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If the latest rumors emerging from Montecito have any legs, times are tough for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

According to the new report, Prince Harry and his spouse have found themselves financially strained after their major deal with Spotify came to an abrupt end, and they have not yet delivered a big follow-up to their Netflix series Harry & Meghan.

Markle has signed a major contract with WME, but there have been no big projects to emerge from the collaboration thus far.


Harry and Meghan are the worst! More questions and answers about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - Royal Family News

Must be time to get real jobs

Andy Smith night watchman and McDonald's.

Definition of a “rumor” = something completely made up to make money for yourself, no matter the cost to anyone else!

Don’t believe it

I don’t believe H called W; I don’t believe H & M want to go back to London. M is a Cali girl and I think she’s right where she wants to be. They can always downsize like so many people have to do.

Sandy Gellner They won't have money problems either.

What a shame

Harry is reported to him received the bulk of a 17M pound trust his great grandmother set up before her death as well as approximately 9M pounds from his mother. Some of us could’ve lived on that for the rest of our lives.

Meghan Markle Harry News

Insiders have told Radar Online that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “taking time apart” from their marriage while they “figure out what hit them”.


They would separate just for the headlines and to get people to keep talking about them   They have to maintain that they are relative in the news.

What hit them was the fact they couldn't make their fortune from trashing the English royals, showing their disdain for the English royals & absolutely no family loyalty.

They have such an artificial lifestyle.. no substance to it and Meghan is shallow and narcissistic.. Harry made a terrible blunder marrying her but he 'made his bed'.....  and now there are 2 children involved...

The big cheque book slapped them in the face & the deposits can not keep up with the withdrawals !!

What hit them is karma, both deserve it

We all knew that Meghan Markle had brain washed Prince Harry and now she'll leave him out to dry.

Hahaha Harry might discover his Henry VIII ancestor and find a European Princess for wife no 2

Selma Janet McGoram

Meghan Markle regrets not looking properly through Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ after their lives have now become “such a mess”, according to Royal Biographer Angela Levin.

Watch the full episode at


Of course it is all Harry's fault Meghan. It couldn't possibly be any of the many things that you have done that have contributed to your own problems.

She wrote most of it, the ghost writer told us, filled with too many American words and sayings

As ye sow, so shall ye reap....

NOTHING would have stopped him, going to Africa,  IF, he had  asked the family. It would have been arranged  properly.

Maybe she can’t read 🤔

Meghan should be Queen

It's about time we have a queen that's hot af

Two spoiled Brats

Omg she helped write it

Royal biographer and commentator Angela Levin says Meghan Markle would be "nothing" without her husband Prince Harry amid reports the couple are on a "trial separation".

Watch the full episode at

Comment here

I'd say she is still nothing, even with Harry, who is also nothing.  How could a man/child like him be relevant after betraying his family.  He isn't worth a carrot.

But she's nothing with Henry,as he's joined the dark side . Unforgettable what he put his grandparents through

Marilyn Bailey I keep that thought too...heartbreaking.Would not want to be either of them.eeewww

Marilyn Bailey Yes,sadly...Appears to be zero maturity.Great the way the families are no respond...I guess till the said grow up?

Imagine if Uncle Andrew was in the picture...pardon the punt

Cunningly a trial separation to leave her options open….if she is no longer recognised without Prince Harry she can re-use his profile again.

She tried to catch "Uncle Andrew".
She hooked the Spare.
He will get more respect if he frees himself of her.PERMANENTLY. Before she destroys him.

Dawn Pettet Yup

They are not fueding with him. It is all one way

Old news, next🤣🤣🤣

Prince Harry is reportedly worried about his future in America

Comment here

He dug his own hole and buried himself now it’s up to him to resolve all the mess and upset he has caused. I have no sympathy he and Megan don’t live in the real world.

Kathy Heywood she will never come to England to stay . He’s on his own e we it’s that idea .Charles will buckle at his request . Needs told careful what wish  for might get it . So wishes come true stay in America .

Kathy Heywood Meghan hold his neck means whatever Meghan say to him he can’t say no to her. So let Meghan handle the consequences. Since they chose to live in private life. But actually not because they always on media interviews.

Good, much deserved for them both, they brought it all on themselves. Now they can get a realllll job and see what it’s like to live like the rest of us live

Virginia Caroline Long  Harry doesn’t know how to work;  he never has.

Gail Dorsey we all had to learn, he’s surely not that thick ??

Here we go again! More made up stories about H & M! They’ve obviously been too quiet recently for the media who now resort to maki g up stories! Give us a break!!

Kathy Klepacz Cambiano Chuckie Fergie and Andy have given interviews.
Fergie was interviewed Twice by Oprah.
Diana had she moved to America.
Would have been too.
Chuckie admitted adultery in his dimbleby interview.
As did Diana in the Bashir interview
Good for Harry for standing up for his wife and son..

Maybe if they BOTH acknowledged that they have made many mistakes and were outright deceptive in their public statements about the family the Royal family might consider helping them and offering advice. But they brought it on themselves.

Harry has basically metaphorically stabbed his family in the back for some time, now it's "sorry I said this and that, joking, please talk to me", happens in ordinary families too, they can go decades without seeing or speaking to each other but live a few streets apart.  This scenario is going to get very messy

They need more material for another Netflix documentary so they can complain how they were not rewarded for coming back. Probably demanding apartment in Windsor Castle, guaranteed income, more titles, and massive security

Where they going to live I hope they don’t jump the queue for a council house ordinary people have been waiting a long time to get one

I really do not think they thought their Mexit through properly. They could have just stayed there and put their noses to the grindstone and supported the Monarchy. But of course neither is a team player.

He needs to get a job

karma always bites back serves him right

I think the RF would be crazy to allow them back into the fold.
Harry has shown just how bitter and jealous he is about William and the RF.
Keep them at arms length at all costs.

😂😂 what goes round comes around! Serves him right… zero sympathy for him and his side kick!

Here is a man who had the world at his feet. Unlimited money but he couldnt b king so threw it all away. Just what did he expect to gain

Annettr Czechowski I think Harry is such a jealous immature person. Add  a narcissistic wife and reported drugs this is the result.

Annettr Czechowski how sad you think money makes you happy. Harry was always on a different path to his family. Now he’s forging his own life. And breaking years of generational traumas along the way

Leann Middlemass I didn't say it. Harry said he n Meghan running out of money.  In four yrs that means they went thru millions.  U n iwill never see a fraction of that amount.  No I don't think money is the answer but they do!!  That's y he wants to go back to family not because he is sorry but because they have money.

If they would have done things in the proper way they wouldn't have to be worrying but they want about it all wrong and now nobody wants to hire them. KARMA AT ITS FINEST.

It is time to stop the hate and leave them alone .The last thing they need is others to try splitting them up when 2 children are involved .We have all made bad choices in our lives but not been crucified by them

If Harry comes back it should be without her . Because her jealousy of Kathleen is something she cannot control .

Broke, moving back home, heading towards middle age, Harry, get it together!!!

They both deserve this !! Karma hots back on them !!!!! The royal family doesn't need them and it's known the British people are not all that pleased with them !!! Charles wants to keep his stanama up with the British public ??? He better think hard and long here before letting them back !!!! Don't do it !!! After his book that exposed private things of your family and much more !!! You know harry has damaged you since he arrived in America!!! Don't let him or the witch back !!!!! You'll regret this decision if you allow this !!!!!! Wake up on your spoiled entitled son and remember what he said about you Charles and your family!!!! You're crazy to allow them to come back !!! Let them stay and deal with their constant drama they created for themselves !!!!! Its well deserved on them !!!!

Paula Rines Charles know us British won't accept them back and expect the british to cough up money,There wud be a uproar,

If they come back, they cannot move back as working royals nor live in any of the family homes.  They can’t be trusted.  Harry backs his wife even when she’s wrong.  She went into William’s home and took pics of kids’ bedrooms.  Also went into queen’s home to take pics of private rooms not shared with public.  Don’t let them back!!!

I’m sure that William knew exactly what to say, but was just too polite, and didn’t want it splashed across the US!!

Debbie Jones I am sure this is nonsense like all the other rubbish these sites post.  They have even run out of new footage. Harry did as he said he would and is at peace now and yet the media still want to keep them in the limelight and relevant as they have always done. Wonder why🤔 Ka-ching!  Which proves even more that 99.9% of them always wanting to be in the limelight, as you haters put it,  is not them but the media and press.

Hes a 40 year old man, so his issue to sort out his life and family. He was helped for 1 whole year when he stepped away from royal life by his father. Why should King Charles fork out more money after all Harry has  said and done or expect a role back as a working royal to get a free ride financially.

Omg they are asking to come to a country they hate..well she is ..what a vile and devious pair these two are want to come doubt to live of the RF and the taxpayer and to get low these two are after all they have said and done.....he wanted her and America .so they can rot there....or maybe his visa has expired and the USA is kicking him out......

After all those palabras, blatant interviews slurring the Royal Family, accusing his stepmother as dangerous and villainous, and slagging his own brother, showing the necklace that apparently broke when William shoved him, he got worried now. What happened to that self confidence and fortitude in giving accounts in detailing his life in 6 hours of podcast? He never blinked in his interviews,  telling tales how he was cruelly treated by his family. Then now he is worried about their finances. They received $$$$hundred Millions, Netflix,  Spotify, Random Penguin dealings, its that not enough?

He needs to get himself a proper job and stop living g off the back of his family and making promises in deals that he can not possibly see through...they are despised here even more than before they left but it must be bad stateside for them now if they think the UK is a better option.
He will be thinking sell the mansion,if that actually even bought it,  move back to the UK and live in a Royal residence free of charge and grift for ever more and do nothing, breath and exist.. That's what he wants to do...

This couple is very cunning , they are in financial  difficulties ,  that's why they want to come back to the United  Kingdom part-time to get security  paid by  taxpayers when they move around the world + many other financial benefits (clothing,salaries,accomodations ).  They are 2 traitors, profiteers ,ungrateful. The King and prince of Wales are expected to refuse. Let's not forget that Queen Elisabeth II said no.

Harry did it to himself now he is in trouble he wants to go home he is a grown man stand on your own two feet,meghan wasted money now the pair can join the real world and get jobs live within their means I hope that the family won't take them back

And who will be coughing up the money to keep them in the style they have been accustomed to when they return to the UK if they return .
Also their paranoia regarding security etc.
No stay where you are and get a job , no you don’t have a green card ?
Or do you …??

Try getting a job, get off your backside and do a day’s work for a day’s pay, not an hour a week.

Elaine Smeaton  Oh come on.  Do you really think he wants to come back here after what his father did to him. And it is Harry’s over powering anxiety with Childhood trauma.  Not paranoia.  Like he would talk to his brother.  The two people who let him down when he needed them the most, after pleading with his father to help with the media.  Sufferers of generational childhood trauma,  need their parents to understand  what they are going through to help them heal.  As they are the cause from birth.  Their mother dying just made it worse and is his biggest trigger.  I would have thought Charles of all people would have understood after writing some damming things about his parents in a book and talking about in an interview when he was younger.  He called it generic.  He did t realise then how right he was.  Recent studies have revealed that UCT is the biggest cause of anxiety and depression in adults.
And do you think William won’t suffer.  Right now he is trauma bonded to his father, as he has to be King.  But it will happen.  The only way we will know is when HE reaches out to Harry.  As he will  understand what Harry has been through.  If the firm allow it.  But often it is to late because the sufferer can’t forgive being let down.  And yes,  I am a mental health professional.  I have followed Harry for many years in interviews and on peoples podcasts, talking to other sufferers. It will become the biggest type of therapy eventually and thousands of adults with unresolved depression will see light at the end of the tunnel.  Let’s be clear,  the parents are not to blame because they don’t know any different,  being bought up the same. But,  they have to accept,  that like Harry,  the damage it does to a child growing up,  and as an adult irreversible,  unless they have the right therapy.   Because years of therapy in the past does not even touch the surface. Even then there will always be triggers.
There is so much more to it than that. But Harry’s responses is typical of a sufferer. Drinking, taking drugs,  always laughing and joking around.  It’s a mask to cover up the pain and lack of self worth. It’s not how he wants to be.

I am not saying if I agree with what Harry did with Netflix and writing a book. But I understand it.
I really don’t care if you choose to believe me or not.  It’s of no consequence to me.  I am just glad I am able to help a few if the people are going through this horrendous time.  And hopefully like Harry said,  break the cycle of bringing children up in such a way that causes so much suffering and the don’t even realise it. People will eventually.  Counsellors are being trained here in the Uk for specialised therapy.  GP’s are being trained to recognise it in children and adults.

He has no future

When they will think about it, hmmm not a good sign. So are they going to apologise to the monarch and the citizens of UK for all the lies they told and have their tales between their legs. Don’t think Megain will do that, she’s too far in her own a**.

The Ginger Judas should stay in the states with his new buddies and Simpson, you will get a hostile reception if you try to weasel your way back on the royal circuit at public expense

Well it won’t help him coming back to UK now No one interested or trust him and there’s no way anyone wants her there forget it Harry

Sally Olsen Harry cant get a job he has no qualifications and didnt finish High school.   He is not employable.  He has been a traitor to his country and set out destroying the reputation of the RF worldwide.

Maybe now he’s realizing Megan is high maintenance and all about money! He picked a loser for a wife!

Meghan markle and prince harry news

Meghan markle

Meghan markle 2023

Meghan markle fake kids

Meghan markle fake kids

Meghan markle family

Meghan markle children

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry receive sweet advice over Hollywood future
Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been advised to use Hollywood actors and writers strike as a "period of reflection."

The Newsweek quoted entertainment expert Mark Boardman as saying that the next six months could be perceived as the most challenging for Harry and Meghan.

The expert further said Archie and Lilibet doting parents find themselves at a crucial juncture in their media journey and the strike would undoubtedly impact their immediate industry moves.

Boardman added this period of reflection could allow them to 'strategize and recalibrate' their image and projects.

"It would provide them with the space to rebuild their public perception and focus on quality content creation rather than being hounded for their next endeavor", he concluded.

The latest advice for the California-based royal couple came days after the Hollywood actors´ union began to strike on Thursday after negotiations to reach a new contract with production studios ended without an agreement.

Actors will join writers in the first industry-wide walkout for 63 years, effectively bringing the giant movie and television business to a halt.







MUST Watch : King Charles loses his patience at Queen Camilla, video goes viral 😳😳😳

Here the full details revealed:

Meghan Markle is representative of a new generation that loves to whine, loves to complain, loves to invent problems, loves to take one random slight that may or may not have happened and blow it up into the entire narrative.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield says it's "a difficult time" for Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan Markle as members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Writers Guild of America (WGA) continue strike action.

Royal author and commentator Lady Colin Campbell (Lady C) has taken aim at Meghan Markle after her public appearance with a beagle at a Montecito Farmer's Market despite its "no dogs allowed" policy.

Meghan Markle is livid after Prince Harry called his estranged brother “panicking” about money to “make a truce,” telling Prince William that the couple are “open to going back to London,” a royal insider claims.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are 'taking time apart' after public backlash, failed business deals, and public feuds with their loved ones.

Meghan Markle 👏

"Women make up more than half of the world's population and potential, so it is neither just nor practical for their voices to go unheard at the highest levels of decision making"

Image by Genevieve - CC BY 2.

Prince Harry is reportedly worried about his future in America

Rumours are swirling Meghan Markle has been "snubbed" after putting her name forward for a coveted role, with a royal commentator standing by the reports due to the former actress' goal of making "roads into Hollywood".

Meghan Markle reportedly "regrets" her lack of involvement in putting together Prince Harry's memoir as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are stuck with "professional whiner" labels due to the blowback from Spare.

RICHARD KAY: Of all the broken relationships that have marked Meghan and Prince Harry's life since their split from the Royal Family, the cruellest, surely, is how they discarded the duchess's father, Tom Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "taking time apart" -- living separetely (!!) -- DETAILS:

Prince Harry is said to be worried about his and Meghan Markle's future in America, according to reports

Meghan Markle is being "needier than usual" towards Prince Harry and "barely lets him out of her sight" as the couple transition into solo projects, according to a recent report.

Meghan Markle’s attempt to break away from Prince Harry’s bid for privacy may signal she is plotting her next big move. Full story:

Meghan Markle knows she and Prince Harry went "too far" in their attacks against the Royal Family and now she "doesn't know how to get out of it", royal biographer Tom Bower claims.

Watch the full episode at

It's undeniably been a rough few months for Brand Sussex – and Meghan Markle is reportedly now realising she may have made a big mistake. 👉

She enjoyed a stroll around her neighborhood as she checked out Montecito Farmers Market near their $14 million home.

Royal News 🔥 Meghan Markle is seemingly finding her way back to her old lifestyle when she had her own career running

As the former American actress walked down the aisle, no one could have predicted the chain of events that Meghan Markle would set in motion – nor, it seems, just how much of an effect she would end up having on Prince Harry. Here are the major changes in his life that are proof he's a very different person today.

Meghan Markle divorcing her husband Prince Harry would benefit neither her fame or finances as the real power of the Sussexes' brand lies in them being together, writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue argues.

Watch the full episode at

The Blackmailer_ Just When You Thought Meghan Markle Couldn't Sink Any Lower

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s nomination for their royal-trashing Netflix series has been slammed as a shameless move. FULL STORY:

Sarah Ferguson shares very special anniversary tribute to 'magical' Princess Beatrice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Sarah Ferguson has marked her and Prince Andrew's 'magical' daughter Princess Beatrice's third wedding anniversary to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi with a gushing tribute to the couple......

Here the full details revealed:

TalkTV’s Cristo Foufas is joined by royal commentator Kinsey Schofield to discuss the latest royal news including rumours that Meghan Markle could be lined up to star in the sequel to The Bodyguard.

Kinsey says: “We are seeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle so separate lately!”

MeghanMarkle defies the ‘no dogs’ rule at a farmers’ market in Montecito.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield has said that Meghan Markle's brand in Hollywood is "absolutely toxic", as the Duchess of Sussex stands accused of claiming she will take Princess Diana's place in a sequel to Kevin Costner's Bodyguard.

It’s Camilla 76th birthday Kate Middleton, William and Other’s honored her but Meghan Markle causes stir with text

Meghan Markle is representative of a new generation that loves to whine, loves to complain, loves to invent problems, loves to take one random slight that may or may not have happened and blow it up into the entire narrative.

“My goodness me,” Meghan Markle now wants to offer help and advice to women giving birth, according to Royal Biographer Angela Levin.

Watch the full episode at

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are still very "happy together", despite fake reports that their relationship is on the rocks

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's joint business ventures are reportedly "falling apart" as the couple faces "huge problems" following the termination of their Spotify deal, according to royal biographer Tom Bower.

Royal News  Meghan Markle is rumored to be pursuing a career in Hollywood

Royal News  Meghan Markle made a deliberate effort to downplay her Hollywood glamour

Royal News  Meghan Markle fuels divorce rumors after appearing without Prince Harry

Samantha Markle's libel lawsuit includes deeply personal claims, casting doubt on Meghan Markle's relationship with her mother.

Meghan Markle previously faced criticism for appearing to mock the reverential gesture. (via Newsweek - The Royals)

She walked around carefree with her dog

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have delivered a Netflix hit, but that's little comfort for the couple after Emmy voters snubbed them.

While shopping at Montecito Farmer's Market, Meghan Markle was wearing a casual look of a white button down hanging open over a knee-length khaki maxi dress.

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's column on Meghan Markle was slammed as 'horrific, hurtful and cruel'.

Want to glow like a duchess? 10 of Meghan Markle’s favourite beauty products:

There have been countless stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s negative relationship with the media and the pu

Meghan and Harry are planning an epic comeback