With platforms like Indeed, where  you can search millions of jobs online to find the next step in your career. With tools for job search, resumes, company reviews and more, I get sick through  every step....

What can I do to get through it all, when I don't really have any dream to aspire toward?

I'm 27, and tired of going to work every day. Sixty-five seems so far away. What can I do to get through it all, when I don't really have any dream to aspire toward?

I feel like a lot of people have covered the ugly and probably the truest way of getting through it all.

Alcohol, meds or marrying into a rich family so you can kick your feet up and live like a royal family. (and honestly still be miserable)

I experienced that in my early twenties, and I can understand what that feels like.

The day feels never-ending.

The work is incredibly mind-numbing so you put on some hopeful music or a comedy show so you can at least have some fun.

And you’ll probably start nodding off because the work is so boring,

You’ll probably fall asleep multiple times on your desk because of how freaken boring the work is, and you up to your coffee consumption so your manager doesn’t see you falling asleep.

Then your pants start to feel tight cause of your shitty habits and then it just spirals from there.

Plus, since I am Asian, leaving my job is pretty scary because that was my parent’s bragging card in yumcha with aunties and uncles.

So yea I get it.

Now everyone has a tipping point, and I was damn lucky mine came when a partner in the company I was working at asked me:

“Look at the managers around you, which of them do you want to be?”

I worked with these managers day in day out, and every time I walk past their desks, they are online shopping or seeing where they are going to take their vacations next.

So truth is, I don’t want to be like any of them.

Except for the one who hired me because she is an absolute beast.

Needless to say, that was my f*ck it moment, and decided to find something I actually enjoy doing.

So this brings me to my first point, finding a job or another workplace or something that you enjoy and CAN GET PAID FOR IT.

You’re still young and have a chance to do that with little consequences.

Not saying you can’t do that when you’re older.

You just have more at stake when you’re older.

Lastly, okay, you’re unable to have any “dreams” to aspire towards because you’re dreading to go to work every day.

How can you even spend time thinking about the person you want to be when all you can think about is how shit this job is?

I had no dream when I entered the workforce, I don’t even know what that means.

I thought wearing a sleek as suit, working in a Fortune 500 company is a dream come true.

Until I got out of it and realize that was not my dream, it was someone else’s dream.

Change something.

Get yourself out of this “tired of going to work” type situation, and let your new environment and new psyche inspire you with something worthwhile for YOU TO ASPIRE TOWARDS.