By YEET MAGAZINE | Posted on September 16, 2021 at 7:32 am

Basically, the technology of the Spanish designer Manel Torres makes it possible to liquefy natural fibers (wool, linen) or acrylic. Mixed with a polymer and a solvent, they are then projected by a sprayer or a spray can. In a few seconds, the solvent dissipates and the fibers set, layer after layer. Therefore, no more problem of size or cut, you do what you want. Sprayed on the skin, the fabric regains its strength and you are dressed.

Spray fabric to create your clothes in minutes

Spray fabric to create your clothes in minutes

Enough to leave the shops, forget the sales and go to the beach without a change of clothes.

From fashion to health? The invention patented by the English startup Fabrican allows you to design clothes directly on your body. The result can be cut, sewn and even washed.

The concept has already been used for fashion shows since 2011, and Torres clearly plans to revolutionize the scene with these minute clothes. But it also evokes broader uses, by changing the textiles used. More resistant materials could, for example, be used in the health sector for bandages, or even "plasters".