Mashed potatoes from crisps

By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 1408 GMT (2208 HKT) September 29, 2021

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Do These Viral Life Hacks Even Work?

What it consists of: Mashed potatoes from crisps.
Materials needed: A pot of boiling water and chips.
Does it work? Yes.

Crisps are not the healthiest snack, although they are delicious and somewhat addicting. As the famous Pringles slogan says , once you've eaten it, you can't stop! The question is whether we can make mashed potatoes with it and, oddly enough, the answer is yes. Just pour a bag of crisps into boiling water and let them become mushy. Remove excess water and mash them until you get the right consistency.

Although this technically works, it is not necessarily recommended. First of all, potato chips have more calories and more ingredients than regular potatoes, so it's less healthy. Also, while it is possible to achieve a roughly correct consistency, boiling the chips takes away a lot of their flavor, so you will need to add butter and season. It might be best to stick with real potatoes for your mash.