Kate And William : The Latest Photos Confirm What We All Feared

Kate Middleton and Prince William, eldest son of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne, and Lady Diana Spencer and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, may look pretty perfect from the outside...

By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) July 07, 2023

The marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William, eldest son of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne, and Lady Diana Spencer and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, may look pretty perfect from the outside, but several people were able to notice and attend moments which indeed show us the faults of this couple.

The couple actually struggled from the start of their relationship, and between her complex character and her royal life, young Kate had to come to terms with a few important things about the famous Prince William in order to be able to stay with him. If it seemed that Kate had known how to make to these compromises, today the Duchess of Cambridge does not hold any more and reveals the dark sides of her marriage with the Prince. Read on for more details!ADVERTISEMENT

A story worthy of novels from the start

The relationship between Kate Middleton and Prince William was eventful to say the least from the first spark of their love in 2003. Of course, being one of the most famous couples in the world doesn't help, because the tabloids like to fill their tables. columns of dramas and rumors concerning the royal family.

Sadly, recently another heartbreaking statement came to light regarding the Duke and Duchess, which may prove that their marriage is not as perfect as we are all led to believe. So what really happened?ADVERTISEMENT

A new duchess

According to reports from inside sources, Kate was forced to accept one thing in her marriage to Prince William, and it's not exactly an easy pill to swallow. But that was the price to pay if the young woman really wanted to live with the one she had chosen.

Kate's life was turned upside down when her romance with Prince William was made public by Kensington Palace in 2003 and her life has never been the same since. In 2011, the couple officially married and Britain, along with the rest of the world, welcomed Kate with open arms as the new Duchess of Cambridge.

Power couple

Since then, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become one of the most talked about couples in the world: a future king and a caring Duchess by his side. However, is their relationship as strong as they claim it is?

It is undeniable that they have become a powerful couple on the modern British scene but hard to help but think that the constant stream of rumors and scandals concerning them is not slowly starting to reveal a "truth" that behind their seemingly "perfect" marriage.

A family of five

Despite the negative and unpleasant rumors, Kate and William have created a beautiful family for themselves. Their eldest son, Prince George, was born in 2011 and then Princess Charlotte in 2015 and, more recently, in 2018, the whole world was able to discover the latest addition to the family, Prince Louis.

Their new family of five is now an important part of the future of the royal family, so it's hard to help but think that the rumors are only tainting a well-deserved happiness for them.ADVERTISEMENT

Back to the beginning

Before returning to the essential subject of the alleged relationship problems that Kate would try to cover up, let's go back to the year 2001 to understand everything about this couple. Kate and William first met in their first year, when they both began studying at St Andrews University in Scotland.

They hit it off right away, but not as lovers, just as friends. There was always a spark between them but there was also always something that kept William from asking Kate to go out with him.ADVERTISEMENT

Young and in love

After a year or two of courtesy and sharing wonderful memories, the two young adults finally decided to give their romance a chance. It's 2003 and, amid tabloid speculation, Kensington Palace officially announces their relationship to the world who have been eagerly awaiting the news.

Young and in love, they decided to stay together after graduation while deciding to focus on the next stage in their life: William decided to join the military while Kate turned to the family business of selling through correspondence specializing in children's party supplies.

Difficult beginnings

These years after obtaining their university degrees, separated from each other, were the most difficult. Was their relationship starting to show its true colors? Was William the man he always said he was? Well, according to an inside source, the prince has always been rather reluctant to make his request.

Kate, on the other hand, waited impatiently for the young man of the royal family to put the ring on her finger. The prince reportedly told a friend that "all the fun is gone" since the start of their romance. Was it almost the end of the couple?

Ready and impatient

The inside source, who is a friend of the Duke and Duchess, also revealed that for Kate it was not a 'if' issue but a 'when' issue. She knew what she wanted, and it was William.

By 2004, the couple had been together for three years by then and Kate knew deep down that William was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. He was kind, he was caring and he treated her well. But there was a major problem .

A prince unconvinced

Prince William just couldn't get attached. He knew he loved Kate very much and, in a way, she was the perfect woman for him. However, he didn't feel ready to settle down yet. Kate, on the other hand, felt the opposite.

According to the source, she openly admitted that she half-expected an official announcement to come out of nowhere from the Royal Clarence House. In Kate's mind, there was only one way forward.


While Kate awaited a marriage proposal and William tore his hair out about what he wanted to fear for his marriage, they ended up going their separate ways in 2007 for a period of time.

The real reasons for this split have never been confirmed or explained in detail but it is likely that they stemmed from William's concerns about Kate's private life. However, maybe William had just chickened out and that was the real reason? Did he feel their relationship was going too fast? Did William consider himself a womanizer?

A playboy

Well, according to the inside source, William showed his true face during this time when the couple had briefly split up and it wasn't exactly the face we imagined. The internal source said: "William has always had wandering eyes, even more than his brother who has the reputation of being the playboy of the family."

The source also revealed that William's fear of settling down was something Kate had always been aware of, but that she could never really change it. The young woman was ready to accept this expectation.

Part of the agreement

The source then went on to say, "William's fears about monogamy was something Kate had to come to terms with, it was part of the deal, if you will." What exactly did that mean? What had made William change his mind then?

Maybe he suddenly realized how much he loved Kate and that he was about to lose her for good. More importantly, faced with this recent revelation about William who "had wandering eyes", had he never had another wife?ADVERTISEMENT

A girl by his side?

According to the source, Kate was forced to come to terms with the fact that William had a character that was difficult to tame and control. Did that mean he had a series of other loves in parallel? We may never know the truth.

But we can still speculate that William actually always acted on his alleged tendency to have "wandering eyes." With Kate in the picture since they met early in college, had William never been tempted to stray from his loyalty to the woman he was meant to love?

Like father, like son

With William's obvious love stories, it wouldn't be the first time the Royal Family has been rocked by the revelation of a possible infidelity affair. In fact, William's father, Prince Charles, was struck by a huge controversy during his marriage to Princess Diana, once declaring: "I refuse to be the only royal prince who has never had a marriage. mistress by his side ”.

Not only that, but Princess Diana herself has been very honest that there are three people in their marriage - the third being, of course, Camilla Parker Bowles. After a marriage celebrated in 1981, Prince Charles confessed in front of thousands of viewers his infidelity to Princess Diana.ADVERTISEMENT

Marriage proposal

However, despite all the rumors surrounding William's loyalty, he ended up asking Kate to marry him. During a trip to Kenya in 2010, William finally decided to ask the question and, of course, Kate agreed.

Then, eight months later, in April 2011, Kate walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey towards her prince, where the Archbishop of Canterbury declared them husband and wife. After ten years of ups and downs, the couple were now officially united by the sacred bonds of marriage. The rest was then a thing of the past.

8 years later

Today, in 2020, the couple are still together with three wonderful children. They currently reside on the grounds of Kensington Palace, where the couple live together as a happy family.

While the couple's relationship seems to be going well, why has this inside source decided to speak out now? Isn't their relationship as strong as it always claims it is? Are rumors about their romance just rumors? Kate would not be behind these sudden revelations about her relationship?

Constant rumors

Well, if you go back to the beginning of this year, you might recall that there were other rumors that William was having an affair. This alleged infidelity scandal concerns neighbor Rose Hanbury, whom the couple had known for years.

According to rumors at the time, Kate had argued with Rose about it and as a result she and William were forced to find a new place to live to avoid seeing her every day.

Go forward

However, these rumors regarding her alleged affair with Rose Hanbury are simply not true. Shortly after these stories began to appear in the newspapers, William and Kate were forced to make an official statement, claiming that the rumor was absolutely not true.

Since then the Duke and Duchess have gone further and further and it seems that nothing is currently preventing them from living their fairy tale and living "happily ever after" as they always wanted.

Recent observation

The last time the couple were seen was in early September, when Kate and William were seen accompanying Princess Charlotte to her new school on the first day of her meeting with the principal.

The couple were seen with a beaming smile on their faces, holding the hands of an equally smiling Charlotte. As their only daughter is now four years old, it won't be long before they see Prince Louis on his way to his first day of school as well.

In other news

Separately, it was revealed this week that Kate shares a connection to the Queen that no one knew. Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have always seemed to be quite close, so it's no wonder they both have a special relationship.

It has even been revealed that the Queen is inviting the Duchess to special meetings to discuss her future as Queen Consort and to give her advice on how to handle her new royal title in the best possible way.

Shared name

However, not only do the Queen and Kate share special reunions together but they also share the same first name: Elizabeth. We all now know the Queen's first name is Elizabeth but you may not have known that Kate's full name is actually "Catherine Elizabeth Middleton".

It's unclear whether Kate's parents Michael Middleton and Carole Goldsmith named her Elizabeth in honor of Her Majesty, but it's certainly one more thing that can make them feel close.

The future generations

The first name "Elizabeth" is itself derived from the Hebrew name "Elisheva", which can be translated as "God is fullness" or "God is promise". It seems that Kate is rather thrilled with this name sharing, as Princess Charlotte's full name is also "Charlotte Elizabeth Diana".

It is a clear example of how subtle honors and tributes to ancestors are passed down from generation to generation in the royal family. Who knows what the future of the Windsors will look like? But for questions regarding the future of the royal family, your best bet will be to follow the evolution of the adorable and cute George, Charlotte and Louis, because they are the very part of the future.


The future of the couple and their family may be on hold, but there is no denying the facts of their relationship history. William's position of power would have always been an open secret when it comes to the dynamics of their relationship, so had William always had the upper hand?

Well, according to royal insiders, William certainly believed he had the upper hand at the start of their budding romance. Apparently the prince was very careful not to jump into anything too early.


Royal journalist and novelist Andrew Morton broached this subject in his book 'William and Catherine', published in 2011. He says: 'He always felt conflicted. For his close friends, William had an attitude which showed that, for him, the grass is always greener elsewhere ”.

He then explained that temptation was everywhere when he was in college. For some reason, although he had before him a magnificent contender for a perfect married life, William was unable to find in him the feeling of fully engaged ... Not then, anyway.

Single life

The university years were an opportunity for young students to enjoy life without being bound by the responsibilities of adults. In William's eyes, a serious and long-term relationship with Kate was therefore only going to interfere with that part of his life which should give him the freedom to do whatever he wanted.

In his book, Andrew Morton goes on to explain how William's festive and carefree demeanor had taken priority for some time. It wasn't a time in his life that he wanted to feel settled.


According to Andrew Morton, William struggled to balance his desires for celibacy with his growing feelings for Kate. He cared a lot about Kate and their relationship but another big part of him wanted to gain personal independence for a while.

In a way, that's what William needed, especially as a future king. Due to his mixed feelings, William was always hesitant to take further steps in their relationship. This reluctance continued for years .

Year after year

Their engagement was announced in 2010, eight years after they first met in 2002, much longer than previous royal engagements. The truth is, William was scared. He did not want to rush things and, for that, we must salute his attitude.

From a certain point of view, the period during which the couple briefly separated had likely done wonders for the strength of their future relationship. In a way, then, it would be fair to congratulate William on his rational way of thinking. Maybe a wedding wouldn't have happened if the couple had rushed?

Give time

One of the reasons the couple waited so long to commit is because Prince William wanted Kate to be 100% sure that she wanted to share the life of a king. This reason has even been confirmed by the prince himself!

He wanted Kate and her family to settle in and feel more comfortable in the public eye and understand what it really means to be a member of the Royal Family before fully committing themselves. Seven years is a long time, but it looks like it was all worth it!

A try

Another possibility explaining this long awaited engagement would be that Prince William and Kate wanted to live together before getting married. William thought it was a better idea to give it a try before formalizing things.

Before they got married, he thought it would be a lot smarter not to rush things and see if she really wanted this life. That way Kate could always back down if she didn't. Considering the backgrounds of other royals in history, he seemed to be right!

Generations of family problems

Prince William was deeply affected by his parents' divorce. He didn't want to make the same mistake and rush big decisions. He then thought they should take their time to get Kate to adjust to royal life. As history has shown, it wasn't just Prince Charles and Princess Diana who got divorced.

Edward VIII nearly ruined the entire monarchy by insisting on marrying a divorced woman, and the divorce of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson also tainted the royal family. So it's no surprise that this was something Prince William wanted to avoid.

Media in high demand

Who could blame Prince William and Kate for breaking up in 2007 when the media constantly blocked their way? Some say they shouldn't have expected less from reporters given their image of royal couple, but perhaps that was too much. Everyone was sure there would be a royal wedding in 2007.

The tabloids wrote that Kate would be the next “people's princess”. Kate was being harassed by such a horde of paparazzi that William had to issue a press statement demanding that she have the right to privacy.ADVERTISEMENT

Too many parties

Right before Kate and William's short split, things were not going very well between the two adults. William was performing his duties in the military but spent all his weekends partying with his friends at the barracks.

It all fell apart when the media reported Prince William was drinking, dancing and flirting with girls. Kate was outraged and found his behavior really disrespectful. However, soon after their separation, William had doubts about their breakup.ADVERTISEMENT

Need separate times

It turns out that William and Kate needed some time away from each other to be reunited. Kate always knew William was the one she wanted, but she hadn't realized how important it was to be independent and do things for yourself outside of a relationship.

Kate spent more time with her family and got involved in fundraising through boat races to raise money for charity. William had to face what he really needed to wake up and see that Kate was the one for him.ADVERTISEMENT

Need to be convinced

It was actually Kate who had to be convinced the second time around. It looks like William begged Kate to come back. Although William was the initiator of the breakup, it was also he who convinced her to give him another chance.

When they met in secret nearly two months after their split, William told Kate that he wanted to get back with her but Kate told him that she had been hurt and didn't want to rush. Eventually, the couple resumed their relationship at a costume party and didn't go their separate ways after that.

Harmful rumors

Things went so well between Prince William and his wife Kate that when a rumor began to circulate about William's infidelity, it was a shock to the whole world. According to some sources, when the Duchess confronted him about it, William scoffed as this story couldn't be further from the truth.

But whatever the truth, the rumor had set in and was starting to damage their marriage and the royal family. The family has since decided to fight back rather than ignore these negative rumors by taking legal action.


The royal family took legal action in response to the false accusation of infidelity leveled against Prince William. She sent a threatening letter to at least one British publication. In that letter, she declared that there was a violation of the couple's privacy.

The letter supported this claim using Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Fans of the couple voiced their opinions and many seemed to believe that the alleged scandal was false but, deep down, impossible to know the truth.

Stronger than ever

Following Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step down from their princely duties, one would have thought that William and Kate's marriage would be affected. After all, a royal couple were now leaving the limelight. But William and Kate actually turned out to be even stronger.

In fact, Prince Harry and Meghan's announcement may have brought the Duke and Duchess closer together than ever before. We saw them in particular act as if nothing had happened, smiling and working as a team.

Additional stress

By then, everyone had heard about Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step down from royal duties and live a quieter life. Prince William and Kate Middleton would certainly be affected by such a decision.

Even though the Queen supported the couple's decision and said she would reassess the situation a year later, William and Kate didn't seem happy with the news. The royal parents would have to take on new responsibilities following the departure of his brother.

New occupations

Since Prince Harry and Meghan left, William and Kate have been very busy. They were to attend several royal events and hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace for the first time. While it appears the royal couple are handling the royal family affairs well, some have suggested otherwise.

According to a party attendee, the couple were showing signs of stress. After all, who could blame them? Besides raising a family, they were probably going to have to take on more royal duties!

What it really means

Let's talk a bit about Prince Harry and Meghan. We know they have announced they will be stepping down from royal duties, but what does that really mean? For starters, that means they are officially relinquishing their titles of Royal Highnesses.

However, they can still retain the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex and continue to lead their charity, Sussex Royal. However, the biggest change related to this announcement is that they will now be financially independent and will have to support themselves on their own.

The story repeats itself

Believe it or not, Harry and Meghan aren't the only ones who have given up their royal status. Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, also attempted to do the same, but ultimately failed. They were both running their own businesses and wanted to continue running them.

They performed some royal duties but things got complicated when Sophie began to use her royal status to gain clients in her public relations. Mixing family and work is never a smart thing to do.

More work for Kate

As expected, due to the recent royal announcement, William and Kate are taking on bigger roles and seeming to handle their new and old tasks with ease. Kate, in particular, has made more appearances and is attending more events.

Because her husband is second to the throne, Kate Middelton has started doing more public speaking and appears to be preparing to become the future queen. However, some speculate that Kate is being frank but that she is really stressed inside by the new functions she has to take on.