Matt Damon: Actor Under Fire For Using Homophobic Slurs

Matt Damon: Actor Under Fire For Using Homophobic Slurs

By YEET MAGAZINE Published on 12/11/21 AT 5:57 AM

Matt Damon has decided to shoot himself in the foot by revealing information that turns his fans and people around the world against him.

This week Matt was interviewed by The Sunday Times, and for some reason he decided to share this information:

The word my daughter calls "homosexual insult" was commonly used when I was a child, with a different application.

I made a joke a few months ago and got a treaty from my daughter. She left the table. I said, “Come on, that's a joke! That's what I say in the movie“ Stuck on You. ”
“ She went to her bedroom and wrote a very long and beautiful treatise on the dangerousness of this word. I said: "I withdraw this insult".

He has since stopped using that word, but he should have kept this story to himself and not shared it with the whole world, because this interview released the cancel culture, and now they want blood.

On all platforms, people have turned on him, accusing him of being homophobic and the hateful comments are visible everywhere, although some support him and praise him for changing his vocabulary:

There is no evidence that he used that word to deliberately discriminate against homosexuals, and I'm willing to bet that the person he called that word the most often was Ben Affleck.

What do you think of this revelation?