveur who has just move to Dubai and launched Recc in 2019, or the Spanish Gala Gonzalez with her label Amlul.

Who are the beauty influencers to follow?

Because it's not just fashion in life, social networks are full of accounts whose specialty is to analyze the best in cosmetics, to decipher the latest trends and to share routines. well-being.

With which sports influencers should you train?

The year 2020 will have demonstrated that social networks are fabulous tools for exercising from home. Exercises to repeat at will, live classes, stretching sessions... If nothing beats a real life class  with a teacher, sports influencers still allow you to adopt good practices at home. This is the case of Lucile Woodward , both coach and entrepreneur, who made a name for herself by creating sports videos on YouTube for Doctissimo. She has now published a sports and nutrition method to do good for her body and is followed by nearly 240,000 people on Instagram.

Who are the fashion influencers aged 50 and over?

Social media isn't just for millennials . The proof, more and more women aged 50 and over do not hesitate to take over Instagram to post their latest fashion finds. With 1.8 million subscribers, Carine Roitfeld , 66, for example, has something to envy the little news who embark on the influence. The former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris  shares her daily life on the social network, between fashion shows, shootings and precious moments spent with her family.

In the English countryside, Paula Sutton shares her exquisite taste with her 447,000 subscribers. Between her perfect garden, her neat decoration and her colorful silhouettes,she has it all.

At 92, Baddie Winkle has nothing to envy to Chiara Ferragni and others since 3.2 million people follow her colorful looks. And this, for a good reason: she puts balm on her heart.

Which round influencers to follow on social networks?

The advantage of social networks is that everyone has their place. While the fashion industry and magazines struggle to let plus-size models into their pages, curvy influencers have taken the lead and made Instagram one of their favorite platforms. Just look at the success of Ashley Graham , model who challenged for the biggest fashion brands and fascinates 11.7 million people on her networks. In France alone, his name is typed 57,200 times a month in Google according to SEMrush, the digital marketing specialist platform. And she is not the only one to seduce. Colorful pieces, prints, message T-shirts that hit the mark.

How much does an influencer earn? The thorny question of salary

It's hard to know how much influencers are paid since their remuneration varies exponentially depending on the number of their subscribers, their engagement rate, but also the type of content they produce, the platform on which they have notoriety…

For sponsored content, for example, the American influence marketing company Izea notes that the average price of a sponsored post on Instagram rose from $122 $ to 1,491  between 2014 and 2019. But these prices can reach peaks when it comes to social media superstar posts. According to the English company Hopper, Chiara Ferragni could charge up to $59,700 for a post on Instagram, while Jeanne Damas could ask for $4,100. Not bad isn't it ?