Sandra Bullock’s longtime partner Bryan Randall has sadly passed away, following a private three-year-battle with ALS.

Sandra Bullock’s longtime partner Bryan Randall has sadly passed away, following a private three-year-battle with ALS.

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Sandra Bullock is feeling “grateful” for the support she’s received following the death of her longtime partner, Bryan Randall, earlier this month

After a three-year battle with the neurological disease ALS, Sandra Bullock's longtime partner Bryan Randall has tragically died at age 57

The ALS Association has received $50K in donations in honor of Randall so far.

.According to a source, the actress has “seen the incredible outpouring of support toward ALS research since Bryan’s passing.”

“It was very important to her that when she and his family made the initial statement of Bryan’s passing, those who were on this journey with her and Bryan, from the beginning, were recognized — with the Healey Center at Mass General leading the way,” the insider added. “She is so grateful to all those who have donated and is happy that out of something so heartbreaking came something so positive for others.”

Sandra Bullock’s longtime partner Bryan Randall has sadly passed away, following a private three-year-battle with ALS. He was 57. #SandraBullock and Bryan first met when he photographed her son Louis's birthday in 2015. Years later in 2021, the actress opened up on their relationship, saying: "I found the love of my life. We share two beautiful children— three children, Randall's older daughter. It's the best thing ever.

Sandra Bullock's longtime partner Bryan Randall, with whom she shared their kids, died at 57 after fighting ALS.

Sandra Bullock created an uproar among fans with her look, yet her "very Christian" partner treated her like a princess. "I found the love of my life," she once admitted. More about how Bryan treated Sandra on their past dates and fan's thoughts in the comments.

The way Sandra Bullock has chosen to say goodbye to the man she referred to as the “love of her life” is revealed. The actress, who tragically lost her longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall earlier this month, is heartbroken. However, she is determined to pay tribute to their shared memories in the most profound way possible.
Sandra Bullock lost her partner Bryan Randall whom she called "the love of her life."Bullock previously confessed that she wants to be with her family "in the place that makes me happiest."The actress wanted to spend more time with her children and family but never married her partner.However, she couldn't imagine she would lose him so suddenly.

Where Sandra Bullock is spreading Bryan Randall's ashes:


MND is so insidious! We lost my sister just weeks ago.

Grieving is the worst emotion I have experienced, it seems to ending. Now you will call on your strength. Yes, make every moment count. Hugs.

So sad Sandra. Sending my condolences

Very sad for him, her and everyone who was dear to him. At last, she found a good one and he sadly passes.

So sad… one of my favourite actresses, you don’t know what they are going through until they lose a loved one

Michelle Thomas

Deepest condolences

How incredibly sad

Sandra Bullock,I am so sorry for your loss, & to read he had ALS.These neurological diseases are devastating to accept and live with.I am deeply sorry for what he, you and your families had to endure, and pray you all find solace.

How horrible. She cannot catch a break. She finally found a good guy too.

So very sorry for your loss, my deepest condolences to you & your family & friends

My condolences to you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers