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By   Sophia Ava  YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) January 22, 2022

Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer 
Turbo Study 

A new chapter in Singer’s automotive services, in collaboration with owners of the air-cooled 911.  

Enabling a wide range of high-performance capability - from refined grand touring to sports focus. 

Using the Type 964 as a starting point, the results of the Turbo Study allow each owner to pursue a personal vision for their restoration.  

The car shown here has been specified with a focus on high-performance, luxury grand touring capabilities.

  • Lightweight carbon fibre bodywork in Wolf Blue
  • 3.8L twin turbocharged, intercooled flat-six
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Rear-wheel-drive
  • Suspension optimized for touring
  • Carbon-ceramic braking system
  • Interior presented in Malibu Sand with Black Forest wood accents
  • Electrically adjustable, heated, touring seats
  • Air-conditioning, inductive phone charging and navigation

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