Moving With Your Cat: What Precautions?

Have you ever traveled or moved abroad with your pet cat? What measures did you take to ensure its safety on the plane journey?

What's the best option for what to do with my cat? I'm moving out of my place and will be traveling for 2 to 3 months and can't take her. No one I know can take her in. What are your suggestions?

You are going to move soon and you want some advice on how to organize yourself with your cat. You have come to the right place, because it is true that our little living room felines, homebodies, routine people and attached to their habits and their territory can experience such an upheaval very badly. Discover our tips for taking all the necessary precautions before the move, on D-Day and the following days.

Moving with your cat: what precautions?

Moving with your cat: how to organize before?

The cat is a homebody animal that likes routine. He needs it to feel reassured and safe. Territorial, it marks its territory by depositing its pheromones using its cheeks, legs and anal glands. Very organized, he has his little habits and he does not appreciate upheavals. Consequently, moving with his cat is a particularly distressing event for the little feline, because he feels uprooted, extracted from his usual environment and upset in his environment and his routine. It is therefore imperative to organize yourself well and take certain precautions to avoid causing deep discomfort in your little companion.

Here are our tips for getting organized before D-Day.

Avoid disturbing its environment

As part of a move, good preparation is essential. However, avoid upsetting your cat as much as possible. As far as possible, keep his belongings until the last moment in their place and on the usual furniture so as not to disturb or distress him. Wait until the last minute to pack his things.

Do not dust your furniture before departure in order to leave the smells that your cat has left there. This will help him keep some bearings when moving.

Isolate the animal in a quiet space

If possible, store your boxes ready in a room and do not let your pet access it. But if this is not feasible, do the opposite and save him one or two rooms among those he frequents the most and make sure to keep a calm, quiet atmosphere there.

Consider spending time with your cat. Play with him, pet him, cuddle him. Avoid excessive outpourings which could worry him if he is not used to it, but a context of moving is often tiring and stressful for everyone concerned and your cat can perceive these tensions which inhabit you.

Precautions to follow

  • Cats love to play with boxes. So be careful not to leave anything within reach that could hurt him.
  • Plan in advance the future little corner for your cat, the one that you will arrange for him as soon as you arrive in the new accommodation. This will facilitate the transition and allow you to install all his things quickly to avoid disturbing him in this new environment.
  • The cat is naturally anxious and may be more concerned about perceiving your own stress. If you feel tense or if you are yourself, help your little companion by offering him anti-stress solutions. Pheromone diffusers, room sprays, soothing croquettes, Bach flowers … there are many solutions to soothe your pet and help it cope with this upheaval which can be traumatic.

Moving with your cat: how to do it on D-Day?

The big moving day has arrived. Your little feline is probably already very tense, because he perceives your stress and he notices the changes in his environment, the objects and furniture that disappear and the boxes that pile up.

Entrust your cat to relatives

If possible, on D-Day, entrust your little companion to members of your family, friends or trusted relatives. Admittedly, he will be a little disoriented, but this will prevent him from suffering the full force of the upheaval of his territory and the moving of his belongings and his landmarks to a new, unknown place.

This precaution also allows you to avoid a runaway. Even if your cat is not a runaway character, the upheaval of D-Day, the comings and goings, potential strangers taking away his belongings and open doors and windows can quickly become invitations to escape! However, on this day, you have no time to lose or stress to add to yourself. Not to mention that your cat can get lost or injured, or worse.

It is therefore best to entrust it to relatives who will take good care of it until your boxes are unpacked. He will then be able to discover his new environment with you, without additional stress, and find his smells everywhere on the furniture.

Lock your cat in a secure room

If you cannot entrust your cat to relatives, arrange a room for it in each of the accommodations. In the one you leave, prefer a small, calm and quiet room. Put all his belongings and his little necessities there to disturb him as little as possible. Take the time to cuddle and reassure him from time to time.

At the last moment, place him in his transport cage – previously sprayed with cat pheromones to appease him – and pack his remaining belongings in a dedicated box. Transport everything to your new home and reinstall its essentials in a new room that will be specially equipped for it. Again, dedicate a quiet, small and soothing room to him, away from noise, especially since he is entering a new environment that he does not know.

Ideally, let it out once your furniture is in place and your boxes are unpacked. However, if you are moving far away or it is not possible for you to do everything during the day, you can let your cat go out of the room and visit its new home, provided that you do not leave anything dangerous within its reach. Otherwise, you can also settle down with him and spend the first night with him.

Moving with your cat: be attentive in the days following the move

The moment of the move has passed and you are freshly moved into your new environment. Now is the time to do everything you can to help your cat get used to their new home.

Isolate your cat

Ideally, it is best to dedicate a room to your cat. If he is particularly stressed and to avoid any risk of injury or running away, leave him in the room you have previously arranged for him, which is quiet, not very big and comfortable. Your cat disposes of its belongings there and has deposited its scent there. This allows you to continue the development of other spaces more serenely and more easily in the days that follow. As for your cat, he will feel more comfortable in a new reduced environment.

Make sure you put all his things in this room and visit him regularly to play, feed him, pet him, clean his litter box and just make sure he's okay.

A free discovery of its new territory

Once your furniture is in place, open the door to the room and let your cat out whenever he wants. He must be able to visit his new home freely and mark this new territory by rubbing his head everywhere.

In case of apprehension, use a pheromone diffuser to help him live this moment with appeasement. Never force your cat. If he doesn't want to come out today, try again tomorrow, but don't force him out of his safe haven and throw him into a new space he doesn't know. Let him go at his own pace.

If possible, avoid replacing all of your furniture. Keep at least a few items from your old home so that your cat finds familiar smells and objects.

Provide him with a comfortable space in height so that he can observe you and discover his territory while feeling safe. Indeed, the novelty is also stressful for the cat, because it suddenly lands in an environment that is not its own, where it has no landmarks, and it does not know if congeners already live there, even predators. A feeling of which we are not aware, but which can be truly disturbing for the little feline.

Watch his behavior

A move can be particularly upsetting for the cat. This sensitive animal is indeed homebody and routine, which complicates these brutal changes of environment. If you notice in the days and weeks following your move that he changes his behavior, that he seems sad, that he loses his appetite, that he is reluctant to play or any other form of discomfort , consult your veterinarian.

Wait a bit for releases

Let your cat get used to its new indoor environment before planning outings. Once he is ready, accompany him outside so that he discovers this new space. Start with short outings of a few minutes and call him from the inside to feed him.

On average, it takes a month for an animal to feel comfortable and be able to go outside on its own. However, it all depends on the personalities of the cats. Some are more adventurous than others. Again, adapt to your cat's abilities.

How do you permanently kill German cockroaches if you can't move out, have 5 cats, live with your family and can't afford an exterminator? Are there natural methods to kill pests?

Owners of cats with HCM, what are your experiences? Mine is 7 years old, diagnosed a week ago, and we are very worried and scared. He's lethargic and refusing food even though he moves about.


What are the pros and cons of having a cat?

Emie Ab

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Has 2 cats 1  year old

Originally Answered: What are the benefits of living with a cat?

There's nothing edible lying around (otherwise it won't hang around for long)

Your surfaces are not overloaded with trinkets (otherwise aautomatic sorting will be done)

You surround yourself with solid objects (otherwise there will be natural selection)

You clean regularly (otherwise you will live under the hair)

After alittle adaptation time, no noise of falling, rubbing or moving will scare you (well, it's probably the cat)

You have the opportunity to renew your furniture regularly (or to keep it witha very personal, almost intimate touch)

You learn to remain always attentive, and to leave nothing alone for too long; good workout for kids

The physics of pushing forces becomes easy for you. (Fall, won't fall? Placed like that, it won't… ha bah no)

Can we live with a catnot neutered (and prevent him from running away)?

Peter Rossetti

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A cat "Gila" 1  year old

We can, but we must accept the consequences!

A catnon-neutered tends to "mark" its territory (especially at certain times). Mine had "marked" adocument lent by ateacher. I remember the shame when I returned it to him… Fortunately, I had managed to eliminate the smell!

For runaways, this is only possible if you live in an apartment…and don't forget to close the doors and windows…!


A catcan he really livein harmony with adog ?

Duchene Dominica

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Formerly Technical and General Director, CEN TC, AFNOR, LNE 1  year

Hello Patrick

Of course, but it also depends on the character of each, as for men

Why is it beneficial to have/live


cats ?


servant can he

live well

with aall-meat diet?

What is the maximum lifespan of a cat?

Sawssen Bri

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Location: Grasse, France 2  years

Originally Answered: How long can a cat live?

The life expectancy of ais usually between 12 and 16 years old , but some cats reach 21 years old, the equivalent of the human centenarian. A catfrom one year to onedevelopment comparable to that of a 15-year-old human being.


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Is it technically possible to livein a room with a cat?

Nadine d'Harvengt

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Formerly Big Pharma - Pub -Theatre August 4

I would say that it is not ideal but that if we respect certain rules, why not?

Anyway not a catwho has already lived his life outside

First reserve this spell ( alittle sad) either to a kitten who has therefore never known the outside, either to a catalready old and who has never known the great outdoors either, or so old and handicapped that he no longer wants to go out. And especially castrate them male or female.

Provide him with something to climb, play. Nowadays cat trees and even bookcases designed for indoor cats are made.

Choose breed. Attention ! some breeds have agreat need to let off steam more than others. Avoid the Siamese for example, you risk a catvery unhappy, big damage and say goodbye to your curtains,

same for the catsaid " European tabby" very often a great hunter and who needs a big one. territory.

Persians are particularly calm and placid. I've had 3 and two of them wouldn't budge when you put them on afurniture

This made the guests laugh, asking me if I hadn't forgotten the batteries.

Despite alarge garden, trees and lots of windows available, Mephisto (on the left) did not exceed the window sill while Euryale (on the right) although sterilized, rounded up all the tomcats in the neighborhood and did not hesitate to steal from neighbors.

Up to you. Personally, I would choose aold catwho no longer wants to go out, and who would be happy to spend his end of life in cushions.

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What is the best country to live infor one cat?

Regine Michel

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Formerly Insurance call center advisor ( 1974 – 2009 ) 11  mo

At home, they were all happy.

Aurelie Bernard

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2 cats at home 2  years old

Its varies a lot according to many criteria (sex, sterilization, breed, care, food, domestic or wild …) According to the latest studies it would be between 12 and 14 years old, although I know many  cats  who live longer, I would say that From the age of 12 we can consider a cat  as old.


A catcan he livecorrectly with apiece of sternum or rib dislodged, stagnant in his abdomen?


Request an answer

Malignant & Malignant Narcissist

Why is it beneficial to have/live withcats ?




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How to accustom a catoutdoor livingindoors in winter?

Peter Rossetti

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ABPP in Psychology and Sciences , University of Geneva ( Diploma obtained in 1981 ) 2  years

Very difficult, much easier the opposite. A cat that goes out will have a lot of trouble agreeing to stay inside. In shelters, we ask whether the cat will have access to the outside or not. The cat that we will advise you will depend a lot on this criterion. A cat is not a "cold" animal. My cat fears the wind much more than the cold and walks in the snow with no problem… Cats are generally much better equipped than us to fight against the cold. Just seeing "infrared" images of a cat in the cold...


Can we adopt a catwandering to make it livein an apartment?

Michael Jego

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Location: Lorient, France ( 1984 – present ) 3  years

Yes absolutely it will be grateful to you


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Tim Sercanet

A catcan he livehappy without access to the outside?

Michael Aramini

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Location: Lausanne, VD, Switzerland 3  years

It depends. There are certain breeds of cats that don't particularly go outdoors, especially pedigree cats. (But hey there are no rules)

He has cats because of their character will never go outside.

If your cathas grown indoors all its life, will not attempt to come out.

On the other hand, the cats that have known the outside will want to return there. And will be more unhappy in my opinion because having known the outside, will live as a punishment the fact of not being able to return there.

We had several outdoor cats at my mum's, and I can tell you that given their size ( awas ahound) he reigned over the district. The other a female defended her territories as if they were her children (yet rather frail in size).

I tried to take Kitty (whom I nicknamed the old woman) but she jumped off the first floor to go back to my mom's. Wasn't made for indoor use only. Eden was 6 months old but finally jumped off the balcony when her first heat appeared. (From baby to 3 months, had access to the outside).

Abel the catbreed that I took from my grandma is a catof apartment. Has never known the outside world, is not interested in the outside world and is very fearful. I believe he is happy. But hey, I could be wrong.


If abandoned, will domestic cats be able to live withstray cats?

Frederic Parel

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Account Manager ( 2020 – today ) 4  years

Yes, they will probably be able to manage.

It depends on each individual.

There is an island in Greece where there are a lot of stray cats. Some people abandon their cat among these. Some survive and manage, others don't make it (can't find food) or are attacked by stray cats.





Answer requested byHamza Unforgettable

Can we get used to a catto liveon the inside ?

Priscillia Herve

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Cat-addict since my first steps 3  years

Yes of course. There are, however, a few golden rules to follow.

For cats that have been used to going outside, the transition can be tough. You have to adapt it slowly to the new environment. If possible, spend more time withhim, so he gets used to your presence. Cats are territorial and must get used to sharing territory and their new environment.

Let him explore:

Give him time to drop his scent and explore the place. It's like decorating anew apartment, fitting it out our way. In this way, he appropriates his new environment and stresses less by knowing the places.

Arrange a space:

It can be several small spots when you have little space at onededicated space especially for him.

So you have to follow a few rules. It must be able to hide (mine adopted an empty box at the bottom of my shelf, I added a blanket there).

It must also be able to be in height. The catneeds to have an overview of its territory.

The cat treeis usually the correct solution. There are several models, depending on the space you have and the needs of the cat.

A good litter:

Yes, it's stupid and that goes without saying. But be aware that the litter must be placed in aquiet and uncrowded place. Maintaining it is essential. A poorly maintained litter inevitably causes accidents dreaded by all owners but also stresses your cat.

A place to scratch:

Beyond the fact that it will preserve your real estate and your walls, it is avital need for the cat. If you don't make anything available to him, he will make them anyway and guess where.

The catmakes his claws to sharpen them, but also to calm down after astress, a fright, when frustrated, to stretch..

Arrange cardboard boards, small posts surrounded by rope in your home, in sight and not in acorner. It's quite easy to get used to them, but you have to watch. As soon as he attacks the forbidden fruit, take it and put it in front of the scratching post. Give him a little caress when he does them in the right place.

Book him, one or more windows:

The exterior through the window becomes “his” television. The catcan stay for hours in front of the window and end up falling asleep in front of it.

The outdoor movements give him the stimulation he would have if he spent his afternoon outside. It also allows him not to be too out of place.

Make sure he has access to at least one window and allow him to sit and observe the world from his pedestal.

Provide him with catnip:

Outdoors, it is not uncommon for the catnibbles grass. Besides purging them, some cats (including mine) simply enjoy the taste and texture.

Not to be confused withcatnip, which, like catnip, has euphoric properties that are completely safe for cats.

catnip _, it is young shoots of cereals that the catnibbles to purge.

It is important to get information and give him the opportunity to nibble on plants, to stimulate him, arouse his curiosity, but also because the fibers contained in plants (and certain vegetables) provide him with the necessary complement to his carnivorous diet.

Stimulate it:

It is important to excite his hunting instinct very regularly. And we go through the game. Outside, there are enough elements to stimulate it. At home, he will need your help. Throw balls of paper, string, cardboard boxes... It must be stimulated otherwise beware of boredom and the consequences!

A catcan he live5 days without water?

Adog and a catcan they livetogether ?

Paul Henri Doumenc

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3  years

of course and they can be very good friends.






I had one catyesterday. We want the catlive in the room. There are plenty of toys, a litter box, food, water, windows and scratching posts. Is it normal to make her liveonly in the bedroom?

Blandine Poitel

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Knowledge: French 1  year

No, that's not normal at all.

If you do not agree to give your catwhat he needs - and space is avital need - why take one?





Does a person who says they don't like a particular breed of dog or catis racist since she prefers this or that breed of domestic animal to live with?

Marine Dupré

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BPA and Acaced in Agriculture and Dogs (domestic animals) , CFPPA de Quetigny ( Diploma obtained in 2018 ) 10  mo

In fact, you can see it that way.

In fact, many people still think that non-human animals are inferior, stupid, or even that their lives are less important or valuable!

Except that each animal, each living being is intelligent at the height of its needs. Each animal has a conscience, feels fear and pain.

So yes, hating a race or a species because of its morphology, its character traits, etc., is racism, discrimination.

And we are hypocrites because we have created certain races, we have made them fragile or they have serious genetic predispositions, we create races to meet whims or needs, we belittle certain species/races all the time!

What a cat owner wishes you knew before getting a cat cat?

Peter Rossetti

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ABPP in Psychology and Sciences , University of Geneva ( Diploma obtained in 1981 ) 1  year

A catis NOT adog !

He is and REMAINS onewild animal that chose to live withus (especially some races)

Answer requested byCamille Clergue

How long can you leave a catonly ?

Claire Heinrich

Lives with Tigrette and Flipette Translator 1  year

I have served many cats.

This answer may not be a faithful translation of the answer ofChris Ebbert

in Quora in English  :How long can a cat stay home alone with food and water?

Originally Answered: How long can a cat stay home alone with food and water?

I feel like two nights alone is the most you can put your cat through.

Cats are extremely sociable creatures, who need constant confirmation that the pillars of their existence are in place. Pragmatists might say it's enough if food, water and litter are available, but once you've lived with it a catfor asome time, you notice that he comes to see you frequently during the day and that he understands that the "pillars of his existence" depend on the presence of a human.

If we take that away from them, they really worry.

I solved the problem by having multiple cats. Their confidence that life is under control increases exponentially with the presence of other cats, as they then have a social life.

And when you have multiple cats, and the food, water, and litter are well organized, you can theoretically disappear completely from the scene for weeks, they won't mind.

But maybe then it's you you who won't be able to liveso long without them.

Why do cats obey little?

Blandine Poitel

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Knowledge: French 1  year

Why would they obey?

They are not animals domesticated by man: they are the ones who have chosen to come to us (end especially to our attics which were teeming with rodents).

And there is always this kind of "savagery" deep inside them (at least deep down in those who offered me the privilege of allowing me to livenear them) …

A cathas no master. He has aslave …

Where does the idea that cats should never go outside come from?

Carl Gustav



Doctor 1  year

My 3 cats live between 80 and 99% of their time outside in the garden. They're happy. But  a cat  who has known the happiness of nature without limit with  its mice, butterflies, plants, sun, etc. will go through  hell if it is locked up again or for the first time in the narrow and artificial universe of a flat. I would therefore rather say always with access  to the outside or never. In any case, never in the garden then apartment direction.


What are things that a new cat ownershould know?

This answer may not be a faithful translation of the answer ofUser-10715336731464483721

in Quora in English  :What should I know before getting a cat?

Originally Answered: What should I know before getting a cat?

Cats are nocturnal creatures. They run around (they go crazy) at 2-3 am. Don't get a cat if you won't be cool with it.

Cats need attention. They want to play, interact, talk to you. In their spare time though. So don't buy a cat if you can't respect its mood, personality, character, etc. Some like to be picked up, cuddled, caressed, played all the time, others don't. And they change too. Just like humans.

Choose a cat with a temperament that suits your lifestyle. If you like silence, get a low-energy senior cat. If you're a little goofy (like me), get a high-energy kitten or middle-aged cat.

Cats are bad drinkers. Get a water fountain to encourage their water consumption.

If you have a kitten, make your home kitten-proof. They like to chew, scratch, climb on everything. You would think they are suicidal. They chew on electrical wires, they eat things they're not supposed to eat, they climb on everything and fall. It is your responsibility to make your home as safe as possible.

Know your level of patience. Kittens never stop. If you have little patience and you're screaming all over the place, don't get a kitten.

If you have nice things and love nice things, don't get a high-energy kitten or cat. They run, jump, climb with their claws and destroy beautiful sofas and other things. You can buy couch protectors and cat scratchers and stuff. You can teach the cat not to do certain things. But all this costs money, time and patience. If you don't have it, don't buy a cat. Know what life is like with a cat before you get one or it will end up in a shelter.

You can get a chat for free, cheaply, or for a lot of money. Buying or getting a cat is not the end of your spending money. You need at least £20/cat per month for food. You have to spend money on toys, scratching posts and cat trees, etc. You need to make sure they are dewormed and vet checked. Vaccination every year. Random vet bills, here and there, if needed. Cat sitter or cat hotel when you go on vacation. Having a cat isn't too expensive, but it does cost money to keep a cat happy and healthy.

Declawing a cat is a crime against the cat and fortunately it is a crime under the law in many countries. If you can't live with your cat's claws, DO NOT ACCEPT A CAT.

Cats lose their hair. This is the case with many cats. Buy an effective vacuum cleaner. Get a short-haired cat if you want to avoid hair. Get a long-haired cat only if you can take care of the hair everywhere and all the time. Vacuuming daily is a must. Depending on the season and the cat's shedding habits.

Cats are awesome. They give so much love and happiness to the right people. But only for the right people. Only have a cat if you can handle the backlash. Because there are some of the things listed above that a lot of people couldn't stand. But when you have a kitten and you love a kitten, you don't even notice it. Okay okay, that's not true. There were times when I wanted to lovingly strangle mine e.g. when he fiddled with my face to eat at 4:30 in the morning *joke*. Or when he jumped on me from the top of the wardrobe at night while I slept under the duvet. But we end up tolerating their stupidity in exchange for their love. For nothing in the world I will not change anything with my cats. I love them madly.


Have you ever or would you consider adopting adog and/or a catelderly ? Why ?

Michael Aramini

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Location: Lausanne, VD, Switzerland Updated on 2  years

Originally Answered: Would you consider adopting an older dog or cat? If yes, why ? If not, why not?

I adopted the catof my recently deceased grandmother, it is aold grandpa with pedigree of 12 or 13 years. Here is Abel.

I adopted him because he is old and I will only have him for a while. For those who know me through my answers, I haven't had much luck

withmy animals. I decided to take it anyway because:

He has lived in an apartment for 12 years and is rather fearful. So no risk of leakage.

He does not eat plants (extremely important point) I have several plants which I have taken care of for several years. As they are healthy and magnificent today, I wanted to keep them.

As he is old, he does not climb on furniture. he's more of the type I tolerate you, don't bother me even though I've touched his sharp claws several times.

Apart from the fact that he doesn't like to be petted and especially not carried, he is nice. Talks a lot, but he is pleasant to live with.

With a catyoung, which I had many times, it's tiring, you have to educate him, teach him not to climb here or there, not to jump or gnaw on plants, not to defecate on the floor, not to bite (well here I admit it, withAbel, I can't do anything anymore), don't scratch.

A catAging has its pros and cons.

But I do not regret its adoption.


How do I tell my catthat I am his boss and that he must obey me?

Zazie Queneau

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Knowledge: English 1  year

Q: How do I tell my catthat I am his boss and that he must obey me?

You got the wrong animal.

Instead, adopt adog.

Dogs have a sense of the pack; cats are loners who consent to live withwe.

Both act out of love, but the mechanism is not the same.

A catadopts you, the same way you adopt him. If you treat it well, withlove and respect, he will return it to you a hundredfold.

If you try to force it, bend it, all you'll get is arightly fearful and suspicious animal.

Seek to transform your catas a dog would be a tragic mistake, alamentable mess.

And besides, it's not because your catdon't listen to you that he doesn't love you. Don't mix everything. It has nothing to do.

Do stray cats really get used to livingin ahome after being rescued?

Jerome Cohen

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Animal friend for more than 1/2 century. 11  MB

It all depends on the animal involved. A catferal, i.e. which has lived outdoors since birth or at least long enough to have become quasi-wild again, and a catwanderer lost. The latter will not cause rehabilitation problems, while the catferal, which has not had human socialization from the start risks being much more complicated to keep, even being dangerous for your other companions and you……


Why do cats want to livein a house ?


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Environment and sustainable development 2  years

Cats are opportunists. As long as they know that in this “house” there is food, they will stay there.

Cats have evolved over thousands of years in the presence of humans. A kind of symbiosis (mutual dependence) has therefore formed between the Man and the little feline.

This is what makes the catlove to livein our company.

In your opinion, should immigrants who do not assimilate have to leave France?

chri chri

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Passionate Updated March 9

This is because polite speech does not call  a spade a spade . Non-assimilation is no problem! My wife is Chinese and will never be assimilated! Never! She speaks French badly, she doesn't make the sign of the cross when entering a church, she always eats Chinese food, she only has Chinese friends, she would prefer her country to France if we had to go to war, etc. . But she poses no problem because she came to France  with  money, she creates wealth, she pays taxes, etc. If you call a spade a spade , some strangers who don't fit in are said to be  a       problem because their non-assimilation does not mean eating couscous, it means delinquency, violence and hatred of the host country. Because my ep


Are cats bored livingin astudio?

Chris Price

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I have 3 cats and I had 14 in my life 1  year

It depends on the size and configuration of the studio. If there are stairs, shelves, places to nest and windows through which they can observe the outside and the birds, it may be suitable for Persian-type indoor cats, but perhaps not for alley cats.

Why alittle catcan't he livewithout his mother?

Gisèle Raymond. Svetz

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Formerly I love animals, I was a Dalmatian breeder for 2  years

But yes. Alittle catcan livewithout his mother. Aday I decided to take alittle catto keep my little dog company, I found a family who had a cat ready to give birth…. I waited for the birth and came to see the kittens, they were 10 days old, it was Unlittle too young, but there was one, so beautiful that I did not want it to be taken from me, I took my baby cat, my doctor neighbor lent me a big syringe, so I was able to feed him withcat's milk, bought at the pharmacist….every 2 hours he had his bottle, it was, in winter, I locked him in a sock, then acozy nest of fur, during the day I put it near Gypsie my little dog shih tsu, the kitten climbed on her belly and looked for a pacifier, and alittle maternal love, at night he stayed alone and slept, it was my happiness to see him grow up, we called him Charly. He became taller than Gypsie, but Gypsie became jealous, made him depressed, no longer wanted to eat, during the holidays I gave Charly to my daughter who loves cats, so Charly and Gypsie meet every years in family..

gypsie is no longer jealous, they have become friends, offering us affectionate fights, and sleeping both on my bed.

What have you learned from owning a cat ??

Ellie Demarty

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Unlike dogs, withcats there is no hierarchy in our reports. We live together, I make concessions, but the cattoo.

For example :

A street cat, a real hoodlum, imposed himself on my house. The only rules he followed were his own. He wanted to come and live with me, he had to adapt. He learned in 2 days that once he came home at night, he was not allowed to go out until the next morning. He asked to go out at 6 a.m., I asked to sleep until 11 a.m. So I got up in the morning at 9 a.m. to open the door to him.

Who was he to force me to get up in the middle of the night to open the door to his majesty? And who was I to impose on a catneeding the freedom to stay locked up for an entire evening, a night and an entire morning?

I learned that I was no longer at home but at ours, he too knew very well that he was not at home, he was at ours.

He improved my behavior just as I improved his, I learned that with a catit's give and take.

That's what I like about them, they ask for aeffort to adapt and do not hesitate to make efforts on their own, without ever submitting and without imposing submission on us.


can cats livein an apartment?

Regine Michel

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Formerly Insurance call center advisor ( 1974 – 2009 ) 2  years

Yes if they are used to it they live there without problems I had some in an apartment and now I am in a house, of course they are better because they can go out.


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Why no longer my catages the more emotional it becomes?

Chris Price

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I have 3 cats and I had 14 in my life 2  years

Cats are very sensitive animals that become more attached to their owners  over  time. They also have less desire to run and play and more to sleep with  age, which inclines them to stay close to their masters. You have to be careful to continue to maintain the affectionate relationship with  your cat  even if it becomes old. If the cat  feels neglected or if a  younger cat is preferred, it can cause illnesses that can cause its death. On the contrary, a  well-kept cat in confidence with  its masters will live a long time.


What's it like to livewithout catafter being withthem for most of life?

Michael Aramini

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Know the ravages of drugs. 9  mb

It's weird but you get used to it. I've had cats since I was about 10. And since I was 18 alone in an apartment. Few years ago. I lived without a cat  for a few years because Eden fled through the balcony on the first floor when she had her first heat. I swore to myself never to have a chat again . Except that Abel came to upset my plans 2 and a half years ago almost 3,  with  the death of my grandmother. Not getting along with  my aunt's cats. And too old to have a chance in a  shelter, my aunt offered to take him on a trial even though I didn't want a cat . But since it was the  cat of my grandmother. I agreed to take him for a few weeks to see. He finally stayed. He will live out his old days with  me. It 's a  difficult cat and say


Should I let my cat outoutside when in a few months I will be living in an apartment?

Yvette Paul Jamme

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Formerly Volunteer at the SPA August 19

But yes, let him enjoy   his freedom a little more! Anyway he will undergo a  delicate change and it would be cruel to deprive him of his freedom already...


Do cat owners know better than Germans what it's like to liveunder the dictatorship of a little mustache?

Peter Rossetti

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ABPP in Psychology and Sciences , University of Geneva ( Diploma obtained in 1981 ) 1  year

I LOVE the question…!


How did you see that your catwas special?

Rebecca Delferriere

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Lost in the swell 1  year

I have two cats and they each have their own special side.

The first arrival in 2017, Bergamotte. Blow of heart during my visit to the SPA

I have never seen such a calm cat . Never a single stupidity since I have it! Her particularity is when I feel bad, she has to feel it. She 's not a very cuddly cat but when things go wrong, she sleeps on me or above my head

In 2019, I caught pneumonia. She slept on top of me every night for almost a month. And as soon as I was healed, she never did it again

She also spent quite a few nights sleeping over my head when I was feeling sad after a breakup.

Since May 2020, Oregano has entered our lives

This cat is devilishly intelligent

I found her in a box when she was 10 days old, so she didn't have the chance to be raised by her mother

I saw him imitate Bergamotte for several months. It was crazy to see her replicate exactly what she was doing

She has a bad habit of opening doors such as the toilets! I also can't leave her candy box lying around otherwise she ends up opening it and devouring everything.

She understands very well when I scold her and even allows herself to answer me with big meows of displeasure.

This is the story of my two loves, two cats who were destined to live in a shelter and on the street

Take care of your animals, they can bring so much to your life 🙏🏻

What pet do you have and what is it called?

Brilliant Agatha

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In love with Reva. May 28

We wanted a cat for a long time.

My companion being allergic, we thought we were doomed to dream about it.. .

A friend once mentioned the possibility of adopting a Siberian cat , a pure breed that does not secrete the protein responsible for allergies.

Skeptical at first, we inquired then decided to test a possible allergic reaction by visiting a breeding in the Gard, nicely named La Maison de l'Ours.

There, miracle.

After cuddling many Siberian kittens, no allergic reaction occurred, while my companion could not help crying, coughing, scratching ... in the presence of cats until then.

So we were able to adopt a beautiful female that my daughter chose to call Rêva.

Since then, our life has changed forever, to the point of not being able to imagine living without it.

A happiness.

Thank you,

Ménoua Khatchian


Dan Popescu

for the response request.





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Dan Popescu

How can I help my

cat live

a longer, healthier life?

Request an answer

Do animals such as dogs and cats need the company of humans to live their lives to the full?

Muriel Alleno

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Formerly nurse anesthetist ( 1979 – 1988 ) 3  years

Yes, because they are "domesticated" animals and can no longer live without us.


If you had to choose between living with a Capricorn or an Aquarius, who would you choose? Why ?

Luke Berger

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Location: Brussels ( 1954 – today ) 8 Sept.

Neither of the two,

A cat or a dog, yes, but the others, I don't know.

Funny names, funny beasts.

Otherwise, adopt what you like, and send a photo.







Are cat owners really more likely to be depressed than others? Why or why not ?


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Beauty lover 1  year

I had cats at different times in my life and was completely happy. Happy to be back with my cat . Happy to live with this little ball of love who was also just asking to be loved. I also had a lot of pain when I had to euthanize my last cat called Shani, who had come back from a walk limping, completely defeated with terrible injuries, after being hit by a car.

I am convinced that whatever it is, cat , dog or other, a pet plays a lot in the mental balance of people. Especially those who live alone. I only know happy cat and dog owners, that says it all.

Notice to men , it seems that women have four reasons to be attracted to men with cats . Seems that makes them sexy😻






How do we know how quickly time passes for animals (I mean a cat might feel like it lives for 80 years)?

Thomas Godard

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Author 3  years

Neurologically, “perceived time” accumulates as memories accumulate , and memories do not accumulate on a regular basis. Indeed we see that when we are 4 years old, the last year of our life corresponds to a quarter of our lived life, then when we are 80 years old, the same quarter of life corresponds this time to 20 years lived, this which implies if the memory is not infinite, that the more we advance in time, the less we can store new memories.

Forgetting helps us to make room, but we cannot forget everything because our whole personality and therefore our whole being is constructed by these memories, to forget everything would be to lose our identity, and therefore our being: it cannot be not, unless you lose being. So the only real way to forget is to die.

The drop in attention that we pay throughout our lives to new moments causes the dilation of perceived time : when we age, perceived time lengthens so that the density of memory per unit of real time decreases , this is what generally makes us say that “time is accelerating” but it is not time itself that is accelerating, it is the perception that we have of it that is diminishing, that is being diluted.

To measure how fast perceived time passes for an animal is therefore to measure how instantaneously this animal stores memories , and if it does not store memories then for this organism, time does not pass.

Do ferrets and house cats get along well? Can they live together in the same house?

Samir Mabrouk

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Formerly real estate agent and tourist guide at Agence immobilière Mabrouk 3  years

Yes of course!!

Living with your cat after it adopted you, did it allow you to understand why some people considered it sacred?

Nesta Caperan

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Location: Menton, France 1  year

Originally Answered: Did living with your cat after it adopted you help you understand why some people consider it sacred?

Yes absolutely. I have never known anyone who has been able to subdue me so well. (They all tried, though.) I'm not even a mop now, I'm a dustpan.

My girlfriend asked me to give my cat to someone else because she is allergic. I love my cat and my girlfriend. What should I do ?


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amateur philosopher-linguist-historian 3  years

Living with a cat when you are allergic can turn into hell. It's not comedy and it can even be downright impossible, even dangerous.

There are desensitization cures (talk to a doctor), but they are spread over one or two years and the result is often disappointing

If your girlfriend is really allergic, you will have a choice to make: the cat or the girlfriend. Up to you


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Justin Mihalick

Which pet do you prefer between the dog and the cat ? And why ?

Elisa Depreux

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Former student in the Preparatory Class for the Grandes Ecoles ( Diploma obtained in 2021 ) 4  years

Originally Answered: Which pet do you prefer between a dog and a cat? And why ?

Cat .

The cat makes its living by giving you affection from time to time, it's never “too much” or “boring”.

He takes care of himself, he wants to go for a walk on the roof, in the street, the door is opened for him, he goes there and comes back.

A purring cat ! This fact is decisive in the choice cat / dog! A purr is cute, it's warm, pleasant and it also reduces stress!

The “Meows” make less noise than barking ( unless a cat is in heat ) moreover, some cats barely meow, some dogs also, but to compare, the dogs of my downstairs neighbor are very small (as small as my cat ) and make 3 times more noise than my cat I'm not even talking about the noise when you pass in front of his door, even if my cat meows quite frequently, he knows how to manage his voice and the reasons why he uses it!

And then a cat is so cute, very soft, affectionate, and playful. I couldn't live without.