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Lemon to Remove Highlighter Hack @family_handyman /

Lemon to Remove Highlighter Hack @family_handyman /

Lemon to erase highlighter

What it consists of: Lemon to erase the highlighter.
Materials needed: Lemon.
Does it work? Yes.

Do you use highlighters in your studies or work? It is very useful to highlight relevant and important items so that they can be found more quickly later. But what if you accidentally slip or highlight the wrong section? It is certainly not possible to use white to erase in this case, however, you can use lemon!

You just need to take a cotton swab and pour a drop of lemon on it. Rub the lemon soaked tip on the spot you want to erase and the highlighter mark will disappear! The best part is that it won't erase the rest of the printed writing. As easy as that!