Sleep Deprived? Here's Why You Always Wake Up Tired

Sleep Deprived? Here's Why You Always Wake Up Tired
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Do you still wake up tired despite the eight hours of sleep recommended by professionals? There is a very logical explanation, which is in two words: "junk sleep".

As we now know, winter is conducive to greater fatigue. According to experts, the lack of sun exposure even increases an increased need for sleep.

But what to do when you wake up tired despite the eight or nine hours of sleep recommended by the experts? Well, this could be due to what is commonly called "junk sleep". Quésaco?

According to The Sleep Council, it is a sleep that is not of good enough quality to restore brain functionality to 100% for the next day. "The cause of junk sleep is mainly due to the persistent and excessive use of electronic devices, especially before sleeping," explains Dr. Katharine Hall, a sleep expert, to the British version of " Stylist".

Yes, we don't always realize it, but the blue light from the screens can significantly affect the quality of our nights. "Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin - a hormone that makes us sleepy - this can cause difficulties when we try to sleep," warns the professional.


The other key factor that can cause "junk sleep"? The lack of a run-in sleep routine and bad habits. For example, if you drink coffee in the hours before bedtime or stay scrolling for a long time on TikTok, Twitter and other festivities. "Try to adopt a regular sleep schedule so that your body is in a healthy sleep cycle," advises Dr. Katharine Hall.

Thus, for an effective ritual, we slip under the sheets and wake up every day at the same times.

To create an environment conducive to sweet nights, pillow noise and accessories are used to sleep well. The expert's last recommendation? "Physical activity must be done no later than three hours before going to bed. ”

If despite a healthy sleep routine fatigue persists, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

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