People Have Been Searching How Lobsters Communicate. The Most Question Asked On Google, Study Finds.

People Have Been Searching How Lobsters Communicate. The Most Question Asked On Google, Study Finds.

Beneath their strong shell, lobsters are sentient beings and we have much more in common with these sea creatures than we might think! Scientists are making incredible discoveries about the lives of lobsters: you will understand why they are sentient beings that must be respected.


Despite their knight appearance, lobsters are actually sensitive and delicate animals. Although their eyesight and hearing are not very good, they have an exceptional sense of touch, thanks to hundreds of thousands of fine hairs sticking out of their shells through small holes.

Lobsters are also sensitive to temperature changes - they can detect temperature changes of the order of one degree - which is part of the reason why they travel up to 160 kilometers each year to find a suitable place for their fragile offspring.


Unlike what we see in cartoons, lobsters don't just use their pincers to pinch! They often walk "hand in hand", with the adult lobsters walking the young lobsters. Lobsters can also be "left handed", "right handed" or ambidextrous. And they taste the food with their paws!complex - much the same as humans.

And they also react to anxiety like most of us: by looking for a place to take shelter! French researchers have even found that stressed crayfish (a related species of lobster) react positively when given antidepressants (the same ones used to treat anxiety in humans).


Well, not in the human sense of the word! Lobsters are the perfect example of "pleasant aging": they suffer no decline in both strength and health, so they can live forever. Scientists believe lobsters are biologically immortal - they don't die of old age.

Lobsters are admittedly dumb in the human sense of the word, but we need to listen to what scientists tell us about them. It is obvious that lobsters are creatures that have close social ties, and feel pain and anxiety.

Lobsters, langoustines, crabs, shrimps and other marine life are the silent and often forgotten victims of the fishing and seafood industry. It is time to give these extraordinary animals a high standard of living. attention and protection. They just deserve compassion.

Source: Animals Australia.