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Make Airy Omlete With A Colander @Scrumdiddlyumptious /

Make Airy Omlete With A Colander @Scrumdiddlyumptious /

Make a soufflé omelet with a colander

What it consists of: Omelet soufflé with a colander.
Materials needed: Colander.
Does it work? Yes.

Making the perfect omelet is quite an art, and the best method of achieving it is the subject of debate among professionals. It sounds simple, but it's so easy to miss it. The two pitfalls that we often encounter are either the dry and overcooked omelet, or the soft and undercooked omelet. It's all in the timing and in the technique, and here is a sure-fire method to achieve a successful puffed omelet every time!

First, beat the eggs very lightly with a mixer, just enough to mix the yolk with the white. Then heat the pan with a drizzle of oil and pour the egg mixture through the colander directly into the pan. The colander will distribute the eggs evenly and gently, creating a fluffy omelet, airy like a cloud.