4 Reasons To Invest In Florida Real Estate

Real estate in Florida presents great opportunities, especially when compared to the same investment in other states.

Why invest in Florida real estate?

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What is the cheapest place to buy a house in Florida?Is Florida real estate overpriced?

By Kevin Yue | YEET MAGAZINE  | Posted on September 17, 2021 at 7:32 am

Real estate in Florida presents great opportunities, especially when compared to the same investment in other states.

The price of real estate in Florida remains quite affordable, far from the prices per m2 Parisian for example. Today (February 2018), a beautiful house with a pool in Orlando is trading in the $ 300,000 (240,000 euros at current rate). We are talking about a house of around 250 m2 and less than 10 years old. Of course, it depends on the neighborhood but, overall, the term “affordable” is not usurped.

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The rental report is interesting. A property bought for about $ 200,000 will be rented for $ 1,500 per month, which comes down to a rate of over 10% gross. As in other states, management fees will be deducted but the taxation in Florida will be very low because it is one of the most favorable states.

The rental risk is very low since a dishonest tenant, who would not pay his rent is evicted in less than a month generally. Unpaid bills are therefore rare.

Rental demand is strong because Florida is a state that attracts a lot of population for its climate and also its taxation. Florida recently became the 3rd most populous state in the United States, ahead of New York .

Investing in Florida is a real opportunity, the opportunity to diversify real estate assets, for example. But be careful to use professionals with all the licenses and compulsory insurance to accompany you.

‎Orlando, FL · ‎Tampa, FL · ‎Florida Newest Real Estate... · ‎Florida Condos

Are houses in Florida cheap? Is real estate a good investment in Florida?

What is the cheapest place to buy a house in Florida?-Is Florida real estate overpriced?

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Do you have any advice for buying real estate abroad (Thailand, Mexico, Canada, etc.)? These purchases offer better returns on investment, but what steps should be taken in France and abroad?abroad (Thailand, Mexico, Canada, etc.)? These purchases offer better returns on investment, but what steps should be taken in France and abroad?

entrepreneur ( 2021 - present ) May 8, 2021

Original answer: What is the ultimate list of tips for buying real estate abroad (Thailand, Mexico, Canada)?

Prices in France are starting to be so expensive… The profitability of real estate in France is gradually decreasing. This is the main reason for buying real estate abroad.

After some research, here is what can be considered the checklist of advice before buying real estate ::

  1. Getting there : it is so important to create a relationship of trust with the seller and to visit the premises. Visit the building permit and the neighborhood too.
  2. Do not neglect the additional costs . Expect to have maintenance costs. Often, it is mandatory to hire external services for the maintenance of the swimming pool and the garden. Take into account the insurance costs. If the area is often the victim of natural disasters (like Florida), you will have to deal with very expensive insurance.
  3. The notary : find out about the country's legislation, whether with a French notary or with a notary on site: sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it is not. In England it is not, whereas in Spain it is compulsory. Also, some countries reserve the right to purchase real estate only to their nationals, to be verified.
  4. Think about the transmission of your property , to your families but also to your spouse. The rules of other countries are not the same with regard to heredity.
  5. Learn about the tax implications . Some countries do not have bilateral agreements with France, and you could be taxed in both countries. In Switzerland and Spain, the owner is taxed on the basis of the enjoyment of his property. In Portugal, there is a flat-rate taxation of net property income.
  6. Open a bank account in the country of purchase
  7. Make a home loan . Make this loan in the country of purchase or in France? (more info here) In fact, it is often very difficult as a foreigner without liabilities to make a loan abroad. This will lead to making a loan in France, in Euros, to finally pay a good in Dirhams, Mexican Pesos, Canadian dollars or pounds sterling ...
  8. Make an international money transfer . I realized that banks hide fees in exchange rates ... There is on average 2% to save. (that's why Moneytis exist)

Hope this helps.

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What was your best investment or stock market transaction?

Xavier harding ·

Formerly Trader in Investment Banking ( 1999 - 2021 ) November 21, 2021

  • rental property investment in Florida in 2021/2021.
  • Apple, Disney and Google since 2021
  • Adobe since 2016

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Why did John Travolta have a private airport built that leads to his mansion (which itself costs $ 900 million)?

Timothy Henry ·

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Knowledge: Spanishtranslator · December 8, 2021

Ben deneweth


This response may not be an accurate translation of Ben denewethin YEET MAGAZINE  in English  :

Why would John Travolta waste so much money and build a private airport to lead to his $ 900M mansion?

This is not the case. It's someone else, Frank Merschman, who works for a somewhat special real estate agency called "Jumbolair Aviation Estates". This real estate agency allows you to have a hangar in your garden to park your plane. Residents of these areas with a near-privatized airport are generally airplane enthusiasts who have small one or two-seater planes.

But Travolta wanted more. He owned a private airliner, a 707. So he bought a mansion because he had the opportunity to have the runway nearby.

Here is a zoom which allows to better see Travolta's house as well as the other houses which also have a runway to park their plane. There are a lot of unoccupied houses by the way (not many people want a house near an airport in Florida ).).

And this is Travolta's mansion. He donated his 707 to a museum in 2021. He just has two jets in his garages:

A view from the swimming pool:

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What are the little-known facts about Donald Trump?

Michel Persil ·

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Updated April 25, 2020

Original Answer: What are some little-known facts about Donald Trump?

I'm going to try to bring up facts that are really little known about Trump, not his three marriages, his TV shows, or his real estate empire . I'll limit myself to 10.. I'll limit myself to 10.

  1. Her hair is real, unlike her orange hue.

2. He did a military high school in New York, the New York Military Academy

3. He earned a bachelor's degree in real estate economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. It is one of the most reputable business schools in the world and depends on one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

4. He has threatened anyone who publishes his report cards with a lawsuit.

5. He does not drink alcohol, because of a brother who has become an alcoholic, that does not prevent him from producing alcohol, especially wine and saying that French wine is much worse than wine. American.

6. He's a hygiene freak. He is very afraid of germs and washes his hands very regularly. He also imposes impeccable hygiene around him and is wary of food that is not industrial.

7. He didn't always hate the Clintons. At one time he helped fund their campaigns, was registered as a Democrat and even invited them to his marriage to Melania in 2005 (Photo).

8. He is known to be the best golfer of all American presidents. It must be said that he spends a lot of time golfing, after a little over 3 years of presidency, he spent 250 days golfing (still in his golf courses), at the same stage of his presidency Obama had spent 95 days on the golf courses. green. The cost of his rounds of golf is estimated at $ 133 million for the American taxpayer (security, Air Force One for Florida , hotel room for security, etc.), hotel room for security ...)

9. He gave up his salary as president and no longer controls his companies: Michel Persil's response to Donald Trump is he overpaid as president?

10. It's up to you to complete it, this character is so surprising.

What are the most unusual ways in which celebrities have squandered their fortunes?

Antoine Onquiert ·

Entrepreneur and coach who makes his vocation humor translator · May 22, 2020

Kathleen maynard

Trespassed after posting about Patient Dumping at UF Health ( 2021 - present )

This response may not be an accurate translation of Kathleen maynardin YEET MAGAZINE  in English  :

What are the most unusual ways celebrities have blown through their fortune?

What are the most unusual ways celebrities have made their fortunes?

Everyone's favorite hacker Johnny Depp is broke.

How can such a successful pirate be ruined? Johnny Depp, who seems so, well, normal, is a man of VERY expensive tastes, according to a Rolling Stone article from 2021.

As Depp blames his longtime management team, Joel Mandel and his brother Robert, for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. The Mandels claim that Depp "has a mandatory spending disorder of about $ 2 million a month." Yep, the Rolling Stones really did say that (I think they meant “compulsive” rather than “obligatory.” Indeed, nobody points a gun at Depp's head and makes him spend $ 2 million. per month, which would make his expenses "mandatory").

"There was $ 75 million for 14 residences. He spent $ 3 million to shoot the ashes of his friend Hunter S. Thompson into the sky with a cannon. Barely $ 7,000 to buy from his daughter a sofa from the series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." He has bought some 70 guitars and 200 works of art, including Basquiats and Warhols. He owns 45 luxury vehicles and spends $ 200,000 a month on flights private airplanes, ”according to The Rolling Stone.

This is just one of his mansions. Remember that he has 14 residences.

Here is his house in France:

Another photo of his "cottage" in Provence, France:

His horse farm in Kentucky. And here I am going to stop and ask why? Why would he buy a horse farm? This guy is Mr. Suburban from South Florida .

Here are some of his cars:

And here is his penthouse in Los Angeles, which he made by combining 4 separate penthouses into a massive 1,070 square meter condo, atop the iconic art deco Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles ( could someone explain to me this wall full of framed artwork - everything is a bit special about decorating, just enough to drive me crazy):

Luckily for Depp, he's still popular at the box office. In addition, the real estate market is booming and it can get out of the doldrums provided you start paying attention to managing your expenses. He also needs to learn not to just trust people who are doing their best for him (because it looks like his management "did their best" to rip him off). He should therefore be wary in the future.

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Which presidential candidate of the United States lost because he picked the wrong running mate and could have won had he chosen someone else?

Frank avrom ·

Location: United States of America

Updated February 25

There are several candidates who lost because of their running mate.

John McCain in 2008 against Obama presents as running mate Sarah Palin. She makes the buzz for a few days, but after a few interviews, we realize that she is completely stupid. She claims to read the press, but is unable to cite a newspaper or magazine title. McCain also had in front of him the charismatic Obama and his very experienced running mate Biden.

Al Gore in 2000 who took the lackluster Liebermann, not really popular, who does not really lead the election campaign. In front of him, he has W Bush who cannot complete an entire sentence, but who has Cheney as his running mate, who has no charisma, but who is experienced, and who is involved. It is true that without the irregularities in the conduct of the elections in Florida , where his brother is governor, Bush would not have won the elections.

Mitt Romney in 2021 who takes on as running mate Paul Ryan, an anti-interventionist Torquemada of the state. However, it is the interventionism of the state that saved the banks, the automobile and real estate industries that brought the country out of the 2008 crack. They scare the marches that support Obama.

Hillary Clinton in 2016 chose Tim Cain as running mate. The choice was to have a "blue collar", and Cain has the profile, and while very competent, he doesn't really stand out. He is not really to blame, but if Hillary had chosen another running mate (Sanders, ...) she could have further increased the gap between her and Trump (10 to 15% a few weeks before the election) and secure the Victoire. But without the intervention (illegal and unjustified) of Director Comey a few days before the election who wanted to reopen an n-th investigation into Hillary's emails while hiding that Trump had an investigation opened on him for several years for money laundering money coming from Russia would probably also win the Electoral College.

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How to easily earn money on the internet without working and without spending a penny?

Nabil Abidi ·

Freelance freelance June 2, 2020

Original answer: How is it possible to earn money on the internet without working?

Discover How I Invested Several Millions In High Yield Real Estate (*),

In 36 Months In 3 Different Countries, To Achieve Financial Freedom and Become Rentier!

Expatriate in Canada and originally from France and Cameroon, Florian Monkam is Entrepreneur and International Real Estate Investor .

After having studied in the best Business Schools in France (HEC Paris, Paris Dauphine University, Montpellier Business School) and in England (The Hull University), he started his career at KPMG France then Deloitte Canada as Deputy Director in Audit of Systems of Information and Auditor.

Florian Monkam, Expert in High Yield Real Estate Investment has developed a wealth of several million in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa in 36 months and became financially free thanks to real estate at 28 years old.

Today, through his firm Global Invest ®, made up of around twenty Real Estate Experts , Financial Advisors & Business Development located in our offices in France, Quebec and Florida , he supports thousands of people in Francophonie to invest in Real Estate .



What costs less in the United States compared to France?

Sean young ·

Previous place: FranceUpdated on Sun.

CHEAPER IN THE USA. The major expense categories where US prices are among the cheapest in the world. * Gasoline, whose average cost per liter in the USA compared to France on September 6, 2021 was € 0.794, and € 1.564, respectively. * * Price variability between countries is mainly due to lower taxation (35% versus 85%). The tax is per gallon (3.79 liters) imposed by the state (13.8–62.5 euro-cents), plus the federal tax (18.4 cents, per gallon). * * The cost per gallon at the pump is therefore (in 2020) the market price plus * * * 32–81 cents per gallon, or * * * 6.7–17 cents per liter * * In France, the tax is based on the price per liter and was 66–68 cents per liter in 2021 In France (2021) the price excluding tax per liter is compounded for 25%, the margin


Are investors important in an economy and the corporate world?

Johnny Fraisse ·

🖥 Digital Marketing Consultant at AlternWeb ( 2021 - today ) translator · September 17, 2021

Hector Quintanilla


This response may not be an accurate translation of Hector Quintanillain YEET MAGAZINE  in English  :

Are investors important to an economy?

In November 1963, a prominent investor traveled to the state of Florida in search of a large piece of land.

Working undercover, real estate agents who did not know their client's identity began making offers to landowners in April 1964.

After several months of negotiations, he managed to buy 43 square kilometers of land (almost twice the size of Manhattan) for around $ 5 million.

Almost 50 years later, this investor's vision was international: four leisure parks, two water parks, 27 hotels for a total of 27,000 rooms, several golf courses, campsites, hundreds of restaurants and more. an army of over 70,000 full-time employees.

The vision of this investor was to create Walt Disney World Resort , all imagined by the last genius: Mr. Walt Disney.

Today, its investment attracts over 56 million people per year, making it the most visited seaside resort in the world and this economic region is very prosperous.

The wage bill is estimated at over $ 2 billion per year.

Local and state tax revenues exceed $ 620 million per year.

In 2021, Walt Disney Parks and Centers generated operating income of $ 4.5 billion .

These complexes are constantly expanding. The billions of dollars reinvested in the various complexes generate more construction, more opportunities, more jobs, more restaurants, more taxes to name a few of the benefits.

Disney is one of my most admired organizations in the world. Their culture and excellence in everything they do is extraordinary !

Now to answer your question, do investors matter in the economy?

Investment generates opportunities. Investor money is an essential part of a healthy economy.

Investors expand the economy as their money moves and generates growth. This movement raises the standard of living of the population, generating a virtuous cycle of expansion, as the example above shows.

NDLT: I would like to add the translation of Hector's comment which specifies that “Real investments increase (local) economic benefits , unlike trading (the stock market) , gambling and speculation. "

Statistics source: DisneyNewsus / Wikipedia / NYT

For YEET MAGAZINE  EN users : Please leave a positive review for the author on the YEET MAGAZINE  opposite if you like the answer .

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If I gave you exactly $ 666 million to spend and you had to spend every dollar or else you didn't get anything, how would you spend it?

Francis Landry ·

The stream of consciousness follows on the sea of ​​confusion. Translator · May 31, 2021

Adam lee chadwick

Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico ( 2021 - present )

This response may not be an accurate translation of Adam lee chadwickin YEET MAGAZINE  in English  :

If I gave you exactly 666 million dollars to spend and you have to spend every dollar or else you get nothing, what would you spend it on?

If you gave me exactly $ 666 million to spend and I had to spend every dollar or else I wouldn't get anything, what would I spend it on?

WOW ... What a question. ! !!

I'll go BIG and FANCY and just MONEY ONLY and NO TAXES AT ALL. Just cash out for FREE.

OK. Let's do this thing. I hope I can spend ALL of this at ZERO Dollars in my personal bank account.

This mansion in Coral Gables, Florida - $ 45,000,000 Dollars

  • This private jet: The Boeing 747-81 VIP owned by Joseph Lau is amazing.

I will personally buy this private jet for him in cash. I'll pay Joseph Lau, $ 153 million and now. It's mine.

Lady Moura Yacht - $ 210,000,000 Dollars

Coral Gables, Florida Mansion - $ 45,000,000 Dollars

Private Jet: Boeing 747-81 VIP - $ 153,000,000 Dollars

Lady Moura Yacht - $ 210,000,000 Dollars

Total = $ 408,000,000,000 Dollars

I have $ 258,000,000,000 left to spend from my personal bank account.

LAMBORGHINI VENENENO ROADSTER - $ 4,500,000 x (20) = 90,000,000

I will personally go to my personal bank account and buy 20 of these WORLD'S WORLD WORLD'S WICKEST LAMBORGHINI VENENENO ROADSTERS. ALL the people who come into my luxury lifestyle will have the opportunity to live a life with this beautiful car on the street. I'll pay $ 90 million for these babies.

  • Professional Golfer: Tiger Woods Mansion, Jupiter Island, Florida

Woods' 16,127 square foot Jupiter Island mansion is more dangerous than most homes. Its 3.5 acre backyard is a personal four-hole golf course landscaped with trees, fairways and sand traps. Add a 100 foot pool, another plunge pool, hybrid tennis and basketball court, guesthouse, gymnasium, private beach, and two yacht docks and you have the perfect home for a change of scene. given. It is said to be worth up to $ 60 million.

I will personally pay professional golfer Tiger Woods $ 60,000,000,000 in cash to buy his beautiful house so that I can use all the tools to become a professional sports athlete like Tiger Woods and maybe take part in the Professional Golf Tour and kick his ass Jabroni on the course (LOL). Now this house is mine.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship - $ 1,500,000 x (40) = $ 60,000,000 Dollars

I will be buying 40 Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship for that when people come to my world. They'll enjoy and ride the streets with the world's meanest Harley Davidson. I will personally pay $ 60,000,000 of my personal money to purchase this beauty.