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By   Sophia Ava  YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) January 23, 2022

13 best sunglasses for men: the only shades that will enhance your look


There is something about putting on a good pair of sunglasses that just raises our confidence. Put on a pair of Aviators, and suddenly you're Tom Cruise in Top Gun .

Are aviators not your style? Take a few travelers and you are a Blues Brother. It's amazing what a good pair of shades can do.

Fortunately, there are literally thousands of styles of trendy sunglasses to choose from, for all looks and occasions. While style is 100% key when it comes to choosing your perfect pair , there are also some protective features to consider. Being the instrument through which you see the world, it is safe to say that your eyes are worth protecting!

Like a great haircut, great sunglasses have the power to light up your face. Likewise, an ill-fitting pair can wreak all kinds of havoc on your look. So we're here to guide you to the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape , personal style and preferences.

Our list brings you the best sunglasses for men from brands that know their undertones, carefully considering the features of style, quality and safety.

The 13 best sunglasses for men in 2021-2022

  1. Randolph Aviator: the best sunglasses overall
  2. Tom Ford Ace: the best luxury sunglasses
  3. Yesglasses Sheldon: sunglasses at the best value for money
  4. Tomahawk Neuralyzers: the best sunglasses for men for travel
  5. Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer: the most resistant sunglasses
  6. Tom Ford Arnaud: the most stylish sunglasses
  7. Tomahawk SeaPorts: the best polarized sunglasses
  8. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic: the best aviator sunglasses
  9. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding: the best sunglasses for driving
  10. Oakley Holbrook: The Best Sunglasses For Skiing And Snowmobiling
  11. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0: the best sunglasses for paramedics
  12. Ray-Ban Double-Bridge: the best retro sunglasses
  13. Persol Original 3019S: The best timeless sunglasses

These shades are our favorite options after looking for all kinds of pairs. We have categorized them into different categories, so that you can easily find the best sunglasses for you and your lifestyle.

We also have dedicated guides on the best blue light blocking glasses, the best sunglasses for women, and the best places to buy glasses online if you are looking for prescription glasses.

Randolph Aviator: the best sunglasses overall

Randolph Aviator: the best sunglasses overall

Fit to fight your daily battles. You won't need an army of sunglasses when you invest in a reliable pair of military-spec Randolphs.

Powerfully tough in extreme conditions, their high performance aviator sunglasses are about as realistic as they get. Randolph Engineering literally builds its sky-ready mounts to precise and exacting military specifications (read: the highest possible standards) with its bayonet temples designed to fit comfortably under a helmet. No wonder Randolph's aviators have captured the attention of US Air Force and Army pilots for decades.

A classic mov (i) e, these American Made Aviator Sunglasses from Randolph are worn by the most discerning. In the cockpit and in the street. On and off screen.

All of Randolph's shades are made from high quality metals and each pair goes through a rigorous 200 step manufacturing process, mostly done by hand.

Sleek and rugged, their Cobalt Aviator in sleek matte black metal frames deserves a place in your everyday arsenal. And like any Randolph pair, a medal for exemplary durability.

Featuring scratch-resistant polarized lenses that will stand up to the harshest elements, these sunglasses also offer 100% UVA / UVB protection.

The Cobalt Aviator is also available in durable 23k gold and matte chrome finishes.

Classic. Costs. Confident. With their enduring style and durable materials, these quintessential aviators will walk you through just about anything and last you forever - every pair comes with a lifetime warranty. Well, if that doesn't convince you of the uncompromising quality, maybe Tom Cruise will…BUY NOW

Tom Ford Ace: the best luxury sunglasses

Tom Ford Ace: the best luxury sunglasses

If you want something a little different that stands out for all the right reasons, take a look at these gorgeous Ace pilot sunglasses from American designer Tom Ford. The classic aviator style revisited with a bold design and premium materials.

Shades come in a range of colors, but we love this combination of yellow gold frames and brown lenses. It's subtle but so stylish.

The Tom Ford eyewear collection is now widely recognized for its high level of quality and avant-garde design. Every pair of sunglasses is designed to stand out.

This particular pair of Tom Ford Ace is created with impeccable attention to detail. They are elegant but timeless and durable. They use a lightweight metallic composite which is comfortable to wear all day. It's also weatherproof and sunscreen resistant, so you won't risk damaging their appearance. The lenses are fully tinted and offer 100% UV protection. You can also customize them online to use eyeglasses if you want.BUY NOW

Yesglasses Sheldon: sunglasses at the best value for money

Yesglasses Sheldon: sunglasses at the best value for money

If you're looking for sunglasses that look great, feel great, and are easier on the wallet, the Sheldon Yesglasses are the pair for you. They are sleek, sleek, and simple, letting you put the finishing touches on your sleek look without breaking the bank.

This iconic wayfarer design with a timeless and simple look is one of your must-have items. Made from durable plastic materials, this pair of sunglasses for men is available in a wide range of colors including black, tortoise and clear.

Yesglasses is known for its wide range of affordable yet high quality eyewear. We love this brand so much that we've written an in-depth Yesglasses review to help you find the perfect frame.BUY NOW

Tomahawk Neuralyzers: the best sunglasses for travel

Tomahawk Neuralyzers: the best sunglasses for travel

When you travel you want a stylish yet inexpensive and durable pair of sunglasses that can outlast a trip to the beach in your backpack. You also want glasses that will protect you from UV rays. Discover the Tomahawk Neuralyzers, arguably the best sunglasses for travel.

The matte black color is simple and easily matches any look. The shape of these sunglasses is simple, yet timeless, taking inspiration from the shape of a classic Wayfarer. Raised metal logos and front bars offer just enough sleek detail to add style to these sunglasses without compromising their signature simplicity.

UV400 lenses keep your eyes protected from the sun wherever you are. You also don't have to worry about flexibility with these shades; Injection molded polycarbonate material provides perfect flexibility.BUY NOW

Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer: the most resistant sunglasses

Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer: the most resistant sunglasses

If you only have to buy one pair of sunglasses this year, these 2132 New Wayfarer from Ray-Ban are the perfect option.

We love this black on black jumpsuit for a timeless style that's easy to mix and match with just about anything you want to wear. You can dress them down for a casual look, or dress them up a bit for an elegant style.

The Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer are also available in Gloss Black or in 19 other color combinations.

Pro tip: There is a 30% discount on all Ray-Ban sunglasses currently available at Glasses USA. If you find a lower price at another certified retailer, they'll refund the difference!BUY NOW

Tom Ford Arnaud: the most stylish sunglasses

Tom Ford Arnaud: the most stylish sunglasses

Show off your sophisticated style with these Arnaud Polarized Blacks from Tom Ford. These premium hues exude class and will earn you style points on or off the yacht. They are the perfect pair for any man who needs the right accessory for an upscale lifestyle.

Each year, a new color becomes "the new black". The truth is, black never goes out of style, so even as trendy colors come and go, you can be sure these shades will keep you looking classy for years to come.

With a smart frame shape, dark tinted lenses and stylish details, these sunglasses are just the right amount of flashy. Their style, both modern and classic, will accentuate your chic look.BUY NOW

Tomahawk SeaPorts: the best polarized sunglasses

Tomahawk SeaPorts: the best polarized sunglasses

These Tomahawk SeaPorts sunglasses are stylish, affordable and polarized to protect you from the glare of the sun. SeaPorts are great for the guy who spends time near bodies of water a lot.

A polarized lens is designed to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun from water or other surfaces. If you find yourself near water on a regular basis, it might be time to invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses like these. The lenses of the Tomahawk SeaPorts are also alcyon, which means they provide a wide field of vision ideal for any aquatic activity.

Polarized lenses are not the only interesting feature of these sunglasses, however. Their handmade cellulose acetate and stainless steel frames are elegantly shaped to help you look good while taking care of your eyes. The metal material of the frame is lightweight, which means these frames don't weigh your face down either.BUY NOW

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic: the best aviator sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic: the best aviator sunglasses

Ray-Ban's Aviator Classic shades are just that: classic aviator-style shades. These are great sunglasses for the man looking for a completely timeless pair of sunglasses and full sun protection. Ray-Ban designed these aviator sunglasses in the 1930s for pilots. They quickly became a popular style item and they are still in fashion today. You don't have to worry about these shades going out of style anytime soon.

These Aviator Classic feature the teardrop shape that is typical of any aviator shade, making them the best shape to fully protect your eyes from the sun. You probably won't find a form of sunglasses that offers more coverage than these.

These sunglasses also have all-metal hinges. This allows very soft opening and closing of the temples of the sunglasses. The acetate ear rests provide a comfortable fit over your ears, so you can comfortably wear them all day. They also have crystal lenses, which are all glass, a feature that helps you see a perfectly clear image through the lenses.

You can choose from over 24 color variations and different lens types online.BUY NOW

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding: the best sunglasses for driving

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding: the best sunglasses for driving

Not all sunglasses are created equal when it comes to driving. Colored lenses and loose pairs prove to be more of a danger than a help when it comes to driving in good weather.

So why is the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding the perfect pair for the car? Gray lenses mean you don't have to worry about color distortion. The Clubmaster Folding sunglasses also have UV protection so you know your eyes will be protected no matter how bright the sun is. Plus, unlike the original Clubmaster, this version folds up for easy storage when the sun is hiding behind a cloud. Their unisex style is an added bonus - they can easily be shared with a partner or friend if they are behind the wheel.BUY NOW

Oakley Holbrook: The Best Sunglasses For Skiing And Snowmobiling

Oakley Holbrook: The Best Sunglasses For Skiing And Snowmobiling

Finding the right sunglasses that will accompany you throughout a day on the slopes and keep your eyes well protected in the snow can be difficult. Oakely's Holbrook Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses are up to the challenge. These are the right sunglasses for the guy who spends a lot of time skiing or snowboarding.

These shades are made to last through the ups and downs of a day in the mountains. They are designed to be impact resistant, durable and comfortable. Their Three-Point Fit System means these sunglasses will fit your face well and stay put. They have patented high definition optics so you can see as far as possible.

Holbrook Polarized Rectangular Frames have 100% UV protection lenses, and they also come with iridium polarized lenses that will protect your eyes from the intense glare of the sun from the snow. They come in various color combinations, but we think these are best in shiny black frames with teal to green lenses.BUY NOW

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0: the best sunglasses for paramedics

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0: the best sunglasses for paramedics

Paramedics need stable, clear sunglasses, and a pair of Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses is that and more. These are the best sunglasses for dealing with emergencies, offering durability and flexibility.

The Oakley Half Jackets 2.0 can easily change lenses. There are several different types of lenses that would be ideal for a variety of situations.

Oakley designed the ear pads and nose pads on these glasses for optimal comfort and stability.

They are also equipped with high definition optical lenses. Whether driving or working with a patient, paramedics won't have to worry about seeing clearly with these sunglasses.BUY NOW

Ray-Ban Double-Bridge: the best retro sunglasses

Ray-Ban Double-Bridge: the best retro sunglasses

Maybe the theme song of your life is “Cool” by the Jonas Brothers and you are looking for some high quality sunglasses to match your vibe. Look no further than these double bridge sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

Their monochrome color palette creates a bold and distinct look. The circular shape with a double bridge manages to be elegant while sporting a look that is off the beaten track. With dark tinted lenses, you won't have to worry about keeping your cool; the lenses will do that for you.

These stylish frames are also quite durable. The frames are 100% metal, a feature that helps them stand the test of time. They also come with a protective case.BUY NOW

Persol Original 3019S: The best timeless sunglasses

Persol Original 3019S: The best timeless sunglasses

The pair that we have chosen as the best timeless sunglasses is the Persol 3019S. They are available in a tortoiseshell color and classic shape, both creating a classic look. Made in Italy, these lenses are sure to impress and are perfect for any stylish gentleman looking to invest in a stylish pair of sunglasses that will last.

Packed with a plethora of features designed to make you more comfortable, 649 sunglasses were created with luxury in mind. Crystal glasses mean you will be able to see clearly while wearing them all day. Lenses are also photochromatic, meaning they adapt to the level of light you are exposed to. No more struggling to see when you accidentally step inside with your sunglasses on.

The Persol patented Meflecto system on these sunglasses is a unique feature which means less pressure on your head, more flexible sunglasses and an extremely comfortable fit. Plus, these also offer a flexible triple-notch nose bridge for an added touch of adaptability.BUY NOW

The top 5 most popular sunglasses brands

You may have heard of some of the famous sunglasses brands, but do you know where to go for your sunglasses needs? How do you know where to find the best shades? We've picked out the top 5 brands of men's sunglasses, so you don't have to spend days figuring out where to look.


Persol is an Italian company focused on finding the highest quality sunglasses. They were founded in 1917 by an optician. Their rich history in the world of sunglasses and eyewear makes them one of the best brands of sunglasses for men. Their frames are classic and elegant, a must-have for many male style icons.

Ray ban

Ray-Ban's legacy is so iconic and widespread that most people have heard its name. They were founded in the United States in the 1930s by the eye health company Bausch & Laumb. Ray-Ban has been designing iconic frames since its inception. Its most common and popular models are their aviators and travelers.

They are used to being in movies and working with influencers and celebrities. Some of their new designs have debuted in movies. Plus, they've created special edition lines inspired by famous taste makers.

Tom ford

Tom Ford is an American fashion label founded by the designer of the same name in 2006. Although this brand hasn't been on the scene as long as some of the other big sunglasses brands, they have established themselves well in the world of sunglasses. men's fashion. . With avant-garde, daring and modern designs, Tom Ford sunglasses are the perfect match for a modern luxury look.


A true brand of men's sunglasses for the modern man, Tomahawk Shades was formed when two brothers set out to create high quality sunglasses at affordable prices. Tomahawk is associated with many famous athletes and is known for its sporty hues. They are constantly striving to improve their technology and design, ensuring that you get the best sunglasses they have to offer.


A brand with serious street cred and a real success story, Randolph has been producing eyewear for the US Air Force for over 42 years. Every pair of eyewear that leaves their factory near Boston, Massachusetts, is handcrafted. The family business designs classic and timeless eyewear with constant attention to detail and quality. Their glasses are created for the US Department of Defense, pilots, naval aviators, astronauts and you.

Randolph Sunglasses -  Every pair of eyewear that leaves their factory near Boston, Massachusetts, is handcrafted. 

What to look for when buying sunglasses online

Online shopping is convenient and easy. No crowded malls to browse. No long lines to test your patience.

But, online shopping has some of its own challenges. Without the ability to try on sunglasses or see the details in person, it can be easy to feel unsure about your purchase. Do not worry. We've compiled our top tips for buying sunglasses online.

How to make sure they fit well

When shopping online, finding the right fit may seem like an impossible task, but it's not as complicated as it sounds. There are a few key things to consider that will help you find the perfect fit.

How tall is your face?

Knowing your face size can be a big help when choosing the best sunglasses. Sunglasses manufacturers usually indicate the width of the frame with each pair. By measuring the distance between your temples, you can determine a good frame width for your face.

If your face is between 10cm and 12cm wide, choose a frame width of up to 50mm. For a face measuring between 12cm and 14cm wide, choose a frame width between 51mm and 55mm. If your measurement is more than 14cm wide, please choose frames that are 56mm wide or more.

Adjustable features

High-quality sunglasses often have features that are adjustable or can be customized for you. Take advantage of these features, especially when ordering online.

Options like adjustable nose bridges or arms that fit your face snugly are great ways to make sure your frames will fit on you. These features can help you fine tune your shades once you get them.

Another option when ordering online is to go and visit a professional fitting service once you receive them.Most optical suppliers will fit your glasses or sunglasses to your face for free or for a small fee. . You may even be able to go to a company store where you purchased your sunglasses to have them fitted.

What is the shape of your face?

The shape of the face plays an important role in choosing the right sunglasses for you. In the next section, we will discuss which sunglasses shapes work best for each face shape.

The right sunglasses for your face shape

The right sunglasses for your face shape

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for you depends on your face shape. For each shape there are some pairs that will look better and some pairs that will look worse. By knowing your face shape and what works best for you, you can avoid ordering the wrong style online.

Round face

Go with a shape like aviators or something square. Stay away from circles as this will bring out the roundness of your face.

oval face

If you have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ones. Most shapes of frames will look fine on you. The only thing you should avoid are sunglasses that are larger than your face.

Square face

If you have a square face, consider smooth lines and round shapes. These types of frames will compensate for the harsh lines in your face shape.

Oblong face

Similar to square face shapes, oblong faces look great with smooth lines and round shapes. The only thing to avoid are the smaller frames.

Heart Shaped Face

If your face is heart-shaped, you'll want to choose sunglasses with sharp corners and lines. Avoid anything teardrop-shaped or oversized.

Diamond shaped face

Most frame shapes will work with this face shape. The only thing to avoid with a diamond-shaped face is frames that don't match the proportions of your face.

Triangular face

Your sunglasses should reflect the proportions of your face shape. This means choosing sunglasses frames that are wider at the top than at the bottom. Something teardrop shaped will work fine.

Find shades with the right characteristics

When buying sunglasses, there are different types of features to be aware of. Knowing what you want in each type of feature will help you narrow down your decision. The important thing to remember is to find the features that best suit your face and your lifestyle.

To adjust

Finding the right fit means finding sunglasses that match the shape and features of your face. You don't want frames that protrude past your temples, but you also don't want them to be too small for your face. Measure the width of the face and use it to help you find the right size of sunglasses for you.


There are so many different shapes of sunglasses. You can find aviators, square sunglasses, circular sunglasses and everything in between. The key to finding the right frame shape for your face is knowing your face shape. As we discussed earlier, there are certain frame shapes suitable for every face shape.


The material of your sunglasses has a substantial impact on their durability. Most sunglasses are plastic or metal, but not all plastics and metals are created equal.


You can find tinted glasses in all kinds of colors. The color of the tint affects how light is filtered through the lens. Amber lenses help filter blue light. Gradient lenses block light from above but do not affect your straight view. Red or pink lenses may look cool, but they can alter colors and make it difficult to see traffic lights. Figure out how you'll use your sunglasses most often, and decide which lens shade will work best from there.

How do you protect your eyes from UV rays?

How do you protect your eyes from UV rays?

Cataracts, corneal sunburns, and a host of other eye problems can all be caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Nobody wants that.

Yet protecting your eyes from the sun's UV rays can seem like a daunting task. We know that there appear to be around 756 different types of lenses that claim they give you the best protection from the sun. We're here to help you correct the different types of lenses, so you can protect your eyes.

What's the secret to protecting your eyes from UV rays? Choose lenses with 100% UV protection. These types of lenses are also sometimes referred to as UV400 lenses. These are by far the best way to protect your eyes.

Now some of you might be wondering what other types of lenses are claiming the best eye protection. Let's eliminate some misconceptions.

Polarized lenses do not protect your eyes from UV rays. They minimize the glare of the sun on reflective surfaces, which can be useful. However, this is not the solution if you are trying to avoid eye damage from UV rays.

Darker lenses don't mean you're better protected from UV rays. The only way these lenses help is to make it easier for you to see in bright light. Opt for UV protected lenses for the best protection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men's Sunglasses

Which brand of sunglasses is the best?

The best brands of sunglasses are Ray-Ban and Persol. For a more in-depth look at the best brands for men's sunglasses, check out our list of the 5 best brands for sunglasses.What is the best UV protection for sunglasses?

The best UV protection for sunglasses are sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. Additionally, sunglasses with frames that wrap around the side of the eye provide the best protection as they even prevent UV rays from entering the side of the eye.What are the most comfortable sunglasses?

The most comfortable sunglasses are the Persol Original 3019S. They feature the Persol patented Meflecto system in the arms which relieves pressure on the head, and they have an adjustable nose bridge, which makes them adjustable at two points.Who makes the best sunglasses?

The best sunglasses are made by Persol. The brand offers a crystal lens which has the ability to help you see more clearly. Tomahawk has created a BlueLight + lens designed to filter out blue light and prevent dry eyes.Who makes the best polarized sunglasses?

The best polarized sunglasses are made by Ray-Ban. They offer a wide variety of frames and styles with polarized lenses. As a proven classic sunglasses brand with cutting edge technology, you can't go wrong.Which sunglasses suit me best?

Finding the sunglasses that suit you the best depends on your face shape. Check out our guide on choosing the right sunglasses for your face type to see exactly what will look best on you.What are the best sunglasses for pilots?

The best sunglasses for pilots are the Randolph Aviator. Randolph Engineering has supplied aviator sunglasses to the United States military for 42 years. Their pilot sunglasses feature unique bayonet temples designed to fit comfortably under a helmet. In addition, they are equipped with gradient gray polarized lenses offering 100% protection against UVA / UVB.