Kanye West is reportedly selling his 10-bedroom mansion and two underground garages on his $14 million Wyoming ranch.

Kanye West is reportedly selling his 10-bedroom mansion and two underground garages on his $14 million Wyoming ranch.

This expansive property, which he purchased in 2019, spans hundreds of acres and boasts amenities such as a restaurant, saloon, shooting range, cabins, and horse barns.

Kanye West's Wyoming estate has gained immense fame in Hollywood circles. It served as the muse for his album and fashion brand, and any news piece about the rapper almost invariably mentions his 4,000-acre Wyoming ranch.

It appears that Yeezy has decided to part ways with his Wyoming ranch, putting it on the market for $11 million.

This marks a $3 million depreciation from its original purchase price of $14 million.

It seems the designer was eager to sell the property quickly, and it's likely to attract potential buyers, given its proximity to Yellowstone, just fifty-two miles away. Additionally, the ranch offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

According to TMZ, West recently obtained approval for a massive 52,000-square-foot home and additional garages on the same property.

The rapper acquired the Monster Lake Ranch in September 2019 and, just two months later, acquired another ranch nearby.

This sprawling ranch encompasses over 1,400 acres in Cody, Wyoming, approximately 75 miles from Yellowstone National Park.

It features a variety of facilities, including a restaurant, event venue, maintenance shop, office building, horse barns, sheds, corrals, storage facilities, and an advanced shooting range.

In 2018, West hosted an album-listening party at the Diamond Cross Ranch in Moran, Wyoming. For more details, you can visit Business Insider's homepage.


Read full Kanye West's Wyoming Ranch History:

  • Kanye West decided to retain his Wyoming ranch, a 3,888-acre property, in August 2022, taking it off the market.
  • This move occurred following his highly publicized breakup with Kim Kardashian.
  • The ranch had been listed for sale previously, with reports dating back to October 2021 when it was initially put on the market for $11 million.
  • The property encompasses a vast area and is situated near Cody, Wyoming.
  • Kanye West purchased this ranch for a substantial sum of $14 million in 2019.
  • The ranch features several amenities, including a lake, luxury cabins, and stunning landscapes.
  • At one point, Kanye West was considering selling his Wyoming properties, including the Monster Lake Ranch, amid ongoing divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian.
  • However, he eventually decided to keep his Wyoming holdings, which include the Monster Lake Ranch.

These developments in Kanye West's ownership of his Wyoming ranch reflect the high-profile nature of his real estate dealings and personal life.