The Museum is about the Ligurian ancient past; this land was a crossroad of people and cultures, moving between Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can meet the Cave Bear, who lived here 80,000 years ago, during the Ice Age, and some people from the Paleolithic, buried in the caves close to Genoa. One of this people is called The Young Prince, even though he is 23,000 years old, and his grave goods are very rich and particular.

After, you can find the evidences of who lived in Genoa, over 2,500 years ago, or in the trade routes, between Etruscan area and Marseille; red-figure pottery, bronzes from Etruria, alabaster vases and glasses vases from East Mediterranean.

The exhibition continues with “Tavola del Polcevera”, linked with the bloody events of the Roman Conquest of Liguria and its towns, Luni, Tortona and Libarna. Last but not least you can see the collection of Greek and Roman materials, owned by the Prince Odone di Savoia and the mummy of Pasherienaset, an Egyptian priest of the 6th century b.C., and his “living image”, the little statue of him.