Halo (TV series) Live Streaming And Replay

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Halo (TV series) Live Streaming And  Replay

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Halo is an American military science fiction television series , developed by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane for the Paramount+ video-on-demand service , based on the video game franchise of the same name . It is produced by Showtime Networks, 343 Industries , Amblin Television, Chapter Elevenet and One Big Picture, and follows a 26th century war between United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Alliance , a military - theocratic coalition of several extraterrestrial species advances.

Pablo Schreiber and Jen Taylor star as Major John-117 and Cortana, with the latter reprising her role from the video game series. They are joined by Natascha McElhone , Yerin Ha, Charlie Murphy , Shabana Azmi , Bokeem Woodbine , Kate Kennedy, Natasha Culzac and Bentley Kalu . Development on the Halo TV series began in 2015. Killen was hired in June 2018, with the series officially announced with a ten-episode order for Paramount+. Filming began in Ontario , Canada , in October 2019, although post-production for the first five episodes was affected due to theCovid-19 pandemic . Filming eventually resumed in Budapest , Hungary , in February 2021.


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In the 26th century, humanity—under the aegis of the United Earth Government (UEG) and its military arm, the United Nations   Space Command ( UNSC)—colonized space . thanks to the technology of the Shaw-Fujikawa Reactor allowing interstellar travel in subspace. In the year 2525, she experienced her first extraterrestrial contact when she encountered the military-theocratic coalition known as the Covenant Alliance . The latter declared humans unworthy of her gods and began to exterminate them.

In the year 2552, with the UNSC waging a desperate war to try to repel the Covenant—using, among other things, the Spartan super-soldiers created by the Office of Naval Intelligence ( ONI )—the colony Madrigal's rebel is attacked by the Alliance, which is conducting excavations on the planet. A Spartan team led by Major John-117 eliminates alien forces and discovers a different alien artifact of Covenant technology, which activates upon John's touch and proves to be a clue leading to the object of the ultimate quest for the Covenant. Covenant Alliance: Halo ...


Main actors

  • Pablo Schreiber ( VF  : David Krüger ) 6  : Major John-117 / Spartan 117
  • Shabana Azmi ( VF  : Marie-Ève ​​Dufresne)  : Admiral Margaret Parangosky, Director of the Navy Intelligence Service
  • Natasha Culzac ( VF  : Karine Texier )  : Rice-028, Spartan member of the Silver Team
  • Olive Gray ( VF  : Alice Taurand)  : Commander Miranda Keyes , Director of ONI 's Xenotechnology Division and daughter of Jacob Keyes and Catherine Halsey
  • Yerin Ha  (en) ( VF  : Zina Khakhoulia )  : Kwan Ha Boo, insurgent of Madrigal
  • Bentley Kalu ( VF  : Mohamed Sanou)  : Vannak-134, Spartan member of the Silver Team
  • Kate Kennedy ( VF  : Géraldine Kannamma)  : Kai-125, Spartan member of the Silver Team
  • Charlie Murphy ( VF  : Marie Diot)  : Makee, a human member of the Covenant and raised by the Hierarchs
  • Danny Sapani ( VF  : Thierry Desroses )  : captain Jacob Keyes , superior of John-117
  • Jen Taylor ( VF  : Laëtitia Lefebvre) 7  : Cortana , artificial intelligence assigned to John-117
  • Bokeem Woodbine ( VF  : Jérome Rebbot)  : Soren-066, a former Spartan who became a separatist leader
  • Natascha McElhone ( VF  : Danièle Douet )  : Dr. Catherine :Elizabeth Halsey , director of the Spartan Project

Recurring actors

  • Ryan McParland ( VF  : Frédéric Philippe)  : Adun, Dr. Halsey 's  assistant
  • Keir Dullea ( VF  : Hervé Jolly )  : Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood, Commander-in-Chief of UNSC and FLEETCOM
  • Burn Gorman ( VF  : Xavier Béja)  : Vinsher Grath, governor of the Madrigal colony
  • Sarah Ridgeway: John-117's mother
  • Duncan Pow  :  John-117's father


Genesis and development

The TV series was scheduled for release in 2015 with Steven Spielberg as producer 8 , then changed to release in 2019 with Rupert Wyatt as producer , then release in 2020 10 , the series is now currently slated to air in 2022 with Otto Bathurst as producer 11 and will follow the 26th century conflict between humanity and an extraterrestrial threat known as the Covenant. Halo will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future .

On May 21, 2013, Steven Spielberg was picked to executive produce a television series based on the Halo video game franchise, distributed by Xbox Entertainment Studios and Spielberg's company, Amblin Television, to be titled Halo: The Television Series . As of August 2015, the series was still in active development .

On June 28, 2018, Showtime received the order for a 10-episode series. Kyle Killen was to serve as writer-producer, writer, and executive producer, while Rupert Wyatt was attached as director and executive, it was announced that John-117 would be the series lead and that the series would tell a new story from the video games while respecting its universe at the same time .

On December 3, Wyatt left his position as director and executive producer due to scheduling conflicts. He was replaced by Otto Bathurst on February 2019 16 , 17 .

In March 2019, Steven Kane was added as co-series director alongside Killen 18 .

On February 24, 2021, the series was moved from Showtime to Paramount+ 11 . Showtime president Gary Levine said the series was an aberration for the company's brand and that as a "big, big-rolling series" it was better suited for Paramount 19 's service .

On June 25, 2021, it was reported that both Kane and Killien were stepping down as writer-producers following the end of the first season. Killien had left before production began, as he felt he was unable to fulfill the duties of writer-producer, with Kane taking the reins as senior series director until post-production work was completed. However, if the series was renewed for a second season, Kane would not return .

On February 15, 2022, Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS) announced even before the first season aired, that the series had already been renewed for a second season. Paramount has also confirmed that Fear the Walking Dead 's David Wiener will serve as showrunner and executive producer for the second season. Wiener will be the third showrunner to helm the series, following Steve Kane who will step down after season 1 and Kyle Kinnen who left the series in 2018 20 .

Distribution of roles

From April to August 2019, the cast of the series was announced, with Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief 21 . He was joined by Yerin Ha, Natascha McElhone, Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac and Kate Kennedy . In November 2020, Jen Taylor replaced McElhone as Cortana 23 .


Principal photography began in October 2019 24 . In 2019, the series spent over $40 million in production costs. All five episodes filmed were re-edited due to the Covid-19 pandemic , with production of the sixth episode and filming of new scenes planned in Ontario , Canada . Filming finally resumed in full in Budapest in February 2021 .

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Data sheet

  • Title: Halo
  • Creation: Kyle Killen and Steven Kane
  • Directors: Otto Bathurst, Jonathan Liebesman , Roel Reiné , Jessica Lowrey
  • Screenplay: Kyle Killen and Steven Kane
  • Decorations:
  • Costumes: Giovanni Lipari
  • Photography  : Karl Walter Lindenlaub , Eric Kress , Ed Wild
  • Assembly :
  • Music: Sean Callery
  • Producer: Sheila Hockin, Charlotte Keating, Frank O'Connor
  • Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg , Kyle Killen, Steven Kane, Otto Bathurst, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Toby Leslie, Scott Pennington, Kiki Wolfkill
  • Production companies: Amblin Television, 343 Industries , Showtime Networks, One Big Picture, Chapter Eleven and Paramount Television Studios
  • Budget :
  • Country of origin: United States
United States Flag
  • Original language: English
  • Format: color - 35  mm - 16:9 HD - Dolby Atmos sound
  • Genre: science fiction , military science fiction
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Classification: Not recommended for children under 12 years old.


First season (2022)

The first season will consist of nine episodes.

  1. Contact ( Contact )
  2. Detachment ( Unbound )
  3. Appearance ( Emergence )
  4. Back to origins ( Homecoming )
  5. Moment of Truth ( Reckoning )
  6. Consolation ( Solace )
  7. Inheritance _ _ _
  8. Allegiance ( Allegiance )
  9. Transcendence ( Transcendence )Source of titles in French 27Source of original titles 28


The first official trailer was shown during The Game Awards 2021 .


Pablo SchreiberMaster Chief

Charlie MurphyMakee

Kate KennedySpartan Kai-125

Natascha McElhoneCortana, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

Jen TaylorCortana

Yerin HaKwan Ha

Natasha CulzacSpartan Riz-028