Psychology :Watching, Reading And Listening To Content That Brings Positivity Is Essential And Can Change Our Lives

It has always been said that our brain controls our daily activities. It acts like a home to positive as well as negative thoughts, simultaneously. And that decides the quality of life we live.

Psychology :Watching, Reading And Listening To Content That Brings Positivity Is Essential And Can Change Our Lives

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By Neha Sharma || YEET MAGAZINE  Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) May 16, 2022

It has always been said that our brain controls our daily activities. It acts like a home to positive as well as negative thoughts, simultaneously. And that decides the quality of life we live. Being negative is not bad for a short time span but in the long run, it creates havoc. Sometimes irreparably so. Our feelings get damaged in the flow and it becomes a huge task to recover.

Some of us have the spirit to fight the circumstances but some others give up.

Our mind is like a factory which keeps manufacturing ideas, memories and opinions, now and then.

Sometimes it helps us make new friends and sometimes we may also end-up all alone. The whole scenario keeps running in the mind like a game and we are always chasing victory in the same. According to successful people, it's important to fine-tune our thoughts and feelings to harness the power within.

It is already a well-known fact that the good and the bad lies in the mind, the way we think. But that is only half truth. The complete fact is that a lot of it depends on our feelings too. It means it is a matter of the heart as well.

We see many things and people in our surroundings on daily basis.

What stays in mind and heart is what impacts us the most. All the animals, trees, buildings, water bodies, etc. influence us in different ways. More often than not. Even a color has the power to twist our mood in a way that nothing else does. The things we taste, smell, feel, see and hear, affect us in different in ways.

The content we see and listen on tv, internet and everywhere else all-the-time, gives a direction to our opinions. Most often we have the ability to choose how we think and act.

There are occasions when the situation gets out of our control but in that case we must have self-confidence and the belief that ultimately everything will fall in place. At the lowest points in life, we must remember to consider our positive mindset as our friend and filter-out all the negative ones. It is okay to have fiends like worry, sorrow etc. once in a while.

But if it becomes a habit or part of nature, it can cause huge destruction as well. Therefore, we must be careful of our thoughts, feelings and co-ordinate them with our actions. All in all, our thoughts and feelings need a careful consideration whether they should be taken as friends or fiends.

Sometimes it can even turn-and-twist the flow of life altogether.

We can work our way out by watching, reading and listening to content that brings positivity in ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes but owning them is a must - be it in words or actions. And take the responsibility to change them if needed. Not accepting these mistakes will only lead to destruction.

Doesn't matter whether your thoughts and feelings are behaving as a friend or fiend altogether, we must be careful about our judgements.

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